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Online Reputation

Online Reputation

Do You Know If Your Building Or Ruining Your Online Reputation

As I write this, it’s a bright crisp Monday morning here and I’ve had a weekend to reflect on the outlines of this post which is simply are you building or ruining your Online Reputation, we are offered so many shortcuts that are blind sales page sold that dangle the carrot of instant riches, ever bought one? then you’ll know what I mean

What has got me onto this topic? well it follows on from my recent previous post on the new [Push Button] software age, I’ve revisited it in terms of buying and testing some recent products and they are in the main alarming, they all offer 1 click to 7 click solutions, sounds great, so what does this have to Online Reputation you may ask?

Quite simple really, all offer fast money for no work, the majority sell from blind sales copy that does not actually tell you what the product is why? because if you knew in advance that the ideas were not new, did not work and in the case of two are actually selling outdated operating methods you would see straight through it and it would ruin their Online Reputation

We all want an easy solution, something that allows you to profit for limited effort but so often these products actually take hours just to go through the up sell and down sell process and they leave you feeling cheated, sadly it also leaves newbies feeling that everybody is making big money bar them, it sets off a downward spiral that will ruin their Online Reputation

So How Can You Safeguard Your Online Reputation?

First principals of safeguarding your Online Reputation have to be being true to yourself and to your customers, we are human, we will make mistakes, some of them will be howlers, but that’s a million miles from knowingly putting together a product designed to make people think they will make fast money whilst knowing it’s junk

You may feel that you will lose friends if you don’t promote their products but Calvin Woons blog post yesterday explains why he nearly quite the IM niche over this and why he thought it important to stay in even though he had suffered some short term effects of speaking out, of questioning others Online Reputations

Speaking personally now I also think it’s a question of ethics, my background which is in a high end service based leisure market is built around consistent high quality service, about meeting and exceeding expectations on a consistent basis, of going the extra mile, you live or die based on your reputation, in my mind your Online Reputation is no different

In researching the outlines of this post I came across a great site that exposes the products that don’t work, it’s not a usual review site that is a lightly disguised sales letter and uses actual users of the products experiences on the site, I strongly recommend you look at this Review Site it will save a lot of people money and it will call into question the Online Reputation of people who consistently set out to sell this type of product

How About Some Resources To Build Your Online Reputation?

So far I’ve been critical of people who set out to really take advantage of a basic greed that exists in everybody and not all push button software is junk, I came across one product from the last few days that does deliver, that will build the guys Online Reputation just so you know I don’t have a downer on this market but just on the ethics behind 99.9% of the people selling it

Who then really can build your Online Reputation? lets start with somebody who has been behind more online success stories than any other, Rich Schefren talks about business by design, it’s not by accident this mans students reads like a who’s who of online Success Stories, if you really want to join them then check him out, he is night and day different

A man who clearly had a big impact on me was my mentor Alex Jeffereys he is without doubt one of the best online coaches out there, he is currently offering his sell out Million Dollar Blueprint seminar footage that he did in Las Vegas for the price of lunch if you are serious about your Online Reputation then check Alex out

A lot of the people I personally know and respect in this business are becoming increasing concerned about the sale of junk products aimed at newbies basically to sell a dream that will turn out to be a bunch of things they could have got for nothing, what are you thoughts on this, what are your feelings on building an Online Reputation

Instant Results Software

Instant Results Software

Are Instant Results Software For Real Or Just Blowing Smoke

I’m not sure about you but there isn’t a day that goes by for me when I don’t get a number of e mails offering me Instant Results Software, normally offering me vast amounts of targeted traffic at the push of a button, on the surface they sound good but are they?

It seems the amount of effort required with Instant Results Software gets ever easier, down to just three clicks and away you go, just watch the money pour into your Clickbank account, just don’t expect to have any idea from the sales letter or videos what the product is

Of course here in lies the problem, it plays on the opportunist in all of us, can it really be that easy? or are you just about to pass up the offer of a lifetime, after all the page is just about to be taken down and they’re only selling 234 copies at just $37 hmm!I wonder?

There is of course a school of thought that says that 99% of people wouldn’t recognize an opportunity if it came up and kicked them on the backside, so who is right and why does it matter?

So Should You Try Instant Results Software?

