Can Outsourcing Prove A Major Time Saver Or Just Become Another Headache

I wanted to talk today about a subject close to my heart namely that of Outsourcing, I also wanted to ask if it really is the route to the beach or can it in fact be a source of major headaches, another opportunity to lose control of your already stretched schedule

If we look at what most newbie marketers do we can see a number of things happening to them, the first being classic information overload, the second being chasing shiny objects instead of staying focused on one task or one set of objectives, at this point they will be vaguely aware of Outsourcing but will have no plan on incorporate it into their business

The sheer amount of information available at this point is overwhelming and many try to research their way out of trouble, in truth the adage when in a hole stop digging is more appropriate here, there are many genuine newbie friendly sites online waiting to help, Outsourcing your research here would make sense, find one whose style fits and begin to digest some useful information

A word of caution though because in amongst these newbie friendly people are newbie traps offering push button solutions, thankfully Google offers us an opportunity to look at what others think, see what sort of feedback is out there for this person, is this the right choice for my first venture into Outsourcing?

All The Major Players Are Outsourcing Their Work

So if all the major players are Outsourcing their work it must follow that this is the solution, the key to working on the beach? like everything it all comes down to planning, write a clear plan, do your homework on your outsource worker and your most of the way there

But how do you do research on your potential Outsourcing partners? going back to what we said earlier research, all of the sites have feedback systems based on the experience of the buyer of the service, how long it took, what the quality of service was like, were they helpful? everything you need to know really

Low cost Outsourcing projects can cost as little as $4-$5 Dollars and yet can often be very good, you need to quickly understand the difference between Outsourcing and Out Tasking, the first being one off projects and the second being reoccurring tasks in your business that must get done week in and week out and for these you are looking for ongoing as required partners

What Resources Are Out There To Teach Me Better Outsourcing?

It’s an important question because it’s the key to more free time and yet to also being 3 to 4 times more productive than you are now, it’s a free MP3 and PDF guide called Outsourcing Made Easy it covers mind set, planning and covers some great sites to work with to get your work done

I couldn’t finish this up without mentioning the dirty little secret that so many of use and that’s a site called Fiverr it’s one of around 60 to 80 Micro Outsourcing sites and it’s packed full of great stuff that you can do for just $5 Dollars and before you ask I use it regularly

I’m about 10 days away from launching a best of Micro Outsourcing sites video that is going to sell for just $7 and I cover over 60 of these sites that you can use,they are based all over the world for just about anything you care to imagine, it will save you a ton of time, it’s a resource I wish I’d had at the outset

So in wrapping up I wanted to ask for your experiences, have you found Outsourcing a major time saver or a major headache? For me I would have to say the former but planning is everything when it comes to Outsourcing

Backlink Plan

Backlink Plan

Your Backlink Plan is a Key Link In Driving Traffic

I wanted to talk today about your Backlink Plan, why we all need one and what part it all plays in both driving traffic and establishing credibilty in your niche,

Much has been said recently about miracle traffic software but the truth is Google loves links, assuming that is they are relevant to your niche and for that reason alone your Backlink Plan is really important, it’s not a flavour of the month tactic, it’s timeless

I have touched on before the value of Interal Linking and it has two advantages, it clearly creates links deep into your site, it gives your readers a broader take on your topic and again Google loves them, so what’s not to like?

Now clearly you need to be careful, placing your Backlink Plan in the hands of low cost outsourcer could be a big mistake, now let me qualify this, I use as you know the micro outsource sites regularly and I have found a lot of really good people, but I have also been targeted by blog spammers and I suspect that a lot of that is people offering to generate 3000 links for $4 Dollars

You may be thinking but I hate blog commenting, doing the research to find them and building my Backlink Plan but I would counter that with 20 minutes to half an hour a day spent well will reap big rewards, you will after all spend at least that reading about the next big thing or the newest shiny object and we all know where that gets us

The True Value In Your Backlink Plan

So what is the true value in your Backlink plan, well aside from your link building activity you are doing three key things, number one is that you are getting a number of different points of view outside of your own, in short you are educating yourself, a couple of the blogs I visit two or three times a week always give me a new slant on an old idea, so highly valuable

