essential online business foundations


Essential Online Business Foundations

I wanted to look at the mindset of the average person starting an online business because even people who have run a physical business seem to approach their online business with a kind of detatchment that would spell disaster if they followed that route in their offline business,so lets look at the essential online business foundations

People who are highly intelligent have somehow allowed themselves to be brainwashed into thinking that there is a route to overnight riches online when in reality if you add no real value your potential customers are not going to come back and lets face why would they

There is no culture of following through,lets imagine you want to learn to ride a horse but you never actually go to a stable,you never actually ride a horse or learn how to look after it,you take no riding lessons and never intended to make the time anyway you would know deep down that this was a complete non starter

Time to get serious about your Essential online business Foundations

So it’s time to get serious about your online business because if we just take the mindset before we even buy a product that if I don’t see instant success I can always just get a refund then we are approaching things with a failure mindset

No we must of course buy the sort of products that offer us a high degree of mentoring not the kind of product that offers overnight riches because put simply that isn’t going to happen and until you get out of that mindset and get started on your medium term planning

So the next time you watch a video of a girl in her early twenties in a skirt that resembles a belt with a top that’s two sizes to small and revealing far to much cleavage,wise up because the guy who has actually made the product just wants your money before he rides off into the sunset laughing at you

Time to get yourself a mentor to build your Essential Online Business Foundations

Getting yourself out of the instant riches mindset is essential if you want to be successful,set yourself a three to six month window,treat this exactly as you would an offline business,offer real value to your clients and dare I suggest it’s time to get yourself a mentor if you are really serious about this

But if it’s time to get yourself a mentor who can you trust? Obviously we have to start with somebody who has been responsible for creating more online success stories than most as well as being hugely successful in his own right How would I know? He Was My Mentor

Who you choose is of course your personal choice but whoever you decide is right for you google them first,see what the market thinks but don’t forget This Guy Delivers when it’s time to get a mentor make sure you get a good one

Online Coaching

Online Coaching

Is Online Coaching A Curse Or A Cure?

Hardly a day goes by without some top line guru offering Online Coaching in one form or another, he or she will tell you about the amazing lifestyle they are experiencing and will paint a picture of how you can do the same, there is of course one critical factor that comes into play here and that is their own track record

If the style used by the person doing the Online Coaching is just based around them then it is unlikely to work, if however the Online Coaching is based around developing you and your needs then you are probably off to the races as a friend of mine used to say, it’s a perfect fit with your Mastermind Strategy

Now lets be honest here, everybody needs Online Coaching and who you choose as your mentor will make a huge difference to the success or failure of your online career, you need clear focus, you need a consistent path to follow, you must avoid shiny objects and you must stay committed when things seem tough

My own experience of Online Coaching has been both excellent at one end and very poor at the other so your choice of mentor is in my view critical, the right mentor will instantly set you on a path to consistent success, a poor mentor will just take your money and run and sadly there are too many of those people online

So What Do You Look For In Online Coaching?

So what do you look for in Online Coaching, obviously somebody with a good level of experience in your field whilst it may seem like a statement of the obvious do they know enough to develop you, to get the best out of you, critically can they motivate you and will they be strong enough to call you when your making excuses?

For me respect plays a large part in Online Coaching, does your Coach have the kind of track record that says, I was once just where you are now but this is what I did and these are the people I worked with to change things, your Coach will almost certainly have been mentored themselves and certainly won’t be too proud to put their hand up and ask for help from time to time

Success is a journey and seldom is it a straightforward path, the strength of character to pick yourself up and keep going when things seem really bad is the mark of a person who will go the extra mile, the power of Online Coaching when it works well is the power to turn mediocrity into greatness

I think also somebody who genuinely wants to see their Online Coaching students succeed is essential, I mentioned a while ago that my mentor had called all of his previous students together to stop them making a mistake he had discovered he was making, can you seriously imagine many other people doing that because I can’t? It told everybody how much he cares about his students success

