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How Testing Your Offer Increases Your Results

I wanted to look at the value of Testing your offer today, be it the value the end user puts on it, the up sell value you place on it or the viral value that it may have even if you give it away, there is a great value in get it done and then get it right but there is an even greater value in constant evolution

Having been going through this process myself lately there is a great value in letting your Mastermind Group see your work before you publish it, it represents a logical form of Testing and allows you to go over any obvious areas that you have missed and anything that doesn’t flow or look right

The other value with this form of Testing is that you get so wrapped up in creating something that you invariably overlook the most obvious things, I was looking myself at something I had done last week, I had created the headers, the videos, the payment buttons but no headlines, duh, always test it first

The ability to stand back objectively and see your ideas the way others see them is vital, Testing therefore is an essential part of creating and making an offer, do the links work? how about the video? the payment button is it linked up and lastly but by no means least does the download page work properly?

How Testing Adds Dollars To The Bottom Line

So simply put Testing adds dollars to your bottom line, your first offer becomes your baseline, by improving a headline or by adding a video or putting one or more one time offers you can increase your conversion rates each time, a 2 or 3 percent increase in conversions can add to a dramatic increase in sales

How would you test? well a lot of people keep a swipe file of headlines that grab them and modify them to suit, Testing headlines can produce amazing uplifts in conversions, you now split test your original with your new page or pages to see the difference, the biggest improvement now becomes your baseline

Testing One time offers can also improve your sales values by a considerable amount, if you sell a product for say $27 Dollars and you make a one time offer while they are buying to another product at say $37 Dollars you will see the Dollar value of your offer rocket

Put simply the correct use of Testing can increase your sales and conversions and critically it will make you a much more attractive proposition to your affiliates, the more tools you have to make their job easier and the more proof that you have on your own sales stats the more attractive it makes you to others

What Resources Can You Use For Testing?

So What Resources Can you use for Testing, how do you split test your offer, test out your headlines, evaluate your one time offers? well my first choice would be Super Page Splitter this as it’s name implies allows you to evaluate a number of variations and test which produces the best results

When it comes to Testing headlines can make a huge difference, this Headline Creating Software should be included with your swipe file when it comes to writing really compelling headlines, you will be amazed by the difference in your conversions

Lastly in your Testing regime never overlook Googles Toolbox it has a considerable range of tools that you can deploy while testing including split testing, Google has been portrayed as the bad guy over the last year yet I think they offer great value to marketers and by clamping down on poor content and auto created content I personally see this as a good thing

So as always at this point I pass it across the you to see how you go about testing and what has drawn your biggest results and what have been the biggest pitfalls, just remember, keep on testing

Fear Marketing

Fear Marketing

Should We Be Influenced By Fear Marketing?

I wanted to look today at what I am going to refer to as Fear Marketing by which I mean scarcity either in terms of time, opportunity or perhaps the worst example of all that we see is using fear to imply that everybody else is using this method and you would too if only you had the sense to see it

The classic form of Fear Marketing started on TV and infomercials and has since spread into the online space and we are bombarded with it everyday, it creates a lifestyle expectation aligned to your dreams and then puts a very short time scale as a call to action

Now of course there is a very good commercial reason why any sales letter or video or commercial for that matter needs a strong call to action because following on behind is of course your next distraction, it is in fact the whole basis of Fear Marketing

You may well be looking through google for a solution to a problem and by chance happen across this site, the owner has maybe 10-15 seconds to capture your imagination, he or she may well paint a picture of a great solution to your problem but you must be one of the next 17 to act before they take it down forever, this is classic Fear Marketing

So Is There Any Truth In Fear Marketing?

So when you see it will there be any truth in Fear Marketing? put simply it depends on the product a $400,000 Dollar Ferrari is an exclusive hand built car built in limited numbers, millions aspire to own one but very few actually will, when they say there is a two year waiting list they are not using Fear Marketing they are stating a fact

If on the other hand I am selling a $37 Dollar software product and I say that there are only 234 copies left and my video tells you that I made millions at the push of a button but that I’m taking the page down possibly while your watching the video then I am using classic Fear Marketing to get you to take action now

You see most people will do it tomorrow and I want you to buy that $37 Dollar magic button software now, plus the 5 upsells that make it even more magic, so I’m going to use a video that lasts for hours that tells you that you are just about to miss out and that you will never get this chance again, Fear Marketing increases conversions period

You could even argue that Fear Marketing is no worse than that famous brand of cereal aimed at women that implies that if you eat this for two weeks your legs will look longer and you will look amazing in your jeans, especially from behind, as long as you overlook the massive sugar content

What Resources Can You Use For Your Fear Marketing

Well of course I would start by telling you that I am just about to take down my great Audio and PDF guide that will increase your Earnings By Over 350% and yet will reduce your workload considerably,you could wait until the end of this post but the page is coming down while your reading this, my take on Fear Marketing

Now the best way of creating Fear Marketing is by only putting a payment button at a certain point in your video and then for a limited time, technology way out of your league price wise? well actually far from it and actually simple to use to, see how to create Timed Payment Buttons here, you’ll be really glad you did

Lastly lets look at Fear Marketing in action in a current big selling product, it ticks all the boxes, great lifestyle now, family angst while he found the solution and boy What A Solution 1 click software that creates an instant lifestyle, well you decide but you get the principal behind it, watch when the payment button appears only after he has rammed home his message

So this form of marketing works like gangbusters, is it ethical, well yes because if you don’t create a call to action you won’t sell your product or service, but what do you think? let us know your thoughts on Fear Marketing

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