Number two in your Backlink Plan is you are relationship building, there may well be a time you want to approach that person, maybe to promote for you, maybe to offer them a guest post, it’s going to be much easier if they recognize you as being in their niche and on their wavelength rather than just another my hand in your pocket type

Reason number three in your Backlink plan is simple really, if you appear regularly on high traffic blogs and comment people will out of curiosity come and look at you, they may even write about you, people like David Risley regularly look at their readers blogs for ideas and he will critique what he sees in a post, good or bad and when somebody like David talks we would be pretty silly not to pay full attention to what he has to say

So in essence what I am saying is that two to two and a half hours that you spend drifting around is now spent on your Backlink Plan, driving traffic, building relationships and getting a different viewpoint on what you do, if somebody like David comments on something you do,it’s priceless, it maybe painful in the short term but we must learn from those who know not try to reinvent the wheel

What Tools Can I Use In My Backlink Plan?

So what tools should you use in your Backlink Plan? well I think the following are the best for these, first up is look on the micro outsourcing sites Fiverr Gigswood & Zeerk search for backlinks and pick the people who are offering realistic numbers of backlinks, you will see people creating 20 to 100 backlinks for $4-$20 Dollars, clearly if their good just rinse and repeat

Use plugins like Comment Luv on your blog and yes I know I don’t have it at the moment but that will be put right very shortly, this gives your commenter a link to their latest post from your site and it encourages them to come back on a regular basis, another relationship building exercise

I think however the best Backlink Plan I’ve seen is Shane Mclaughs in a world of wild promises he delivers true value, the amount of free information and software here is remarkable and he has been quick to expose some of the snake oil merchants and to take them to task

Lastly but by no means least in your Backlink Plan is Internal Linking Google loves it and it encourages your readers to dig deeper into your site

So as always I’d love to hear what you think and what else you do to generate your backlinks, doubtless you will be using strategies that I haven’t mentioned here, just be sure to build you own Backlink Plan


Micro Outsourcing

Micro Outsourcing

Is Micro Outsourcing The Key To Your Success Going Forward?

Today I’m asking the question is Micro Outsourcing the key to your success going forward, but what do I mean by that and why does it matter?

Well put simply the more you business grows the more you need to Outsource parts or increasingly larger sections of your business to release your time on the key sales, product development and relationship building that really matters and this is where Micro Outsourcing really comes into it’s own

What could only be described as a rash of Micro Outsourcing sites have sprung up recently and they make perfect sense for both the person on a budget when they are starting out and to be honest used correctly they still make sense for those of us who take things rather more seriously

So back to what exactly do I mean by Micro Outsourcing sites? well in this interpretation I mean sites that advertise fixed price jobs or gigs as they tend to be known for between $4 and $30 Dollars, in this range you can get just about anything done

On the face of it they sound great but as always it comes with a critical caveat emptor [buyer beware] for those of you not of the Latin persuasion, get it right and your work is done in 24 to 48 hours at a great price, get it wrong and massive frustration
and delayed projects await, I know I’ve seen both sides

Get it right however and you will recommend the people concerned to your subscribers, welcome to the world of Micro Outsourcing

Planning For A Successful Micro Outsourcing Campaign

Planning and research are everything in getting your Micro Outsourcing campaigns to work the right way, first of all you must be absolutely clear what you want, with unclear instructions your outsourcer is taking an educated guess and you will not get what you want, result frustration, wasted time, plan well and you will benefit every time, it may take a few minutes longer to start with but believe me it will be worth it

Always check how the market views them, Micro Outsourcing sites use a review and rating system, read them first before ordering, if they are not rated asked them a question and watch the response, is it customer friendly? is it done quickly? pay close attention because this is likely to mirror your actual experience when using this person

Get all of your support materials together and put them in a zip file like win zip, many Micro Outsourcing sites only allow you to send 1 file at a time and you don’t want to find this out just as you are 75% of the way through your order, again been there done that

Next think on a personal level, explain to the outsourcer that if this gig works out you are looking for somebody to do this on a regular basis, in life we work with nice supportive people who make our lives better, just because they are low cost does not mean they are low value, build relationships and watch your service levels rise dramatically

For those of you used to the traditional outsourcing sites you will find the lack of bid time and endless form filling a breath of fresh air, Micro Outsourcing is simply and straightforward all the gigs are already planned out, that said if you want something extra or different just ask the question, I always do, just remember the relationship part as your doing this

So Where Do I Find These Micro Outsourcing Professionals?

