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Free Traffic

Want Free Traffic?Then Walk This Way

I’ve tested a number of these push button traffic and income systems over the last few weeks, the claims are often eye watering and the reality in the majority of cases are rather less than encouraging, that of course does not mean that all of them are junk and that everybody selling Free Traffic and push button software are people out to catch you unawares

The general story is very familiar, guy or girl hits hard times, tries everything but nothing works, then comes the lightbulb moment, meets millionaire, develops software with dark side hacker,plugs in software and two minutes and two clicks later cranks out the Free Traffic and $447.532.67 a month straight out of the box hmm! sounds good but does it ever happen like this?

Now the great thing is the traffic source is so big that it doesn’t matter how many people join because the market can never be swamped, now I guess we could assume that 98% of people wont follow through anyway leaving just the remaining 2% to exploit the system and to get their Free Traffic or is it really just being sold because the idea is now spent?

So who is telling the truth? every week 3 or 4 new Free Traffic software systems are launched, all promising instant floods of Free Traffic at the push of one to three clicks taking less than two minutes, can they really all be newbie traps? certainly there have been some shockers recently but there must be some good guys out there surely?

So Is Free Traffic Just A Myth

So is Free Traffic just a myth have we been sold a dream? or are we really our own worst enemies? we all want an instant fix to a bigger problem that takes real work, should we just know better than to listen to blind sales letters that don’t tell you what the product is let alone what it actually is, shouldn’t we just know better?

Well I think human nature is such that if a market exists people will create a product to fill it, is it ethical no of course not, are most of these solutions doing anything radical again no, they are using old outdated ideas and in some cases using ideas that will get you banned from google, Free Traffic or no traffic you decide

But can we learn anything from these products even if the solution does not work, well put simply yes, the sales process particularly the OTO process is interesting, they need to explain themselves better, why do I need the Free Traffic software when I was already promised unlimited Free Traffic in the sales process

I think in the end you need to test these products with an open mind,does it really produce Free Traffic, is it using something that will last, a loophole must be closed down as soon as flagged, some things are timeless but needs work but that’s true of everything, if you test it, follow all the steps then the results are simple, if it works result, if it doesn’t work then reject it, it’s not you it’s newbie trap junk

How Can I Really Generate Free Traffic Starting Today?

So how can you really generate Free Traffic starting today, are there some real solutions? put simply yes and they are both easier than you think and a lot cheaper than you think, this Simple System will produce a lot of Free Traffic, it’s what the high traffic people use and best of all it’s genuineCompletely Free Traffic

One person I really respect when it comes to Free Traffic is this girl, she delivers real value and produced one of the best
Video Series all of the ideas can be put into action, after the glitches, loopholes and downright lies its a breath of Fresh Air

My last recommendation is a guy who’s workload has been tremendous, this is his second product this month and I strongly recommend you look this System Over It’s even very low in cost terms, this guy spoke our recently and made himself unpopular with a certain section of the market but I’m here to tell you His Products Rock

I can’t see this market ever slowing,everybody wants traffic, Free Traffic even better, but what do you think, how do you generate it, have you found a push button solution to driving Free Traffic



Facebook Should We Be Worried By It’s Explosive Growth?

Should we be worried by the continued massive growth of Facebook? It’s growth which includes adding another 150 Million users this year is quite amazing and clearly the best in terms of what it offers is yet to come

Much has been made of the fact that it’s traffic has now overtaken that of Google and certainly Google must be worried about that both in terms of where the traffic goes and the fact that the average user stays on Facebook for around 55 minutes a day

Many have dismissed the type of traffic that Facebook generates as being just social chat and clearly there is an element of truth in that but as marketers can we seriously ignore the growth that is going on and the upcoming developments because they surely flag up what the company sees as it’s future direction

By planning to integrate Ebay and Paypal into their platform it is clear that Facebook sees itself as a serious business platform and by choosing Bing as it’s preferred search engine based on the wishes of it’s own users it shuts Google out of the picture for a rapidly growing group of people, many of whom could be considered to be early adopters

The other trend that we are seeing from Facebook is that already 52% of access is via mobile devices and we already know that there are over 5 times as many mobile devices as there are static computers, so a whole new customer base is occurring here

And yet for all this something else really important is happening, Facebook users tend to buy on recommendations from their Facebook friends, which is good news for the majority of honest Online businesses and will spell the beginning of the end of the wild claims and lies that sadly are too common at the moment

Harnessing The Power Of Facebook

It is in the power of the Facebook friend that businesses can really start to see growth, on average each user has around 130 friends and you have the opportunity to put your message or your product in front of them, of course with opportunity comes responsibility

Now the reverse of this is the power of the Facebook Like Button we are starting to see this popping up all over the Internet and it gives us a good idea of the rate at which it will continue to grow, it’s influence will be enormous

As of April 2010 5.4 Billion like buttons had been hit,1 Million sites have the Facebook like plugin and as of June 2010 10,000 more are added every single day, just take a moment to think of the opportunity that presents to all online businesses

So following on from that 500 fans on your business page would give you a reach of around 65,000 people and given that Facebook users tend to buy on recommendation that is a powerful group, as always your offer needs to be good and we must remember that at this point we don’t have any control over the traffic, it all belongs to Facebook

Therefore offering your potential customers an ethical bribe is critical for their e mail address to bring them into your normal funnel, Facebook uses FBML a form of HTML so you will need some basic knowledge in terms of how to set up your opt in box on your business page, a good idea would be to look at North Social for this

Now the other great thing I think with Facebook is the fact that the messages you get depend on your chosen interests and the activity levels of the people interacting with you, so spam should be reduced dramatically and you will see the things that interest you most first

So How Do We Monetize Facebook?

