goal setting for 2013

goal setting for 2013

Goal Setting for 2013

One of the big things that marks out the differences between the winners and the losers in both the online and the offline world is how they go about goal setting and particularly now how they go about Goal Setting for 2013 the next few days will be vital but so will the mindset

Ideals are great but are they worth a hill of beans if they are not followed through on,what then are the differences between one person who generates a good level of income and another person who whilst well intentioned never gets beyond the planning stage of Goal Setting for 2013

Both are after all setting out what they would like to do but of course the execution,the delivery are considerable different and yet both are going through the process of Goal Setting for 2013 so how can it be that one remains true to their plan and the other gets into a continual drift?

Winners Goal Setting for 2013

So lets look a little deeper at a Winners Goal Setting for 2013 what is he or she doing that translates into action and income that another well intentioned person just can’t seem to replicate? Lets start with complete focus and not letting distractions get in the way of finishing projects

Temptation looms for all of us but for Winners Goal Setting for 2013 means finishing one project and seeing it through to action before the get side tracked into any other project,it means not trying to do everything ourselves when it slows us down

A Winners Goal Setting for 2013 means accepting when you’ve got it wrong, accepting it and getting out and starting the next project,sometimes with the best will in the world things don’t work,winners accept and know that and move on quickly

Winners network,learn from and reverse engineer the best ideas and put their spin on it, so make sure that this is part of your Winners Goal Setting for 2013 don’t even try in reinvent the wheel and always get help,remember there is a small army of people out there waiting to help you if you’ll only let them

Losers Goal Setting for 2013

So what is the major difference between Losers Goal Setting for 2013 and that of the winners? They both set out with the same dreams so how come one achieves big things and the other achieves very little,sadly it starts by asking questions on deadlines sadly they seldom exist for the person who is not succeeding

Another major issue in a Losers Goal Setting for 2013 is chasing the next big thing,the shiny object,people the promise of instant riches is garbage pure and simple,the winner found out long ago that is saps your energy and money chasing them but sadly the loser keeps buying into the latest snake oil salesman

Sadly the next area of Losers Goal Setting for 2013 is really well intentioned and it’s the fear of failing,they want everything to be perfect,just a bit more polishing,just another rewrite,maybe I need to go to a couple more seminars on the subject,somehow it just never gets done

Perhaps the saddest trait of all in the Losers Goal Setting for 2013 is constantly blaming others for their failings show me a person who has never made a mistake and I’ll show you somebody who has never done anything,everybody falls on their face from time to time

So if you’re having major issues finishing projects,getting things done then model yourself on people who have achieved major success,keep laser focused,become a Winner Goal Setting in 2013

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