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Local Marketing Opportunities

Local Marketing Opportunities

Are We Honestly Making Enough of Local Marketing Opportunities?

I was thinking over the weekend that sometimes we get a little blinkered, we look out at the billions of people online and yet we overlook the Local Marketing Opportunities that we ourselves take advantage of everyday as consumers, there’s a whole world of opportunity within a 20 minute radius of our own front door

Think for a moment of your circle of influence, your Mastermind Group and how many times you exchange ideas and you are all fairly experienced in the online world, then think how little most people know about online marketing in the offline world,what you have is one of the most fantastic Local Market Opportunities, let me explain why

Part of this is about Google, now love it or hate it the great bulk of online searches go through it and at the moment Google are trying to encourage local businesses to exploit their Local Marketing Opportunities, now get this figure, less than 3% of businesses are taking this up

Now you would have thought that this market was highly competitive, chocked even with competition, the truth as you can see is vastly different, can you start to see a massive opportunity in the Local Marketing Opportunities market? because I can, it’s huge and it’s a logical extension of what we already do

But How Does My Market Have Anything To Do With Local Marketing Opportunities?

Now at this stage I hear you screaming now I’m in the Care Home business or I sell Stress Relieving CD’s what an earth as that got to do with Local Marketing Opportunities well I would suggest a lot more than you think, you see this has more to do with being a knowledge broker than it does anything else

Remember my post on DEC 6 when I talked about opportunities in Micro Outsourcing Arbitrage? well here you are going to use the same principles for Local Marketing Opportunities only this time selling your knowledge through local businesses, the same businesses that only 3% are taking advantage of Googles attempts to encourage them

Lets look at some stats and prepare to be shocked, very shocked, 34% of local business searches are made on mobile devices and yet most local businesses advertise in directories, in local papers and through their websites, those that have them by just putting them online, the build it and they will come principle

Now in terms of tapping into these Local Marketing Opportunities you already know how the online world works, you just haven’t told anyone locally about it yet, now you are thinking but I’m bombed out at the moment anyway, I can’t do any more, relax I understand that, let’s think laterally for a moment shall we

Outsourcing Meets Local Marketing Opportunities

So how can we use Outsourcing to drive Local Marketing Opportunities? I think very simply, you are using your knowledge of this opportunity, you are helping local businesses to grow into the space let by the 97% who are not doing this and you are creating yourself as an authority figure in your industry and importantly in your area, ever thought this might be useful and somewhat lucrative?

Now you will notice that I mentioned Google earlier in the post, why Google, well simply because Google is giving local businesses their own free Local Marketing Opportunities it’s just that the vast majority of local businesses are blissfully unaware of it, our job is to bridge this gap

I mentioned a few weeks ago that in Arbitrage our task is to present a person with a problem to a genuine solution and in the process you make money, with Local Marketing Opportunities it is a highly ethical and potentially highly lucrative opportunity and if we don’t do it rest assured somebody else will

Is there anything out there that will give you the inside track on Local Marketing Opportunities you may be wondering? well I believe there is and I’ll probably come back to that in a few days

So with a little lateral thinking you can use your skill set in a whole new way in 2011, once established this will take under an hour a week per customer to maintain and yet the income opportunities are considerable, so I will end this post by asking for your comments on this subject and to pose the question I started with are we honestly making enough of Local Marketing Opportunities?

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