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Using Facebook To Generate Traffic

Using Facebook To Generate Traffic

Not Using Facebook To Generate Traffic? Well You Should

Question are you using Facebook To Generate Traffic? because if your not you should be,Why? well it’s the fastest growing source of traffic on the Internet today, we would be crazy to overlook it

Clearly there’s been a lot of hype on how to use Facebook To Generate Traffic, let’s face it you are bombarded with Clickbank products offering you instant riches if you buy their $37 Dollar product, hmm! maybe that’s not the answer well yes and no, I’ll explain why a little later

So what are the real facts on using Facebook To Generate Traffic against it’s main competitor Google, well if we believe Hitwise Facebook has now overtaken Google but I think it’s not clear that’s happening worldwide,but what it does prove is Facebook is still growing like crazy

But what about the magic question,can I use Facebook To Generate Traffic,well in two key ways,first of all paid traffic,their paid traffic is a lot cheaper than Google,it’s more affiliate friendly and done properly it’s much more targeted, to use the current buzzword it’s laser targeted against buckshot advertising

But what does that really mean? how can you say target the better off single women in the 28 to 40 age group, living in the US,well educated,who spends her spare time let’s say Mountain Biking,can you really use Facebook to generate Traffic for this customer?

We Must Use Facebook To Generate Traffic Targeted To Our Demographic

Well in a word yes,it’s called a demographic profile and using Facebook To Generate Traffic to in this case your single female,well educated, better off customer is possible and it’s incredibly focused,dare I say laser focused without sounding like a Clickbank copywriter?

Now before we get totally carried away there are rules to using Facebook To Generate Traffic and many have and will continue to fall foul of those,but that’s for another day to go into more detail on that topic, just remember you are acting with a communities permission not rushing in purely for your benefit

There is a certain irony that one of the big dating sites has also realised that their demographic profiles make for great advertising opportunities and given the even bigger cost benefits I will again doubtless come back to them in the not to distant future

How About Using Facebook To Generate Traffic That’s Free,Can I Do That As Well?

Okay so we can use Facebook To Generate Traffic that’s quite clear,how about Free traffic,well it’s that old question what does free really mean because if it takes a huge amount of time then frankly it’s not free it’s expensive

If you still want to go down the free route to getting Facebook To generate Traffic then there are a number of key things you must do, clearly your profile must be appealing so think about what you want it to say about you

Making full use of Fan pages,these people are highly interested in your subject,back to our highly targeted way of getting Facebook To Generate Traffic,in the end the better use you make of all the resources the more traffic you will get

Now comes the $64,000 Dollar question, is there something out there that will teach me how to use Facebook To Generate Traffic?

Well in my opinion yes there is and it comes from our Old favourite Clickbank, it has the usual hype filled video that fails to even mention that it’s using Facebook To Generate Traffic but instead bangs on about imagine finding a glitch that pours cash into your bank account Zzzzz!,but and it’s a really important but the actual Video Tutorials inside it go into great detail how it should be done

If anything the guy doing the Tutorial Videos,not Hypey Mike I might mention but a guy called Keiran who really does know what he’s talking about comes across dare I say a little nerdy but what he says is comprehensive and hype free which is refreshing

So include this in your arsenal of traffic generation and I am guessing that Google will very quickly drop from your radar,it’s better value and get’s better results,it’s just a shame about that video,go to and you too can start using Facebook To Generate Traffic

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