Blog Automation

Blog Automation

Can You Make Money With Automation?

For those of you who run an Online business it can’t have escaped your attention that the further you get into doing things the greater the workload gets, against this background Automation becomes essential but how do you put it into action?

Well over the last few weeks I have reported on a number of pieces of software to help you achieve that, it stands to reason that the more automation you use in your business the more time you have to concentrate on things that either earn you more money or work on creating more relationships, both of which you need to do

But what do you need to automate? well in a word as much as possible, on friday I talked about automation in your blog that is creating affiliate commissions, now this must take away from your main blog but it has a place as an automatic income generator,in case you miss out on that then go to

This software can create 100 blogs in hours, it works with WordPress and Blogger, it integrates with Amazon, eBay, Google Adsense, and ClickBank, Writes and auto updates unique content for your blogs,Manages unlimited blogs from one easy interface,You DO NOT need a webhost,You DO NOT need a domain name,You DO NOT need any technical experience, in fact all you need to do is let this Build your own profitable blogs in minutes!

On your main blog you need to get the message out about what you are doing, so you capture e mails with your autoresponder account and that deals with sending messages to your prospects and the downloads of reports, software etc, do you start to see how much more work you would have without automation

But you also want to reach more people so you have automation for your rss submissions and automation for your directory submissions can you seriously imagine submitting these one at a time? well without automation that is exactly what you would be doing

“You Can’t Use Automation For Everything”

Of course not everything can be automated and this is where outsourcing comes into play, I for one am far from convinced that linkbuilding can be automated without damaging yourself in Googles eyes, this needs to be natural and we all know how time consuming this is

There are a lot of sites out there claiming to build 1000′s of backlinks in no time, my take on this is don’t do it, Outsource the exersize if you want fast but natural results and pick off 5 to 10 a day yourself, to find blogs in your subject you can use software like cherry picker it will find blogs, tell you their pagerank and allow you to post, make your post relevant, remember how insulting it feels when somebody posts an advert full of links on your blog that bears no relationship you what you do, it’s no better than spam, don’t do it

So Make Automation Part Of Your Routine

So hopefully you can see the value of Automation, it saves time and in the end time is money, remember in the end nothing is free, the right software pays for itself very quickly, doing it all yourself just gets you more and more frustrated as you get ever further behind

So until next time make sure you build automation into your routine

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