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Is Forum Marketing Still Relevant For Selling Brand You?

When I first started Online everybody talked about Forum Marketing, it had it’s own set of rules, you had to add value to the conversation and whoo betide you if you tried to sell through it, that just was not done

Fast forward to today and at first glance the landscape would appear very different, certain leading Forum’s appear to endorse open selling from their sites, so what’s going on with Forum Marketing?

To get to the answer I think it’s important to understand what Forums do and why we visit them, generally speaking because we want a solution to a technical problem, we want the view of our peers or possibly most importantly we want to see what direction a conversation is going in

So based on that for some of us Forum Marketing will be evergreen, as relevant now as it’s ever been, we will always need help because we know that a life spent trying to reinvent the wheel is time wasted and that the opinions of many give us a better view, they won’t all agree with us but that’s just life isn’t it

So Can Forum Marketing Really Sell Brand You?

So can Forum Marketing really sell brand you? yes it can but and it’s a really important but your core audience is highly knowledgeable, so you need to add real value and if possible you need to answer in depth the key question in the thread you are reading

A quick search on Google won’t do here, an hour or two spent researching the subject thoroughly and then the same again presenting it well will, offer a solution and people will want to find out what else you know, add value first and the traffic will follow

You see your two constituencies are very different when it comes to Forum Marketing, the person seeking the solution is primarily the person you are seeking but the established Forum users will have a view too, if you can win over both you are starting to establish yourself as an expert in a highly influential field

The credibility factor in Forum Marketing is critical because it’s either going to open up an whole range of opportunities to you or it’s going to slam a door shut, the audience won’t think twice about calling you if you try and sell a product or idea that’s wrong but by the same token get it right and it’s a strong body of evidence to refer to

Product Creators Are Literally Using Forum Marketing To Sell Brand You

So how come products are being sold on sites like the Warrior Forum? surely this flies in the face of everything I’ve been talking about? at first that was my thought but in fact this kind of Forum Marketing makes perfect sense, can you imagine the sorts of products that regularly appear on a certain digital network doing so without getting torn to shreds here?

I’ll nail my colours to the mast here, if a lame product appeared here it wouldn’t last more than a day, in fact not only are many of the products sold via Forum Marketing very good they’re also very good value as well because many are being tested prior to final public launch

In my own mind I think that selling via Forum Marketing is actually a good idea, the scrutiny of your peers, critically the feedback of your peers, I recently brought a product that was subsequently updated twice within 7 days all based on the feedback of other forum users and it just carried on getting better

As you may have gathered I strayed away from Forums, I thought their credibility had been lost but that view has turned over the last 6 months and I’m a fan again, not in a me too sort of way but in a peer group way, so as always I would love to hear your views, I’ve added Comment Luv now so you get an automatic link back to your last post, let me know your experiences of Forum Marketing

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