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Hi there

The first steps of my Blog, just trying to get to grips with the how to in terms of set up, clearly I’m going to have to ask for some support from you guys on getting it to look how I want it to, it’s frustrating to have a clear picture without all the tools to achieve it at your disposal

I was watching a video that Charles Kirkland sent me and doubtless a lot of you last night, it reinforces something that Alex has been teaching us but that you really have to make part of your thinking instinctively

What Charles was talking about was the fact that 90% of people are technicians and in our business the technicians lose money even though they work incredibly hard and worst still the harder they work they still wont make any money until their thinking changes

The next 7% of people start to get it, they still tend to work to hard on technical stuff but they do enough to earn quite a good living and that many of those can earn a 6 figure income, so comfortable but on the fringes of really big incomes

He then goes on to talk about what makes the massive difference with the remaining 3% ,the Gurus and he makes a crucial point that we the Alex Jefferies students really must take on board, the most successful people outsource all of their technical stuff

They really have just a few keys thoughts going on, how can I get more traffic to my sites, how can I get a higher spend per visitor and how can I get them to do it more often

So what do I learn from my rambling, really that we all have this inner technician that wants to know how to do everything when really it’s about getting it done, it reinforces what comes across when Alex talks to us, he doesn’t know how to do all the technical stuff but he has a very good guy or girl who does

Michael Gerber talked about working on our businesses not in them and unless we learn that lesson and really embrace it we will not rise into that top 3%, the prize is clear, the solution is in our hands


Hi there

27th May 2010

Just can’t believe it’s only been 14 days since I last updated this, seems like so much has happened in that time and as each day goes by the levels of knowledge grow

Have had a few growing pains, mainly with the Outsource people I was previously using which meant I had to do more technical stuff than I had previously hoped but it made me all the more determined and will stand me in good stead when I work with future generations of Outsource workers

I had thought my instructions were quite clear but I got back requests to clarify my position 2 or 3 times, as I had produced clear detailed written instructions to start off with I found this a rather needless process

I also felt that what should have taken under a week took nearly a month, but if I am delivered a train wreck in the future I will know exactly what it looks like

So no real prizes for guessing that in addition to my regular planned work I have been busy researching Outsourcing from a number of established experts, I have now established that it is the key difference between the really successful and the merely so so in the Online World

I also figured that as it had been a real roadblock for me it was going to be exactly the same issue for others, only certain people would go on for months or years before they realised the issue

So to that end I have produced a report called the outsource myth I regard this as a work in progress as having completed the first draft and having put it online I now want to update it with my later findings

However my Mentor Alex Jefferies is always reminding us to get it done, so I will deal with the more pressing stuff in hand and will update it shortly, I will mail all of the people on the list for it with anything that compliments the information, I have already added a fr*ee report and MP3 from Mike Filsaine and Carlos Garcia

Last Saturday 22nd June I dropped by the Smart Marketing Warriors Meet up in the City of London at the Cross Keys, the meeting is run by Bruce Bird with Laurie and Sian Murphy as Assistant Organisers

They offer a good days get together aimed at Online Marketers, it’s well structured, covers a lot of relevant subjects and the group is really friendly, I only knew Bruce and Laurie in advance but came away feeling I’d met a really good crowd of people and doubtless would do some JV stuff at some point in the future

They meet up monthly on a Saturday, the next one being Saturday 19th June, it doesn’t clash with any Formula One races so doubtless I will be there again, if your around and you wanted to attend then drop by and register to let Bruce know you want to go

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