So where you may be wondering do you find these Micro Outsourcers? good question, a search on Google will give you a couple of the most popular but there are a great number now just waiting to make your life so much more straightforward

Lets start with the best known of these Micro Outsourcing sites one called Fiverr as it’s name implies all gigs are $5 Dollars, yes you read that right just $5 Dollars, would you like the 2 million hits a day this site gets? thought so, you can get everything, right down to somebody singing happy birthday in a celebrity voice

Next up comes Gigswood they offer gigs for between $4 and $19 Dollars, it’s perhaps my favourite Micro Outsourcing site, it’s just had a major revamp and again the range is huge, in all cases you can also post wants on the sites, just sign up, it takes two or three minutes and your ready to go

Next up is a site called Zeerk slightly wider cost range between $5 and $25 Dollars, again a big range and again another popular Micro Outsourcing site, a quick look on the front page alone comes up with some great gigs, well worth a further look

Lastly in my roundup of Micro Outsourcing sites is one called Gighour almost unbelievable but their gigs start at just $1 Dollar and range up to $7 and all combinations based on that, I’ll leave you to draw your conclusions on appearance but the content is deadly serious and great value

So it goes without saying that this is a subject with plenty of mileage in it and I will doubtless return to it at a later stage but for now my advice is if your not already doing so start Micro Outsourcing

Using Articles

Using Articles

Why You Should Be Using Articles To Drive Video Traffic

I was introduced to this as an idea a few months ago and immediately saw the power of Using Articles to drive video traffic, we all have a lot of articles already created in our niche posted on most of the main article sites driving some traffic to our sites so in a way some of the work is already done

The idea I was sold on was a highly professional conversion Using Articles to create talking Videos, I wanted to know more and as always with the next big thing piece of software is where the trouble and the extreme disappointment started

In this case Using Articles to create Videos produced a highly ametuer result, not one that you would want to duplicate in any way and put your name on, doing a quick Google search for the company I am not that shocked to see it’s not coming up so clearly I was not the only one that thought this way

So having tried the next big thing I put that to one side and would probably have forgotten about it until I started looking at some more education based training products around a month ago, that for me was the point at which the idea of Using Articles to create Videos came back into my mind

I had taken my first faltering steps on Camtasia and realised what a simple yet excellent piece of software it was, not only in terms of initial creation but also in what you can do with it next and the penny immediately dropped that this was going to be an obvious way of Using Articles to create Videos

So How Am I Using Articles To Create Videos?

Quite simple really, it occured to me a few months back that most of the how to Videos on sites such as Clickbank were using slides either created in Powerpoint or similar, running them in Video format with Audio added that that in turn would lend itself to Using Articles to Create Videos, in fact it’s so straight forward even I can do it

Now you may be thinking that I don’t have the time to be Using Articles in this way and that’s fine, just Outsource It either to your own people, I talked about this in my post on Oct 29

Alternatively you could Outsource the individual projects to a site such as
Fiverr or Gigswood but bear in mind that a typical article is just ten to twenty frames so they don’t take long to do yourself

My personal experience of Outsourcing this exersize is that you can get around 40 slides done for around $20 Dollars and if you want the Audio done you’ll pay around another $5 Dollars per video for somebody to do the voice over for you, finished article in other words takes around 2-3 days and costs around $15 Dollars

If on the other hand you have the time to do it yourself it will take around 20-30 minutes a Video Using Articles to create them into powerpoint and then turning the powerpoint presentation into a video with you doing the audio yourself, it’s all built in your just need a microphone or more ideally a headset with a micrphone built in

