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Free Traffic

Want Free Traffic?Then Walk This Way

I’ve tested a number of these push button traffic and income systems over the last few weeks, the claims are often eye watering and the reality in the majority of cases are rather less than encouraging, that of course does not mean that all of them are junk and that everybody selling Free Traffic and push button software are people out to catch you unawares

The general story is very familiar, guy or girl hits hard times, tries everything but nothing works, then comes the lightbulb moment, meets millionaire, develops software with dark side hacker,plugs in software and two minutes and two clicks later cranks out the Free Traffic and $447.532.67 a month straight out of the box hmm! sounds good but does it ever happen like this?

Now the great thing is the traffic source is so big that it doesn’t matter how many people join because the market can never be swamped, now I guess we could assume that 98% of people wont follow through anyway leaving just the remaining 2% to exploit the system and to get their Free Traffic or is it really just being sold because the idea is now spent?

So who is telling the truth? every week 3 or 4 new Free Traffic software systems are launched, all promising instant floods of Free Traffic at the push of one to three clicks taking less than two minutes, can they really all be newbie traps? certainly there have been some shockers recently but there must be some good guys out there surely?

So Is Free Traffic Just A Myth

So is Free Traffic just a myth have we been sold a dream? or are we really our own worst enemies? we all want an instant fix to a bigger problem that takes real work, should we just know better than to listen to blind sales letters that don’t tell you what the product is let alone what it actually is, shouldn’t we just know better?

Well I think human nature is such that if a market exists people will create a product to fill it, is it ethical no of course not, are most of these solutions doing anything radical again no, they are using old outdated ideas and in some cases using ideas that will get you banned from google, Free Traffic or no traffic you decide

But can we learn anything from these products even if the solution does not work, well put simply yes, the sales process particularly the OTO process is interesting, they need to explain themselves better, why do I need the Free Traffic software when I was already promised unlimited Free Traffic in the sales process

I think in the end you need to test these products with an open mind,does it really produce Free Traffic, is it using something that will last, a loophole must be closed down as soon as flagged, some things are timeless but needs work but that’s true of everything, if you test it, follow all the steps then the results are simple, if it works result, if it doesn’t work then reject it, it’s not you it’s newbie trap junk

How Can I Really Generate Free Traffic Starting Today?

So how can you really generate Free Traffic starting today, are there some real solutions? put simply yes and they are both easier than you think and a lot cheaper than you think, this Simple System will produce a lot of Free Traffic, it’s what the high traffic people use and best of all it’s genuineCompletely Free Traffic

One person I really respect when it comes to Free Traffic is this girl, she delivers real value and produced one of the best
Video Series all of the ideas can be put into action, after the glitches, loopholes and downright lies its a breath of Fresh Air

My last recommendation is a guy who’s workload has been tremendous, this is his second product this month and I strongly recommend you look this System Over It’s even very low in cost terms, this guy spoke our recently and made himself unpopular with a certain section of the market but I’m here to tell you His Products Rock

I can’t see this market ever slowing,everybody wants traffic, Free Traffic even better, but what do you think, how do you generate it, have you found a push button solution to driving Free Traffic

Death Of Blogging

Death Of Blogging

Here’s Why I Think The Death Of Blogging Has Been Greatly Exaggerated!

Many of you will like me have read Ryan Deiss’s commentary on the Death Of Blogging yesterday, it was an interesting read and in part he has a point, there is a lot of poor content out there and it’s easy to get contaminated by what’s going on around you but the reasoning was also cloaking a secondary motive which we’ll come to later

He reasoned that we had to remember to visit these sites and that maybe it would just be easier to e mail thre whole content of a post rather than asking somebody to visit a site, giving that reasoning the Death Of Blogging may be coming but then so is Christmas and we have that once a year if my memory serves me well

For me that reasoning doesn’t really add up, I have the BBC F1 site on in the background as I write this to get testing times from Barcelona, having to make that choice is easy and I want to do it, countless millions are not interested in F1 and they won’t again their choice, so the Death Of Blogging is perhaps more than up for debate

I personally have a love hate relationship with Ryan, at times he produces great content and shares it, sadly at other times he gets involved with our favorite bottom feeding digital network peddling newbie traps, he has his own reason for wanting to see the Death Of Blogging but I suspect it’s end is not yet even on the horizon let alone in site

Is The Death Of Blogging Likely?

So is the Death Of Blogging likely anytime soon? I think the answer is probably no but nothing lasts forever, as long as Google loves wordpress then blogging will thrive, people are quite able to decide what is a good quality site and one that is scrapped up content plastered with adsense hmm!

What was Ryan’s real motive for suggesting the Death Of Blogging then? well it was simple really, he want’s to convert his subscribers into paying newsletter customers, presumably because his conversion rates are dropping due to his going into the newbie trap market, so it’s more about the death of standards than the Death Of Blogging

And standards become more important in a paid model, expectations rise we demand quality, I suspect that’s the real reason behind the massive level of disaffection to the whole crowd of newbie trap peddlers and the huge unsubscribe rate I know they are suffering, go back to what you do best guys and the Death Of Blogging fades away like mist on a spring morning

Like all of you I have certain blogs that I read on a regular basis, I would go as far as to say that a couple of them educate me every time I go and I always end up on other posts finding out more, the art of a good site or blog is to hold your attention, at this point you are choosing to buy not being sold

So The Death Of Blogging Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

So if the Death Of Blogging has been greatly exaggerated what resources can you use to improve your Blogging? First off make the most of your Mastermind Group the power of many minds is always better than one, our Smart Marketing Warriors group meets up in London tomorrow and I always get a lot out of the day

With this guys support your Blog Success is pretty much guaranteed, his free content is better than a lot of paid stuff and the community of support is great, the Death Of Blogging is way on the horizon with this man supporting the development of new bloggers

Lastly but by no means least I would recommend you take a look at David Risley, this guy walks his talk his Blog Masters club is a great program and again his free products contain a lot of information, his style is very straight talking so if you’re a delicate type it may not suit but another example of the Death Of Blogging being greatly exaggerated

As always at this point I turn to you guys, do you think Ryan had a point or do you like me think he was just using it as an interesting preamble to sell people into his paid content, let’s hope it was the latter and that this isn’t the Death Of Blogging?

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