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Lazy Affiliate Riches

Lazy Affiliate Riches

Here’s Your Route To Lazy Affiliate Riches

First things first,I’ve decided to ease back a little bit,now that said I’ve not gone down the magic button route because that as we know doesn’t work and truth be told the clammer for a clean up on products aimed squarely at tricking newbies out of their money seems to be working,the stupid thing is these products far from saving time actually eat it up which leads me to Lazy Affiliate Riches,do they exist?

Lazy Affiliate Riches we are told allow you to work just a few hours and then kick back and just spend the money,sounds great but does it work? well one guy makes big play of how lazy he is and having had a look at how he does things I’m beginning to think he has a point,now don’t get me wrong here he is very clear that there are no magic buttons with what he does

So when these people talk about Lazy Affiliate Riches and yet earn huge amounts of money there at first seems to be an obvious contradiction in what they are saying,what they really mean is you set up the campaign once,optomize it and then it more or less works on auto pilot,starts to sound a whole lot better

Secondly we have all been brainwashed into thinking digital products are the only things that a Lazy Affiliate Marketer can sell online and make a good return on your traffic,why work for just 10% commissions when you could be earning 60-75% commissions goes the logic but of course the reality is rather different,let me explain

Here’s How Lazy Affiliate Riches Really Works

So lets look at how this Lazy Affiliate Riches business works? first off you promote a product in an in demand market, a little slice of a huge pie is better than a huge slice of a tiny pie that never gets baked again,you next look at actual conversions and refunds because this gives you your real ROI and this is where it gets really interesting

Lazy Affiliate Riches 101 says 75% must be better than 10% right a no brainer? well actually no,let me explain, a 75% commission on a product that converts at 1-2% and has a 30% plus refund rate is not that attractive, granted it’s okay but what looks like a very high income can actually lead to a very high unsubscribe rate which not only costs you but actually damages your standing with your list

So if that doesn’t work well lets look at the other option,10% sounds like a lot of work for little return right? wrong you see this is really Lazy Affiliate Riches 101 because that group convert at a 1 in 6 rate,they get a quality product from a worldwide giant and these customers far from wanting to unsubscribe are likely to buy again do you start to see how we have all been brainwashed with promises of huge returns and have just plain missed the point?

But you’re thinking this is all fine and dandy Tony but I don’t really understand the Lazy Affiliate Riches market but I sure as hell would like the idea of doing something well once and then just rinsing and repeating the process to build a solid business that keeps on bringing in business way after you put in the original effort,no product creation,no big customer support function,just some solid research and as you’ll see even a lot of that is done for you

Okay Show Me How To Get My Lazy Affiliate Riches

So lets go and see how you can get your own Lazy Affiliate Riches Jeff Dedrick has a system that automates the whole process so you don’t have to,all you have to do is keep adding new affiliate programs,forget doing huge amounts of research its all done for you even down to how to set it up,this really is the Lazy Affiliate Riches
but he has a deadly serious point as his video shows you

Next up is Dan Brock,this guy would chase Lazy Affiliate Riches but he won’t do that much work so he’s set up a Done For You System
that walks you through everything, he explains that it does require some work but not too much,go check out his Done For You System here

Lastly was a program from Ewen Chia,dont be put off by the low price on this,in fact I’d say having studied and used the ideas in it it’s way too cheap, his route to Lazy Affiliate Riches is through Fast Track Profits I’ve paid 10 to 20 times this price for products that plain didn’t work,I actually use these ideas and I can tell you thesecertainly do work

So 3 different approaches to Lazy Affiliate Riches but all follow a system that once started just keeps growing and the best thing is it’s simple,so I think the answer is clear, if you want to work less then you want Lazy Affiliate Riches

Strategic Solutions

Strategic Solutions

Want Real Strategic Solutions With No Magic Buttons?

Nobody can have missed the flood of magic button one click solutions that have hit the market over the last 6 to 9 months and they exist for a reason, a simple reason, people try something find it’s hard and then move onto the next sure thing only to find that doesn’t work either, in short it’s a million miles from the Strategic Solutions they are seeking

The Real problem of course with the magic button solution is that 3 or 4 of these turn up every week and every single one of them is going to disappoint you because they are created to satisfy a market that wants a solution that requires no work, on the face of it Strategic Solutions are not as attractive but that is really to miss the point

Lets look at what really happens when you pursue magic buttons as against Strategic Solutions, you start out thinking you have found the answer, 1 click and bam! cold hard cash flooding into your bank on auto pilot but in reality you get a theory or worse still an old idea in new clothes and guess what, it doesn’t work either

Chances are that you have now wasted a couple of days watching the videos, listening to the lies, reading the photo shopped testimonials and earnings claims, lets be honest here, you spend thousands of dollars and months developing a solution that works like gang busters and then you sell it to everybody, that doesn’t represent Strategic Solutions it represents madness

So Why Do Strategic Solutions Make Sense?

So why do Strategic Solutions make sense, surely they involve a lot more work? well in honesty no, you see magic buttons waste your time, they create false hope and they leave you in a negative frame of mind, if we are honest with ourselves we know that such things don’t exist, repeat after me, there are no magic button cold hard cash spitting solutions

Strategic Solutions take time, they take effort but they give real rewards,your real solution looks like this, build a business in niche a, test and tweak this business,continue to test and tweak to increase revenues, once this is running on near auto pilot because you have developed it including now customer service support you are ready to move on to niche or project b

Now you rinse and repeat but guess what you now have all the knowledge of how everything works in niche a to bring to niche b, you have a team,you have the technical solutions ironed out, really successful people online do not rely on just one pillar for their business, it is built up of many pillars or income streams, this represents the real Strategic Solutions we are looking for

When you went to university you didn’t study to be a lawyer on Monday, a chef of Wednesday and a chemist on Friday and yet chasing magic buttons is exactly like doing that, far from offering us the strategic solutions that we seek it will just make us more confused and ultimately broke

What Are My Options With Real Strategic Solutions

So What Are Your Options With Real Strategic Solutions that actually work? no tricks, no lies. For truly Strategic Solutions we need to turn to the man who really invented the idea for Online Marketers I am of course talking about Rich Schefren it’s no accident that he has mentored more Internet success stories than anybody else and not a magic button in site here

Next I would turn to my own mentor Alex Jefferys Alex again has a successful role call of hugely successful online business people by offering Strategic Solutions and he recently offered people the chance to get their hands on a recording of a seminar he did in Las Vegas attendees paid him nearly $1300 Dollars to be there but you can get it for the price of lunch but this is one mighty valuable lunch I can tell you

Lastly in this round up I would mention Tim Bekker he is sick of the magic button brigade and is offering the system that brings in thousands of dollars a month for just $7 Dollars yes you read that right $7 Dollars, this really represents the ultimate Strategic Solutions at a low low price

So as always at this point I turn things over to you, have you got past the point of chasing magic buttons,do you have a truly clear A-B-C action plan with a clear time frame and end results in mind? because if you don’t your business will just spin it’s wheels and you will become another casualty, unless that is you are working towards true Strategic Solutions

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