Using Articles To Get Videos Online

So having got these produced how are you going to go about Using Articles as Videos how do you get them out there? well as always there are a number of ways of doing it, step one is the do it yourself method which is quite a time consuming process, so perhaps that’s not the best way to do it

Getting to automation in how you are Using Articles means really one of two results, one of which offers a free trial and lets you get your videos out to around 100 sites including many social media sites, your first 4 are free, it offers a very wide distribution base and gives you full details on what the results are and that is
Traffic Geyser

Your second choice offers you both paid and free options, the free option offers you distribution to around 16 video sites, going to the paid version gives you more options in terms of metrics and that is

So dust down your old articles and see if they are suitable for making in video, it’s a major way of driving traffic and it’s a great way of Using Articles

Plenty Of Fish

Plenty Of Fish

Should You Be Using Plenty Of Fish Traffic?

Let me ask you a question, are you using Plenty Of Fish Traffic in your traffic generation mix? because there are a number of reasons that you should

Unlike many paid traffic methods,Plenty Of Fish Traffic is still very low in terms of cost but that’s not to say that the quality reflects that, in fact far from it

Why you may be thinking would we want to use Plenty Of Fish Traffic at all? surely it’s just a dating site, good for love struck youngsters and middle aged people venturing back into the dating scene but not surely a place for Online businesses to generate serious traffic, but we would be wrong to think that, very wrong in fact

In fact the more I think about it the more I realise that all the ingredients are there to make this an ideal form of traffic,detailed customer information,age,gender,location,what type of Job or business are they involved with,their interests,let’s face it Plenty Of Fish Traffic could have been designed with us in mind

Using Demographics To Get The Best From Plenty Of Fish Traffic

The great bit of it is this,demographics and guess what, they actually have a tool to drill down and find this information,np scatter gun approach here, it’s very targeted,in a way it’s like Google adwords used to be when they were business friendly,these days Google’s adwords traffic is expensive and only gets around 8% of it’s total traffic,Plenty Of Fish Traffic by comparison is very low cost,it gives the little guy or girl a fighting chance again

But Whoa there tiger, don’t rush in just yet,first of all go and check out the Plenty Of Fish Traffic demographics tool DEMOGRAPHICS TOOL and start by doing your research on your business sector because even if you don’t get all your traffic here it’s a great resource, perhaps one of the best

Now I’m not going to tell you your market,you know that better than I do but using this demographics tool you will start to see that Plenty Of Fish Traffic is going to become an ever stronger choice, the prices will rise in line with it’s reach, make sure you don’t miss out on it while it’s still a low cost option

Okay so you’ve done your research,a word of warning here,I was talking to a friend of mine earlier in the week,he just wanted to get straight to the beach,I told him that at the moment he needed to to A,B & C and that the beach was around X in his plan,if you don’t do the research and the planning then all your good intentions to get Plenty Of Fish Traffic or any other traffic for that matter will fail

So What Of Ads Pull Best For Plenty Of Fish Traffic?

Excuse the pun but it’s important,let’s look at what ads pull best for Plenty Of Fish Traffic,well clearly your headline is going to be important,it grabs your target customers attention,a picture paints a thousand words as the song used to say and it’s so true here too,your eyes will be immediately drawn to it amongst plain text,it’s just human nature

But there is an even better way of getting your message across to Plenty of Fish Traffic and that is incorporating your whole ad into a cartoon,make it subtle and include your text into the cartoon,not a cartoonist then look on Gigswood or Fiverr and get one made up for between $5 and $10 Dollars

Which brings us to is there anything out there that makes getting Plenty Of Fish Traffic easier,can we automate part or all of the process,well yes there is but I have a problem at least with the way it was presented but it seems to be the way all clickbank products are sold now CHECK OUT HERE

Putting aside the spammy Video the guys behind it are really sound if a little geeky,they make getting Plenty Of Fish Traffic really straight forward,yes you can do these things manually but why would you,your just buying yourself a job

So I’m not advocating that you go out and join a dating site this weekend but I do strongly advise you to use Plenty Of Fish Traffic

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