Backlink Battleplan Deadline

Just had an e mail from Shane reference the Backlink Battleplan, he had mentioned that the launch price would only last for around 48 hours so he’s actually held it longer than originally planned but he has now said that the price goes up at 12.00 noon Thursday, I’ve included the middle of his e mail below

Incorporate Traffic Zombie Into Your Backlink Plan

You will see he has incorporated Traffic Zombie into it so it will still be great value but if you want the launch price be sure to get in by 12.00 noon tomorrow, see his note below

As announced, the special launch-price for Backlink Battleplan won’t last very long.

In fact, the price is going to increase on Thursday 12th at noon EST. (That’s tomorrow at noon EST, a the time of writing this mail)

I’ll be integrating Traffic Zombie to give the page visitors a chance to reduce the price slightly

For those of you seeing this for the first time I think this compares favourably with the Ryan Deiss launch a couple of weeks ago, has more F*ree and actionable stuff and you won’t get a load of hype from him

Take Time To Backlink

go to and watch the videos, there’s a whole load of F*ree stuff let alone the paid product

I’ve been seeing some good results from my latest articles on Outsourcing and have been given expert author status by Ezine articles go to and with that in mind I’m trying out some article into video software at the moment, I’ll know more about the results in the next 48 hours and I’ll report back

So make sure to Backlink,Until next time



Backlink Battleplan Is Live

As you will know by now Shane ran a competition over the weekend for his Backlink Battleplan subscribers, it was a little tounge in cheek aimed mainly at finding out what his subscribers wanted from their involvement but it had a serious point

Contributors were asked what would be the main purpose that they would use the Backlink Battleplan for, given the nature of the contest it was not surprising that the first name out of the hat was Peter Sundstrom with his numerous but outlandish claims for the product

I hope Shane will forgive me for blatantly taking the text off of his blog for the winners below

Backlink Competition Winners

For the first part of the competition, the three free passes to Backlink Battleplan go to:

- Peter Sundstrom (because he discovered the real Guru underground secret use of Backlink Battleplan and now has a hollywood smile and six-pack abs)

- Kim (because someone has to save the economy)

- Edmund (because he’s tackling a huge project, helping young creatives)
There were many more comments that were real winner-material, but I had to settle on three and so I did.

For the second part of the competition, I simply used a list of all the tweets and picked one using a random numbers generator. And the winner is: – Gary_Hopper

Sorry Shane but it saved me going over it again!

Now why you may be asking do I keep going on about this Backlink Battleplan? well it’s simple really, I’ve watched over the last few weeks a couple of two thousand dollar launches that don’t offer this kind of value

Backlink Battleplan Is Live

Just back from watching the video on the actual Backlink Battleplan product, you’ve seen all the free products which I know you will agree are fantastic but the paid product is two things

Number 1 it’s great value at under $50.00 Dollars for the early people, secondly you get a step by step plan, we all know that it’s not the how it’s the getting it done that’s the big stumbling block

I really think this system with 18 videos is a great buy and more to the point it does the job, it does what is says on the tin, it goes up shortly to just under $100.00 Dollars in 36 hours, don’t miss this, it’s refreshingly hype free

So make sure you backlink,Until next time


Backlink Battleplan is an the newest product created by Shane Melaugh. It’s all about link-building, but with a very unique twist.

As you probably know, if you want to get a site of yours ranked in the number one spot in Google for a high-traffic keyword (meaning that a lot of people search for it and you’ll get lots of free traffic by being #1), it means that you need to beat some tough competition. The way to do this is to have reasonably good on-page optimization and then build backlinks. Tons of backlinks, for really valuable keywords.

As a rule of thumb, you need more and better backlinks than your competitors have. That’s what gets your site to outrank theirs.

And if you want lots of traffic, you’ll often have to build backlinks by the thousands.

Obviously, there’s no way you can do all that by hand, which is why most SEO’ers use different kinds of link-building tools that automate and speed up the process for them. And if you want to compete with these guys, you need similar tools.

Problem is, these tools are usually very expensive. Some of them will only cost you a one-off fee of maybe $100 or so, but most of them (most of the ones that are actually effective, anyway), will cost you anything between $70 and $170 each and every month!

Here’s where ]Backlink Battleplan comes in: What sets this system apart is that it teaches you how to build lots of backlinks, using automation tools, systems and “hacks”. And all of this automation costs you absolutely nothing.

That’s right: The system is about creating automatic backlinks without having to spend a penny on fancy tools.

This could be a game changer. But does it really work?
Well, that remains to be seen. The product is not released yet, but you can already get a taste of what will be inside by checking out this site

Give it a look, there are already some pretty amazing methods shared on there, for free.

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