First of all it stands to reason that we must build up some good content in order to get people to like us, from here we must keep in touch regularly to remain visible, so far quite standard practice, bu using some of the low cost Outsourcing services we can put our search for like minded people on autopilot, just go and see how many people will do this for you

But and it’s an important but we are selling based on a recommendation culture here, so wild claims on income such as those seen frequently in your inbox currently won’t endear you to your Facebook friends, the information needs to be good and the products need to deliver

A couple of resources that you will find useful, the first one being an e book written by Irene Bennistone shows how to drive free traffic and how to really make your pages work, 20 minutes work based on this will give you great returns from pages that index rapidly

His guy has been successful on Facebook, his friends laughed at him when he told them he was going to make money from it but predictably it was not that long before they want to know how he was doing it, he explains more in this Facebook Traffic program, he also explains how he to has fallen victim to the claims being made out there and wanted to do something about it

So in conclusion should we be worried about the rapid growth? in a word no, it will be a force for good, less spam, more relevant content from more honest people, sounds like progress to me not a step backwards, yes there will be those who just use it for chatter and that’s fine but I think the message is clear business needs Facebook

Using Leverage

Using Leverage

Are You Using Leverage In Your Online Business?

I wanted today to look at the power of Using Leverage in the sales of your own products or in gaining credibility in your marketplace or lastly on gaining free traffic to your blog or site in all three you can benefit from this technique

Why are we Using Leverage? simple really you are using the established credibility in the marketplace of the person concerned and they in return are getting another opportunity to either offer their subscribers some great information that is of value or they are recommending one of your products

When we think about it when you start out you could have the greatest product, the best sales letter or video but there is still something vital missing and that is the doubt in your buyers mind, I love the sound of this but I don’t know this guy or this girl, by Using Leverage you get over this hurdle really quickly

So if we can boost our sales and our credibility in the market place as easily as that why are more people not Using Leverage, in short why are we all making life much more difficult than it needs to be?

Well I think not Using Leverage is a product of how offline businesses work or more importantly how most people think they work and that is to treat everybody else in your industry as competition, but what none of us consider is that for years many of the imformation based companies have agressively been leveraging each others mailing lists, in short they’ve known this all along, it’s not really even a secret

People who have been clients of the likes of Rich Schefren Jay Abraham Tony Robbins and the like have been exposed to these practices, even selling their lists of prospects that don’t buy from them to their competitors, by Using Leverage they have grown exponentially whilst others grow by a few percent a year at the most, it’s a very different way of thinking and one me must all learn from

So the theory is all well and good but how can we go about Using Leverage in practice, how can we make it work for our businesses maybe even to generate that same explosive growth, let’s put the boot on the other foot and look at it from the point of view of the established marketer, that person known as the Guru

Other Key Ways Of Using Leverage

Now of course there are other key ways of Using Leverage, The real way Ray Krok found McDonalds, read more on page 6, The 5 best ways to reduce your workload by 75% whilst expontentially increasing your profits,turn to page 8 for this,The best country to makes this all happen, read more on page 10

The one vital piece of advice my mentor gave me that turned on the lights,find out on page 14 and the one vital ingredient to make the difference, page 12 of this report talks further about it on how you can help when it comes to Using Leverage, good copywriters have always tempted us to explore further

Back to our Gurus view, what do they want out of this besides money? well they are busy people with big lists and those lists have a thirst for great information, remember great information? it used to be everywhere so how can you provide this, a well researched information packed report is a good start

An interview with a leader in your niche would be even better, turn it into an MP3 and use the transcript as an e book, sell it for $7-$17 Dollars and offer your Guru 100% commission, do you think he or she will be motivated to send traffic to your site for that? it’s an easy sell for them, great information for their list, it builds your list really fast and it’s a great way of Using Leverage, a real win win

So Why Isn’t Everybody Using Leverage Like This?

On the face of it this should be easy, so why isn’t everybody Using Leverage like this? well it’s a good question and I think it has two answers, number one being that around 97% of people have never thought of this as a possibility and of the remaining 3% most of those are unsure how to approach the authority figures

So how would you get their attention? well for starters how about writing about them on your blog, many of these people will keep a watchful eye on what is written about them both good and bad, they are also looking for ways of Using Leverage, remember that the worst answer you will ever get in life is no but what if they say yes?

One of the really high profile Bloggers David Risley often posts on what he thinks about his readers Blogs, it’s a great education for us lesser mortals and it proves my point in the sentence above, think these authority figures don’t have time for this well think again, they too are looking for new ideas

Now clearly this topic has a ton of mileage, really I have just scratched the surface here and I think your mind can run riot on this topic, I know mine can, think about your strenghts,is it writing, interviewing, product creation, in the end all great ways of Using Leverage

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