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Setting Trends

Which Is Better Setting Trends Or Building Timeless Value?

I wanted to look today at what is going on online and to ask the question is it better to be Setting Trends or building Timeless Value, clearly there are merits in both but from a business point of view which is the best path to follow?

I guess before we pursue this to much further we need to look at what’s gone on over the last 10 years, the online audience has in that time grown from just over 360 million to a figure today in excess of two billion, so a worldwide audience is Setting Trends by driving this huge growth

It might be a surprise that the market is still growing strongly in western Europe, it grew by over 62% in 2010 alone,according to the London School of Economics many children admit to missing meals or even sleep to make time to go online, clearly they are Setting Trends! whether they are desirable is another matter entirely

This same group who are Setting Trends say that they would be lost with access to the Internet and 46% make purchases online and again these are very recent figures dating from November 2010, you could argue that they are the consumers of the future but as their parents will attest to they are the consumers of right now

With This Group Setting Trends Is There A Place For Timeless Value?

So if this group or niche as we so often refer to them online are Setting Trends is there any place for timeless Value? I think the growth in demand for products and services in the developing world that is demanding ever more high quality products and services would suggest there is

Indeed the same Group that is Setting Trends is choosing timeless value, in 2010 the sales of Rolls Royce motor cars grew by 171% in a global market that was by all accounts in trouble, in the same period Ferrari saw sales grow by 10% in the US and by 20% in China, you could argue that these companies combine timeless value with certainly Ferrari Setting Trends with it’s new 458, it’s sold out for over a year and nearly new ones are changing hands for 20% more than they cost new

I talked earlier in the month on High Authority Programs about how certain people command high authority positions whilst others sell out and in the longer term do themselves more harm than good, how they lose the trust and respect they worked hard to build, if done well Setting Trends creates a tremendous opportunity but it can also be asking a question that nobody is looking for the answer to

This also tied in with my thoughts on whether we were seeing the death of Affiliate Marketing which I talked on a few days before again I felt that we were seeing people Setting Trends but sadly not in a desirable way, I also though pointed out that certain people were bucking that with timeless values and that in the longer term these were the people that would flourish

Setting Trends Is There An Opportunity In It?

I think a look in your inbox any day of the week would tell you that Setting Trends is a huge market, with so many new products and new ways of doing things these people drive the market on, are they all what they appear to be? no of course not, but I read recently that for 95% of people if success knocked on their door today they would turn success away,now that is a frightening thought

So how do you tell which is a genuine product Setting Trends and which is just the work of a snake oil salesman? first of all is what is being suggested realistic, anything that is push button, a glitch, a loop-hole is generally a newbie trap but amongst those there are some great new ideas, test them, if they don’t do what they claim reject them but never close your mind to new ideas

When evaluating new products or ideas we must follow them to the letter, too many people try to shortcut the process only then can you truly tell if they work, is it an idea whose time has come? is it really Setting Trends? or is it just a rehash of something that stopped working years ago or just a theory that never worked at all, unless you test properly you will never know

Okay lets start to wrap things up for today, I think the answer to the question is we need both, if we are brave we can lead a market in a new direction as long as we know the market wants that product or service, other times we want what we want, what we aspire to, clearly that’s timeless, so which do you believe in timeless value or Setting Trends?

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