Online Time Management

Online Time Management

How To Make The Best Of Your Online Time Management

My post on New Years Eve get me thinking about another key issue that makes or breaks our Online success, I’m talking of course about Online Time Management, in the end we all know if we get this one wrong then the rest is frankly pointless and there are 101 distractions, so how do we get round that?

Of course there is a lot more to Online Time Management than just what you do when you sit down at your desk in the morning, how you look after yourself from the first few minutes you wake up will feed through to what happens in terms of concentration later on

When it comes to Online Time Management the fact that we are creatures of habit presents a real problem because first off we need to deal with some bad habits before we get the real concentration issues and the first of those is taking care of you, so first thing that requires proper hydration

Next in our Online Time Management checklist is exercise, it’s not for nothing that 30-40 minutes exercise that gets the pulse up makes us feel great, for some of you that’s the gym, for others it’s jogging, me personally it’s cycling, have you noticed that maybe you had to push yourself to start with but after 10 minutes you are bursting with life, your body is creating endorphins which have a highly positive effect on the body and their 100% natural

Last off in our early day Online Time Management routine is breakfast,it’s not for nothing that breakfast is called the fuel of champions, healthy that is, the fried type will send your system back to sleep, if we are going to make a real change it starts with us because we are the only thing we are really in control of

So When WE Say Online Time Management We Mean Managing Ourselves

Lets be brutally frank here, if we can’t control ourselves we cant control Online Time Management, so if the lecture on how we start our day sounds harsh well we need to be serious about what we are doing because it’s the difference between 99% of people who get to the end of the day and ask what did I do today? and the 1% who get a huge amount done

Focus on distractions next, switch off the sound on your computer, your incoming e mails, your phone and allocate a period in the day to respond to these, next realistically plan your day out based around your maximum concentration periods, no more than 2 hours and then break and do something different to clear your head

Lets dispel one of the greatest myths,that of multi tasking, forget Online Time Management for a moment the human brain is not designed for it, attempting to complete multiple tasks reduces not increases your productivity, focus, complete one task then start the next or better still Outsource the next and release your creative thought process

In fact creating total focus is what Online Time Management is really all about, keeping your mind in the right now, we all know that there are so many distractions when working online,staying on track is essential

What Resources Can Help My Online Time Management?

In terms of in office your clear to do list is essential,you must know exactly what you are doing, I also find a timer helps in Online Time Management, you’ll find them in the kitchen department of any hardware store or supermarket and it’s a small investment that will repay you many times over

To learn true Online Time Management you need to go back to school and I would suggest the following to stop distractions The E-Myth will stop you just being busy and will teach you how to be productive, listen to his case studies and compare them to where you are now

Jason Fladlien has taught a huge number of people effective Online Time Management, in his Video series aptly named Internet Marketing Time Management he shows you how to create great results in the minimum time, this mans track record speaks for itself and I would recommend you watch and listen to what he has to say

Lastly I am going to recommend Stephen Covey’s The 8th Habit we are as Stephen describes knowledge workers and we need to understand what is urgent from what is unimportant, the 8th habit will teach you how to do this, it’s a vital skill set that anybody selling their knowledge must have

I personally believe that this subject is a make or break point for many people, it’s that important, so as always I’d love to hear how you achieve your focus and how you create effective Online Time Management

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