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Power Of Deception

Power Of Deception

So Online Marketing Is Just The Power Of Deception Right?

As I finished looking over the latest product to come my way from Clickbank I got to wondering is online Marketing really just about the Power Of Deception, the formula is depressing, they all cost $37 Dollars, they all promise instant riches and almost without exception they suck

So what’s going on here,the story is always the same,financial ruin, secret hack,magic solution and cold hard cash pouring into your bank account overnight, not a great surprise given one guy writes most of these sales letters, if the Power Of Deception sounds familiar there is a good reason behind it

There is of course a good reason behind this, the triggers work on the most basic of human emotions, greed and the desire to do little or no work, sound familiar, we all know we should know better but we still read the sales letter and get sucked into it,the Power Of Deception in action

The latest ploy is to damn the scammers, those dreadful people who are out to trick you out of your money, but what’s that you say skippy aren’t these the same people promoting every single one of these products, using the same templates, the same it doesn’t use list, just how do people fall for the Power Of Deception

What Can We Learn From The Power Of Deception

So what can we learn from the Power Of Deception,should we look on in admiration or should we express disgust at what is happening? certainly the power of using emotial triggers is a well known and much used both on and offline,you can use any amount of logic that you like but emotion is stronger every time

A slight of hand is used in many fields and we can see that the model who advertises your favorite shampoo maybe cute but the advertising authorities have made them qualify their statements in 71% of 154 people agree with this,clearly the Power Of Deception is not one the ASA here are open to

People of course need to be realistic, anything that promises huge income for no work is clearly a lie, pure and simple and we buy products that promise this at our peril, we can in the use our own common sense not to be taken in by the Power Of Deception

Marketers will keep using whatever triggers make people take action and until the FTC has a quiet word in Clickbanks ear and rounds up the scammers they will keep up their gold rush antics and newbies will continue to chase shiny objects, the Power Of Deception will continue in both covert and overt ways

Resources To Avoid The Power Of Deception

So how do you resist temptation? with one click this and push button that being thrown at you a number of times a week,I e mailed one marketer earlier in the week who was promoting a scam but so far he hasn’t responded, it’s a shame because previously I had respected him, such is the Power Of Deception

Who should you really listen to,who really has your best interests at heart,who really knows where the Internet marketing world is going Rich Schefren continues to make more millionaires than any other,his free report the Internet Business Manifesto is better than most paid products, no Power Of Deception here

Another man who offers real solutions Is This Man a well known mentor, hugely successful in his own right, he’s offering the opportunity to watch the video from his Las Vegas Seminar for the price of lunch,certainly no Power Of Deception in sight here

So what are your thoughts on this? do you feel that everything is fair in love and war or should Internet marketing clean up it’s act,is it preying on the unaware or are we really our own best enemies on this,one thing is for sure, you’ve not seen the end of the Power Of Deception

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