So what should you do? Try Instant Results Software or steer well clear, I think 2 things on this first if the claims are for instant results on something you know requires effort then caveat emptor, buyer beware, if it seems to good to be true it probably is

Not all Instant Results Software is all talk and no delivery, there are some great plugins that can dramatically increase the targeted traffic that you get and they usually only take 5 to 15 minutes to set everything up, more about those later

There are various submitters for both RSS Feeds and Directories that can be seen as Instant Results Software and they will produce solid results with a minimum of effort

Just don’t expect to see millions of hits on your website forcing money into your bank account at the push of a button as one e mail promised me a few days ago, we all want Instant Results Software but just be careful, try the software, if it doesn’t deliver it’s not you, check the small print

What Instant Results Software Would I recommend

By way of Instant Results Software I would recommend this plugin, it will get targeted traffic from 15 of the top Web 2.0 Sites that welcome your comments, it’s a lot more bang for your buck and it’s completely white hat

Viral Marketing is very powerful so what if you could get that kind of trust going on your products, let’s say you need a new phone and your friend recommends one like his, you’ve never tried it but you trust his judgement, so this Viral Traffic plugin is very powerful, another form of Instant Results Software

Lastly everybody who comes to your site leaves, buyer, commenter or not, what if more of them took action before they left? this plugin will increase your opt in rate considerably by giving your visitor more opportunities to Join Your List this is another form of Instant Results Software in action

So at this point I hand it back to you, let’s hear your experiences on this, trust your instincts, always test and reject if it makes massive claims but doesn’t deliver, that said always follow the instructions, if it says A-B-C-D-E you can’t go from A to E and miss out the rest not and get results anyway even if your using Instant Results Software

Death Of Affiliate Marketing

Death Of Affiliate Marketing

Or Has The Death Of Affiliate Marketing Been Exaggerated?

I wanted to look today at how a section of the Online community does business and it leads me to a wider question, is their short term chasing of profits leading to a longer term highly damaging outcome namely the Death Of Affiliate Marketing?

The term glitch, loop-hole tied into eye watering claims of income on photo shopped earnings is leading to I believe a major credibility issue, now let me say at the outset that not everybody is doing it but a certain group are and I know there is unease in the wider community, could this behavior lead to the Death Of Affiliate Marketing?

The issue that I see is simple, either the community cleans up it’s own act or bodies like the FTC will get ever more involved, they have already intervened in terms of income claims and in terms of declaring when an e mail sender is promoting an affiliate product, but it goes without saying that their deeper intervention could in itself really spell the Death Of Affiliate Marketing

And yet, our sales messages must be positive, upbeat, they must sell an easy to use, simple solution, a buy my product because I’m different will not in itself cut it, people want instant solutions, push button traffic, to turn on the traffic taps, 2000 backlinks at the push of a button, they don’t want actual work, they do that in everyday life

So Should We Be Worried About The Death Of Affiliate Marketing?

To answer my own question, I think we should, the recent financial meltdown tells us that people lose their objectivity when large amounts of money are involved, a small number of people gained and a huge number paid the price for their actions, so the Death Of Affiliate Marketing is a real possibility

But surely the Death Of Affiliate Marketing doesn’t impact on the majority of people online does it? Well I for one happen to think it does, you see it’s a great business model that offers a real opportunity to a large number of people, both those with Affiliate programs and those

Should people be able to generate huge incomes selling affiliate products? absolutely, it makes the world go round, but should they earn large incomes at the expense of people trying to find their way in a market with over hyped products that go on to offer lame solutions based on old ideas, absolutely not, this goes right to the heart of the Death Of Affiliate Marketing

We all know the reality online, that 97% of people will not succeed, they will chase dreams instead of being focused on what works, we also know there are no magic orange buttons to click to bring in money while we sleep, anybody who has run a successful online business knows how much work is involved, the trick is to Outsource a lot of that work but that’s a conversation for another day

How Can We Stop The Slow Death Of Affiliate Marketing,Is It In Our Hands?

So how do we stop the slow Death Of Affiliate Marketing, do we control our own destiny in this? I believe we do and I think the future is bright, we must promote ethical products that add value, we must look at our own practices and ask am I offering honest advice or am I blowing smoke, will we get it right every time? of course not, we are human after all

I have seen a couple of big name people recently leading by major example, I watched Frank Kern’s State Of The Internet address a little while ago, great information, a real eye opener and ideas that you really could use,if this was a taste of things to come then the Death Of Affiliate Marketing has been greatly exaggerated

Another person leading by major example recently has been Eben Pagen offering high value to his market, people like this show that you can be highly ethical and yet highly successful, in fact the two fit hand in glove, if this were the future the Death Of Affiliate Marketing would certainly be great exaggerated

If it’s done well Affiliate marketing is a great way to do business, a real win-win for the company, for the affiliate and for the end customer, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject, are we seeing the slow Death Of Affiliate Marketing?

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