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Push Button Traffic

Push Button Traffic

Does Push Button Traffic Really Exist?

There seems to be quite a head of steam building at the moment, a fight back against the wild claims, some would say out and out lies that have been flying around recently, I have recently taken the time to purchase and test a couple of these Push Button Traffic and one click pieces of software, here’s what I found

I have to say that the general quality of these products are in the main poor, I will qualify that because there are notable exceptions but lets concentrate on the two I looked at, the first piece of Push Button Traffic software as always told a story of a guy you had never heard of

He was he said broke when he went to a seminar and stumbled across some Gurus bragging about how they had sold yet another crap product that didn’t work and that he was really annoyed by this but that as they left one guy dropped a CD out of his bag, could this be the real thing he wondered? Genuine Push Button Traffic?

Our intrepid friend rushed home to find the answer on the CD and hacked the idea to cover his tracks, to produce, drum roll please, auto blogging software given another name, hmm! very new. The problem of course is that this Push Button Traffic idea will get your proper sites into problems as well but of course that wasn’t even mentioned in the product

So Is Push Button Traffic Just A Lie?

So is it all just a trap for newbies and the unwary or can Push Button Traffic really be created, lets turn to our second example, another blind sales letter with more promises of Push Button Traffic this time with a different angle, but another rags to riches story, how touching

Our person in this story had to descend to lowly means to earn a living but by some simple bribery and feminine charm she was able to blackmail a big name guru into giving her his secret system which she now offers you the opportunity to buy for just $47 Dollars, but wait, I thought the video said I got all this for $47 Dollars, why do I need all these up sells to make it work? Damn!

I notice now that it’s been so successful that it’s been offered the opportunity to be closed down for violation of terms of service, in the end it really is a case of Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware, in 99% of cases Push Button Traffic is a trap for the unwary and plays on the greed we all have that maybe, just maybe there is a push button simple way to siphon money straight into out bank accounts, come on guys

Which leads me onto the one product that does actually work in my research,it uses PPV, pay per view which is a lower cost way of getting traffic, this Push Button Traffic software will earn you money, just not the $8000 Dollars in the first week, everything has it’s learning curve

Should You Steer Clear Of Push Button Traffic?

So Should you steer clear of Push Button Traffic and one click software? well you should always exercise caution, how can you do that, well read the review pages and you want actual experiences not the read my review and get my bonus pages, these generally are not even poorly disguised sales pages

There have been many great blog posts recently on Push Button Traffic but a couple that really stand out of me are Gary Simpson’s post on 2010 having been the year of The Internet DeceptionGary tends to tell things like they are, he’s one of a growing group who are starting to speak out, it’s long overdue

This one is a more humorous take on my second tested product, behind the humor though lies a serious point on the lies that are so often told, allow yourself a smile and even laugh out loud as he describes this Push Button Traffic sales letter and pulls it apart bit by bit

So as always at this point I turn it over to you, what have your experiences been of this type of product, have your experiences been bad or good? More to the point would you recommend Push Button Traffic

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