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Social Networking

Social Networking

Do We Make The Most Of Social Networking Sites?

What is the power of Social Networking for those of us who do business in the online world and do we begin to take full advantage of it’s power?

If we look at it in narrow terms Social Networking contains some of the most visited sites on earth,it has come from near zero in terms of traffic in 2005 but today it’s a real force in the market,perhaps given it’s growth patterns we shouldn’t be surprised that English is the second most popular language

Looking at Facebooks numbers they are mind blowing,700 billion minutes per month are spent on facebook with 50% of it’s users logging on every day,clearly Social Networking has come of age

That other giant of Social Networking Twitter grew by 1382% during 2009 and that allows for a drop off in the latter months,take a moment to take those sorts of numbers on board because their pretty mind blowing and that’s before the new twitter arrives with a whole host of new features

Twitter as those of us who use it know takes on a life of it’s own,we get followers from all over the world and get followed by the authority figures in our industry,clearly they can see the power of Social Networking and so should we

What is amazing is how much you can pack into 140 characters,one wonders if the limit will need to rise to stop people trying to use twitter as a staging post to take people elsewhere in the Social Networking heirachy but I guess with video due on stream that will be a way around that

What Do People Use Social Networking Sites For?

What are the main uses of Social Networking sites? well it seems that on twitter it’s 25% about how people feel or are doing,20% is event driven by announcements and 13% is retweets

I guess in a way that it’s strange given we are by nature social animals that we reconnect with old friends on Social Networking sites,but then where else can you type in a name and bring up a picture and contact somebody you haven’t seen for years

I was trying to get the breakdown of what people do on Facebook but was rather less successful,the raw numbers are easy but exactly what the users of this giant Social Networking site are doing is a little harder to find out

But what of all the other Social Networking sites,the number of which is mind boggling,it runs into dozens and new ones appear every day and who is to know which will be the next Twitter or Facebook for those of us in the online world the ability to network between Social Networking sites is invaluable,I talked about the power of
Linkwheels on the 8th October and their power in traffic generation and their power in generating
Backlinks on 9th August

So What’s In Social Networking For Us?

Good question,for those of us in the online business world what’s in Social Networking for us?well it’s growing at a massive rate,Facebooks growth is simply massive and there in lies the real answer,the power of numbers and in facebooks case the access that their Facebook Like Button gives us to other peoples Facebook friends

So the opportunity with Social Networking is twofold,generating traffic back to your site with Facebook and Twitter and those that use either or both you know the power of them,the power of the retweet on Twitter and the massive power of the like button on Facebook

Then there are the actual Social Networking based products of which there are many,we have seen many traffic generation products particularly for Facebook and many automation tools for Twitter to help you find new followers to unfollow those who are not following you

What would I personally recommend? well there are a number of great things, the first one being a piece of Twitter software that does all of the important stuff in terms of automating the key issuesTwitter Automation Toolgoing on from that there is Twitter Online System that also makes Twitter to whole lot easier

How about Social Networking products for Facebook? well there are a couple that I particularly like, one using the power of Facebook traffic and how to automate the process Facebook Trafficand to generate the power of 500 million fanbook pages Facebook Fanpages

Lastly but by no means least make sure your using Social Networking

Using Facebook To Generate Traffic

Using Facebook To Generate Traffic

Not Using Facebook To Generate Traffic? Well You Should

Question are you using Facebook To Generate Traffic? because if your not you should be,Why? well it’s the fastest growing source of traffic on the Internet today, we would be crazy to overlook it

Clearly there’s been a lot of hype on how to use Facebook To Generate Traffic, let’s face it you are bombarded with Clickbank products offering you instant riches if you buy their $37 Dollar product, hmm! maybe that’s not the answer well yes and no, I’ll explain why a little later

So what are the real facts on using Facebook To Generate Traffic against it’s main competitor Google, well if we believe Hitwise Facebook has now overtaken Google but I think it’s not clear that’s happening worldwide,but what it does prove is Facebook is still growing like crazy

But what about the magic question,can I use Facebook To Generate Traffic,well in two key ways,first of all paid traffic,their paid traffic is a lot cheaper than Google,it’s more affiliate friendly and done properly it’s much more targeted, to use the current buzzword it’s laser targeted against buckshot advertising

But what does that really mean? how can you say target the better off single women in the 28 to 40 age group, living in the US,well educated,who spends her spare time let’s say Mountain Biking,can you really use Facebook to generate Traffic for this customer?

We Must Use Facebook To Generate Traffic Targeted To Our Demographic

Well in a word yes,it’s called a demographic profile and using Facebook To Generate Traffic to in this case your single female,well educated, better off customer is possible and it’s incredibly focused,dare I say laser focused without sounding like a Clickbank copywriter?

