The Power Of Plugins

The Power Of Plugins

How Can The Power Of Plugins Help Your Online Business?

To get the most from your blog you need to be using The Power Of Plugins,put simply they do a huge number of good things behind the scenes in your blog,from saving you time,optomizing your pages and driving you targeted traffic so you need to make best use of them

Not using the The Power Of Plugins would be rather like opening a great shop in the middle of the desert,the staff could be really knowledgable,the prices great and the service amazing but if nobody saw what you were doing it would be doomed to fail

So exactly what uses can The Power Of Plugins bring to your blog,how can they help,well they can tell you what and where your traffic comes from and can help to create sitemaps to help bring more of it,they can help with your search engine optomization of which I will go into more detail later and a lot more

How though do The Power Of Plugins save you time?in a word automation,they do the tasks that you would simply forget to do in the background,ping your blog out to the search engines,social bookmark your blog,remind you of little tweaks that will make a massive difference that you had just overlooked

Put simply The Power Of Plugins are simply massive and many are simple to install and free of charge,many of the wordpress users have created plugins to assist with the function initially to help with their own blogs and have then shared them and on those a few ask you to consider a contribution but it’s not essential

My Key To The Power Of Plugins Recommendations

First up would be All In One SEO Packclosely followed by Google Analyticator you simply must know who’s coming to your blog and why Akismet is another must have, it stops you ending up with those spam comments that we all hate being posted prior to you vetting them

What else by way of The Power Of Plugins should we be looking at? well video is a big part of how Google ranks you these days so
EZWebplayer allows you to put good quality video on your blog,be it introductions, how to tutorials or whatever other needs you have for it

Now in terms of how The Power Of Plugins can help to get you extra really targeted traffic you should be using Onlywire Autosubmitter once installed this will automatically submit your posts to a number of the social bookmarking and networking sites creating valuable backlinks,do you start to understand the power of plugins?

Whilst not strictly part of how The Power Of Plugins can help your blog you should none the less set up gravatars on your blog,it creates a picture of both yourself when you comment and the person posting once they have registered,its completely free and takes just a couple of minutes to do Gravatar it gives your blog a friendly face

Clearly we could spend hours on The Power Of Plugins but I think that gives you a few of the key ones to be going on with,however one final one would be the Facebook Like Button the power this seemingly simple button has should not be underestimated,neither can the power of Facebooks 500 million users and growing and I’ll come back to the whole Facebook as an opportunity theme shortly

I Would Recommend The Following to help The Power Of Plugins On Your Blog

I have touched before on The Power Of Plugins and in particular one plugin that literally help you improve the SEO of any blog post,I talked about it here in my
19 July Post or if you want to read about it in more detail then go here to read more about it

Other ways we can use The Power Of Plugins to boost the success of your blog comes in the area of subscribers,this plugin will double the number of subscribers that you get and we all know that there’s double the money in double the list to
Double Your Opt Ins go here

Now clearly there a great number of other great paid plugins but I think you start to get the idea here but I think what you really need to do is go away and work out what you want to automate and make light work of it with The Power Of Plugins

Blog Automation

Blog Automation

Can We Really Use Blog Automation?

What do we really mean when we talk about Blog Automation because it covers a lot of ground,first there are a number of products that literally automate the whole process,they are effectively affiliate blog sites and are a good thing in the sense that they require very little work but a bad thing in that they are quite grey to black hat in how they work although some would argue about that

So if Blog Automation is that simple why doesn’t everybody stop all the lengthy process of researching and developing posts and just do this instead? well our reasons for blogging are many and varied from purely financial reasons to that which I think many fall into which is a desire to create an income combined with a desire to educate and inform

I dont know about you but much as Blog Automation fascinates me I would get no real pride in just putting up a bunch of sites that I had no real part in developing or building a relationships with the people coming to them,now to quote Michael Gerber when talking about testing when he says who cares why it works (take the money and run) it works, that may be true but there is the question of ethics as well

When I say that Blog Automation in the sense of self generating blogs is black hat what do I mean? well the fact that you need to host them on a different server to your main sites,that you need to put them in clusters of no more than 20 to 30 at a time and that you need to buy the domains in lots of different names to me looks at least a bit grey,you are trying to stop google seeing what you are up to

Now the arguement is this, each Blog Automation site brings in $5-$500 Dollars a month and that you can create these sites in 20 minutes flat,if we do the math it sounds like a no brainer, maybe Michael Gerber was right, Bye! only joking!

Won’t Blog Automation Get Me Banned?

But and I think it’s a big but after all this work your efforts at Blog Automation could well be banned and all that hard work wiped out in an instant, it’s not my place to judge but I think you should be aware of the dangers

Okay Tony we hear what your saying now just show us the Blog Automation sites,you can keep your moral stuff we just want the money, well okay let’s look at a couple of these sites that have been promoted in the last few weeks, one openly as an automated blogging site and one being sold as an instant traffic solution

I wrote about the first one on my blog on the 20th September this year in some detail, basically it brings in all the content, all the supporting affiliate advertising and I would have to say having looked at one previously far from looking like a quick lash up they are highly professional in appearance and importantly very readable,have a look here Blog Automation is coming of age

Thw second one I was more cautious of, primarily because it masked what it was but went down the tried and tested Clickbank route of Clickbank Affiliate Marketer raids Clickbank with secret software that rakes in $45,833.37 monthly maybe a touch optomistic but it is actually a Blog Automation plugin that does what we described above, I shared this on Twitter a while ago,go here to take a look the starting price is lower but with upsells it goes up

So Is There A More Open Form Of Blog Automation?

Well yes there is,later on this week I am going to give away a report on the 100 best plugins to use on your blog,this will not be some backdoor upsell, the report is free and all the plugins listed are free, how you might be wondering does this help with Blog Automation well as you will see they either talk you through the steps to doing a particular task or in the case of many they actually perform the task for you

Now there are some great Blog Automation paid plugins for tasks such as social bookmarking,rss feeds,creating secure paypal download areas and frankly dozens more, in the end they are a time verses money case as I have covered before and time is money,pure and simple

What is the best paid Blog Automation plugin, the one that really does what it says on the tin, I would have to say one that actually tells you what you need to do to your blog posts to get them to rank highly in the search engines, it is simple but brilliant and comes highly recommended,I use it on every post I put up now I did a post on it amongst other things on the 19th July this year if you want to take a look

So clearly a topic we could talk on for days,there are dozens if not hundreds of plugins, tools and software programs to help you automate and you must do it as much as possible,so go and try Blog Automation

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