Instant Results Software

Instant Results Software

Are Instant Results Software For Real Or Just Blowing Smoke

I’m not sure about you but there isn’t a day that goes by for me when I don’t get a number of e mails offering me Instant Results Software, normally offering me vast amounts of targeted traffic at the push of a button, on the surface they sound good but are they?

It seems the amount of effort required with Instant Results Software gets ever easier, down to just three clicks and away you go, just watch the money pour into your Clickbank account, just don’t expect to have any idea from the sales letter or videos what the product is

Of course here in lies the problem, it plays on the opportunist in all of us, can it really be that easy? or are you just about to pass up the offer of a lifetime, after all the page is just about to be taken down and they’re only selling 234 copies at just $37 hmm!I wonder?

There is of course a school of thought that says that 99% of people wouldn’t recognize an opportunity if it came up and kicked them on the backside, so who is right and why does it matter?

So Should You Try Instant Results Software?

So what should you do? Try Instant Results Software or steer well clear, I think 2 things on this first if the claims are for instant results on something you know requires effort then caveat emptor, buyer beware, if it seems to good to be true it probably is

Not all Instant Results Software is all talk and no delivery, there are some great plugins that can dramatically increase the targeted traffic that you get and they usually only take 5 to 15 minutes to set everything up, more about those later

There are various submitters for both RSS Feeds and Directories that can be seen as Instant Results Software and they will produce solid results with a minimum of effort

Just don’t expect to see millions of hits on your website forcing money into your bank account at the push of a button as one e mail promised me a few days ago, we all want Instant Results Software but just be careful, try the software, if it doesn’t deliver it’s not you, check the small print

What Instant Results Software Would I recommend

By way of Instant Results Software I would recommend this plugin, it will get targeted traffic from 15 of the top Web 2.0 Sites that welcome your comments, it’s a lot more bang for your buck and it’s completely white hat

Viral Marketing is very powerful so what if you could get that kind of trust going on your products, let’s say you need a new phone and your friend recommends one like his, you’ve never tried it but you trust his judgement, so this Viral Traffic plugin is very powerful, another form of Instant Results Software

Lastly everybody who comes to your site leaves, buyer, commenter or not, what if more of them took action before they left? this plugin will increase your opt in rate considerably by giving your visitor more opportunities to Join Your List this is another form of Instant Results Software in action

So at this point I hand it back to you, let’s hear your experiences on this, trust your instincts, always test and reject if it makes massive claims but doesn’t deliver, that said always follow the instructions, if it says A-B-C-D-E you can’t go from A to E and miss out the rest not and get results anyway even if your using Instant Results Software

Blogs Mobile Friendly

Blogs Mobile Friendly

Why Should We Make Our Blogs Mobile Friendly?

The start of today’s post which asks the question should we make our Blogs Mobile Friendly came out of two things, number one being one of my readers telling me that she was struggling to read my blog when she used her Ipad as opposed to viewing on her computer, the second goes back to a discussion a group of us had a month or so ago

The second thing that really made me stand up and pay attention was the figures from Facebook, 52% of Facebooks audience view the site via mobile devices, so the message to me is loud and clear, we need to make our Blogs Mobile Friendly because otherwise this huge audience will go elsewhere

So I started to do a bit of research on the subject and found it was not overly difficult to make our Blogs Mobile Friendly, as is so often the case these days it’s a question of using a few plugins and supporting software to make it happen

I had it in mind to do a staged series of updates anyway which as you can see are currently underway and I also planned another round early in 2011, so whilst I can’t claim it as part of my original plans, making my Blogs Mobile Friendly will certainly be included in the second wave of updates

Now clearly there is a limit to the number of plugins you can add to your blog before it starts to slow it down and with Google wanting to exclude sites that take to long to load and I have to admit my general frustration and bailing out on sites that take forever making our Blogs Mobile Friendly is not without danger

What Should We Use To Make Our Blogs Mobile Friendly?

Starting on the theme of plugins I’m going to start with the WordPress Mobile Pack this is actually quite clever because it gives your users a range of options as to how they can use it depending on what device they are using and it even then remembers what device it is on subsequent visits, so a great way of making our Blogs Mobile Friendly, in fact it even has it’s own mobile analytics built in, very impressive

MobilePress is another wordpress plugin again it allows considerable flexibility allowing for creation of themes depending on the platforms used, it integrates with Audity which gives it analytics and also gives you the potential to include advertising into the mix

Another such wordpress plugin that allows us to make our Blogs Mobile Friendly is WPAudience it’s reach is a little more limited in that it’s integrated with the iphone but not the nokia platform, the upside is the interactive nature of this plugin which should keep people on your blog for longer

This next one offers both free and paid services and is called WPTap it is designed for touchscreen phones such as the Iphone,Blackberry and the various Android platform phones, in many ways the beauty of this plugin is it only changes anything when people view from a mobile device

So There Are Many Ways To Make Your Blogs Mobile Friendly

So as we can start to see there are quite a lot of options when it comes to making our Blogs Mobile Friendly, the next one requires a little qualification because is sounds like it takes your traffic to another site but the upside is you just need to paste a little bit of Javascript into your blog to make it work, it’s called Flurp Siruna

Lot’s to choose from then and now as always time to do a little due diligence before you proceed with making your Blogs Mobile Friendly, we know there are 5 times as many mobile devices as there are static computers and it’s only a matter of time before they are online, we ignore them at our peril

I for one can only see this segment of the market getting bigger so the range of supporting plugins and software can only grow from here, so as always I’d like to hear what you think, I’ve installed comment luv now so you get a link back to your latest post, in keeping with the season I’d like to wish all of your a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all make your Blogs Mobile Friendly

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