Now before we get totally carried away there are rules to using Facebook To Generate Traffic and many have and will continue to fall foul of those,but that’s for another day to go into more detail on that topic, just remember you are acting with a communities permission not rushing in purely for your benefit

There is a certain irony that one of the big dating sites has also realised that their demographic profiles make for great advertising opportunities and given the even bigger cost benefits I will again doubtless come back to them in the not to distant future

How About Using Facebook To Generate Traffic That’s Free,Can I Do That As Well?

Okay so we can use Facebook To Generate Traffic that’s quite clear,how about Free traffic,well it’s that old question what does free really mean because if it takes a huge amount of time then frankly it’s not free it’s expensive

If you still want to go down the free route to getting Facebook To generate Traffic then there are a number of key things you must do, clearly your profile must be appealing so think about what you want it to say about you

Making full use of Fan pages,these people are highly interested in your subject,back to our highly targeted way of getting Facebook To Generate Traffic,in the end the better use you make of all the resources the more traffic you will get

Now comes the $64,000 Dollar question, is there something out there that will teach me how to use Facebook To Generate Traffic?

Well in my opinion yes there is and it comes from our Old favourite Clickbank, it has the usual hype filled video that fails to even mention that it’s using Facebook To Generate Traffic but instead bangs on about imagine finding a glitch that pours cash into your bank account Zzzzz!,but and it’s a really important but the actual Video Tutorials inside it go into great detail how it should be done

If anything the guy doing the Tutorial Videos,not Hypey Mike I might mention but a guy called Keiran who really does know what he’s talking about comes across dare I say a little nerdy but what he says is comprehensive and hype free which is refreshing

So include this in your arsenal of traffic generation and I am guessing that Google will very quickly drop from your radar,it’s better value and get’s better results,it’s just a shame about that video,go to http://tiny.cc/wnp6z and you too can start using Facebook To Generate Traffic


Facebook Hyper Traffic

Last Chance For This Facebook Traffic

Just a quick heads up to remind you guys that this closes down in under 12 hours from now,for those of you that have looked at it Facebook Traffic is going to replace Google for targetted traffic but at a sensible price

¬†they had originally planned to close at Midnight on the 14th so it’s clearly ahead of schedule but they want to service all of their customers properly so it has to be this way.

Engaging Customers with Facebook Applications

With the rapid advancement in the Internet and its increasing user presence, the medium has become a preferred means of communicating directly with customers. Among the most popular activities on the Internet is the voracious usage of social networking sites.

With its open architecture and wide range of functionalities, Facebook stands as the number one social networking site. There are many reasons for this cult followership of Facebook. The ease of use and dissemination of content, tagging of friends and related users on shared items is yet another great Facebook feature. Facebook also allows creation of secured groups and publicly

available fan pages regarding your own brands.

The Facebook applications are its most popular components. Facebook has an open platform for web developers and programmers to create different applications to run applications from within its framework.

What is new about Facebook Traffic applications?

Until the option of applications was incorporated, the Facebook features were more about conventional social media usage, such as adding friends and creating groups pertaining to common interests and affiliations.

Applications initiated by Facebook expanded the function of the site toward more interesting features, which included social gaming, where you could include friends and even unknown participants from around the world. The big leap happened when Facebook opened its programming platform to developers around the world, who could develop applications and submit it to Facebook. These applications are made live for public usage once they are certified by Facebook.

How do applications help brand marketing?

On an average, a user would spend no more than a few seconds on the homepage or any other text rich section of a website. Similarly, on Facebook, text-based sections have their own limitations when it comes to holding attention of the users on the same page. That is where rich content and applications come into play.

A game, such as Scrabulous or UNO, on Facebook can engage a user for hours. Social games like Farmville have brought about a new genre of Social Gaming, which is the latest buzzword in gaming circles.

For a brand, a Facebook application can serve as an effective tool to gather and engage captive audience for a longer stretch of time. Users hooked on a particular game or application on Facebook will stay with it until the completion of the game. Brands have smartly used the opportunity to insert their logos and branding very subtly in the game. Subtle messages like these are known to give more brand recall and attitude change compared to intrusive advertisements.

Much to the delight of a marketer, Facebook provides usage stats of subscribers, which gives insight into the profile of users that the brand attracts. This can be compared with the intended target audience of the brand, and campaign modifications can be done based on the findings. Unlike most surveys that are based on sample estimate, what you get to see here is a summary based on each and every user who has added the application.

Developing Facebook Traffic Applications for Your Brand

Unlike most other participative aspects of social media, developing applications for Facebook requires adequate programming knowledge. Facebook has its own set of guidelines for the creation and submission of applications. Developers working on the Facebook framework must be updated with the guidelines defined by the site for any application to run. Brand owners need to avail services of a developer who knows all the steps that go into the creation of successful Facebook applications to ensure that their brand makes its presence through one of the most engaging options available in online media.

Get more information here for the best Facebook training available: http://tiny.cc/btcvv

Build facebook traffic into your system,until next time

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