Backlinking Equals Traffic

Backlinking Equals Traffic

Does Backlinking Equals Traffic Really Equal Profit?

I talked on Friday about being search Engine friendly and I wanted to talk today about a supposedly simple equation that says Backlinking Equals Traffic which in turn equals profit to see if it’s really true

What is undoubtedly true is the fact that Backlinking Equals Traffic, the traffic that it brings in is targeted therefore highly interested in your topic but as always the trick is in converting that traffic into profits

So if Backlinking Equals Traffic then I guess the simple answer to the question everybody is asking is why do I get such a small return on my time, many blogs produce high quality content but very few make any real money from it and yet most websites would kill for the amount of targeted traffic that they get

So what’s going on, why does the fact that Backlinking Equals Traffic not lead to profit as we were lead to believe? much of it in the end must be down to what we do or don’t ask people to do when they arrive on our blog,our call to action is unclear and many peope are frightened to ask visitors to buy but why would that be?

You’ve built up your audience, put together some great information, invested a lot of time and by extension money into what you so surely you have a right to turn that equation Backlinking Equals Traffic equals profit into being

So Here’s How Backlinking Equals Traffic Does Really Equal Profits

In the end we all have a decision to make, is this a hobby or a business? Backlinking Equals Traffic, that part is straightforward but surely the next part asking your customer or visitor to spend money is a simple extension of what you do, we all know that not everything can be for nothing

So while certain of your visitors will expect that you keep giving everything away that simply can’t carry on, you have bills to pay and let’s face it you need to reinvest in your business to keep making it better, you don’t want to appeal to everybody after all, you want to appeal to the section of your market that want’s to grow with you

By making sure Backlinking Equals Traffic we now need to be equally sure that our audience understands the need to take continued action, the mark of an audience that just seeks free information is in the end an audience that keeps looking for the next push button idea and sadly it’s the biggest lie on the Internet today and incidently the reason why 97% of people will not succeed

But surely I will offend my audience if they just think that I want money won’t they, in a word no, there is that small section who might drop off but they would anyway, remember that you are investing in your business to provide your customers with a service and you with a living, Backlinking Equals Traffic but it also must deal with reality and your audience certainly won’t thank you if you stop posting because you have run out of money

So What’s Your Backlinking Equals Traffic Equals Profit Action Plan?

Ah yes the show me the money moment, how does Backlinking Equals Traffic really work in practice? well as with most things you need an actionable plan and you need to break it down into daily, weekly and monthly activities, next you need to reduce the gulf between the time you have and the action you need to take, we need to Outsource some or all of this function and when you think about it, it lends itself well to this

We need to automate as much of the rest of the Backlinking Equals Traffic process, services such as
Onlywire will generate high quality backlinks on autopilot, yes it takes a bit of time to set up but remember that push button is the biggest lie on the Internet today

Use the free technology at your disposal today, the Firefox Browser with the Alexa plugin tells you about the sorts of sites you are visiting, search out the authority figures in your market and comment on them, don’t spam them but add value to their discussion, this will really ensure that Backlinking Equals Traffic for you, and don’t forget to out task this when you can

Ping your Blog after each new post and don’t forget that you can get plugins to do this for you, you will in time get pingbacks and trackbacks and yes you will get spammers as well but as long as you have Akismet in your plugins you can just remove these fairly simply

What about these services you see that generate 3000 backlinks for $9 Dollars, that really would be Backlinking Equals Traffic but make sure you find our where these backlinks are coming from, are they relevant to your niche or are they as I am getting at the moment 15 or 20 of the same advertising style comments that you treat as spam, particularly when they just keep arriving even after you write to the person concerned to ask them to stop

I think the best Backlinking Equals Traffic program that I have seen, one with the biggest range of high quality free tools and run by a man I think has the highest of integrity in Online Marketing today is this
Backlinking System his tutorials are really good, if you follow this you will rank highly and get lots of free traffic that converts

So clearly a topic we could talk on all day and one I would love to hear what you think on and what ways you have found to generate high quality backlinks to your sites, so all it really leaves for today is to say that Backlinking equals Traffic

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