Who Would I Turn To For High Quality Online Coaching

It would come as no surprise I guess that I would go back to my mentor for Online Coaching, he over delivers in a massive way and that’s rare, Alex Jeffereys has just put together a package of his sell out Las Vegas Seminar which was $1295 Dollars to attend, he has just offered a limited opportunity to see this Million Dollar Blueprint for the cost of lunch, this guy is the real deal you owe it to yourself to check this and him out

My next person is also somebody I respect enormously, he has offered Online Coaching to more top line Internet Marketers than anybody else and his client list reads like a who’s who success role, I am of course talking about Rich Schefren his Free Products are often better than most paid products, again make sure you check this man out

Would I take the opportunity to blow my own trumpet when it comes to Online Coaching? well I am about to launch a series of Outsourcing Audio’s and Videos and the Free 20 Minute Audio I offer is pretty damn good if I say so myself, but you’ll be the judge of that

So as always at this point I turn to you for your thoughts, what has your experience of Online Coaching been like have they gone the extra mile for you or where you left feeling disappointed? Speaking personally when it’s done well I really this you’ll get a massive benefit from Online Coaching

Adding Value

Adding Value

Why Is Virtually Nobody Truly Adding Value Online Today?

I was thinking the other day about all the gloom out in the market place and how that plays out in the online world, in a world of cryptic sales messages where it’s impossible to even tell what the product is most of the time and therefore very difficult to trust the motives of the seller just who is really adding value online?

The last year has seen a growth in products like this often laden with what can only be described as wild promises yet delivering often the lamest solutions, far from adding value they only serve to generate mistrust and yet it’s really a million miles from what the market wants or needs

It’s as though this market relies on creating ever more newbies to sell these products to because one things for certain, once you’ve bought a couple of these you tend to view everything through cynical eyes, so far from adding value these people are actually sealing their own fate, can you seriously imagine people doing business like this in the offline world?

In a retail or service environment we measure adding value by the quality of service, how helpful the staff are, how flexible their approach is, lets be honest we are a million miles from that experience at the moment, do you see a huge opportunity here? because I do

What Does Adding Value Really Mean

If we ask the question what does Adding Value really mean it would be the exact opposite of what’s described above, it should motivate you to act, it should offer a powerful solution, it should explain in a straightforward way how it is going to offer that solution and it should be really easy to use

By truly Adding Value we also add a whole lot more to the mix, we add trust, we add credibility, we add instant authority in a marketplace that is full of people selling solutions that offer nothing by way of explanation and in many cases they will actually destroy their reputations because it offers no solution at all just an untried theory

Be honest here, just how good does it feel when you find somebody really offering a solution that actually works, not a 20 minute video talking about how great they are but how they used to sleep under a bush, frankly that’s not adding value it really is just blowing smoke and I instantly hit the close button

Maybe I’m missing the point here but I don’t think so, I’ve been involved with selling high end products to discerning people offline all my adult life, they want clear information, actual proof of what the benefits are of buying the product over what they are using now, they don’t just want to see you Adding Value, the conversation would be over if you didn’t

So Adding Value Sells Brand You Better Than You Know

Adding Value sells brand you better than you can ever realize, in life we get one chance to make an impression on people, there are of course people adding true value in this market, people I respect enormously but they are small in number and they stand out like a beacon, it’s no shock that they are highly successful and widely respected as well

If I think of great educators who are Adding Value I think of Rich Schefren his approach is night and day different to how 99% of people do business online,his Internet Business Manifesto which is free by the way and is better than most paid Coaching Courses, it’s no coincidence that many of the most successful people have been mentored by him and in turn have gone on to become outstanding mentors themselves

You see in the end we want our solutions to be offering more value than we are paying for them, we want the solution to be transparent, easily accessible, we want to know exactly what to do in a simple straightforward to understand manner, in my view this is truly Adding Value and it’s a million miles from what 99.9% of people offer

So doubtless today I will have trodden on one or two toes but also I feel I am highlighting a huge need that is just not being fulfilled in the market, let me know your thoughts including the opportunities you think it creates for really Adding Value

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