Automatic Traffic

Auto Traffic Avalanche

Auto Traffic Avalanche

Is Automatic Traffic just hype?

Like me you’ll receive a lot of e mails telling you that you can get Automatic Traffic,it’s got to be hype I always thought, usually based on the source and the websites that sold this kind of product and in 99.9% 0f cases I was dead right to think that

But life is of course not that simple and we have to suspend our disbelief as that movie classic Basic Instinct taught us, or was it just me and that car chase down the Monterey Peninsular and the chemistry between the two main characters, but I’m getting off the point here

Automatic Traffic Is The Holy Grail

Automatic Traffic is of course some sort of holy grail but the usual stuff of putting stuff on download sites or just watch these 74 hours of mind numbing videos of somebody repeating themselves over and over again but never getting to the point just didn’t do it for me, never will

However a couple of things have come along in the last week to ten days that have started to changed my mind,now nothing does this whilst you sleep or sit on the beach, unless you have your laptop with you of course but neither does it require you get close to Rocket Scientist intelligence levels to even understand and even then if you remember the line from the Bowie song about not being able to tell the B*lls*it from the lies still generally applied

Automatic Traffic Frees Up Your Time

No when I say Automatic Traffic I really mean something that would cut down your time from hours to minutes and we all need Traffic but we don’t need the vastly time consuming process that goes with it, go to I think you’ll really like it

Staying in the Automatic Traffic area I have had a number of great bits of information from these people on Backlinking, I’m not sure what their motive is as they haven’t tried to sell me anything other than an incredibly cheap way of implimenting it but they have given me some great stuff ,just remember that one high quality well respected Backlink is worth dozens of low grade links, they are not all created equal, go to

Well that’s about it from me for today, what started out as a Gloomy Monday morning with the rain pouring down has brightened up into a really nice looking day, so no Monday morning blues here

Until next time

PS did you read the bit about Bill’s listbuilding system that I put in under reviews the back end of last week? if not I would suggest that you go and take a look

So be sure to build Automatic Traffic into your systems

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