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Information Overload

Information Overload

Suffering From Information Overload? You Need Help

Free information, it’s what the Internet is so good for and it’s one of the key reasons many of us first started going online to research ideas and to find solutions but there comes a point quite early on where you start to suffer from Information Overload, often the big problem is you don’t realize it yet

So how can the search for knowledge lead to Information Overload? sadly it’s simple, a quick search on Google or whatever your favorite search engine may be will produce, tens maybe hundreds of thousands of results, what started as a quick search can lead to you still looking hours later, welcome to Information Overload

If that wasn’t bad enough you now need to work out what if any of this information actually relates to the solution that you are looking for, anybody who has been online for any length of time will be aware that what seems like a quick solution is often just a sales pitch in disguise, Information Overload becomes a very real problem very quickly

Sadly it often gets worse, you subscribed to get a newsletter on your subject and suddenly you are getting one, two, sometimes three e mails a day from this one source, so this in itself becomes another source of information overload as you try to filter who offers great information,

Starting To Control Information Overload

So how do you start to control Information Overload, how do you wrestle back your time? Your very first solution is in planning and executing tasks, 10 minutes spent planning exactly what outcome you want will save hours later on, it will save you spending an evening getting side tracked on products or solutions that do not work

Should you avoid anybody who is selling to you, emphatically no, anybody producing good information should be rewarded for his or her time but you need time to digest information and to implement ideas, buying the advanced version before you have even read past page two of the starter version just adds to Information Overload

Be ruthless with your inbox, if it doesn’t add value to what you are doing delete it, make time to digest the quality information provided by 5-20 people not the constant pitching of people who solely see you as a Dollar sign on their bottom line, these are the very people who will steal your dreams with their Information Overload, don’t let anybody steal your dreams

Now you can start to take back control of your time and critically your finances, products or services should answer a pressing need with a genuine solution, not offer a blind sales page that talks of untold riches for no effort and no idea of what it really is, often these videos waffle on for 25 to 30 minutes and yet say nothing, not only is this complete Information Overload it is also a complete waste of your time and in 99% of cases your money as well

The Simple Solution To Information Overload

So what is the simple solution to Information Overload? Planning is critical but without action it just sucks your time,better technical knowledge and critically better implementation of your plans, so your first promise to yourself is to action your plans systematically, look at your to do list, plan it in terms of which will make money fastest then action that one first

Delegation is critical, all successful people are master delegators, but who do you turn to for your solutions? Let me help and relax it’s Free, this Audio & PDF teaches you how to Outsource Your Tasks simply and easily, it also shows you where to find the people to carry these tasks out, in short an end to your Information Overload

Now of course you could try and learn everything yourself in a reinvent the wheel sort of way but frankly that would be silly and clearly would represent total Information Overload, joining a Mastermind Groupis by far the easiest solution, a chance to network, to learn from others and in turn for you to help others

Your next issue is to become really productive and I have a solution for that as well, this guys Time Management Solutions are simple but hugely effective, if you’ve ever wondered how Super Productive People do so much in so little time then you must see this, the final piece in reducing Information Overload

So as always at this point I’m going to ask for your experiences of Information Overload are and the methods you’ve used to overcome them, information is good, too much information particularly the wrong kind is counter productive, make sure you’re not suffering from Inormation Overload

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