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traffic dashboard

traffic dashboard

Get 3000 Targeted Visitors in 30 Days

The 8th Habit

The 8th Habit

Stephen Covey The 8th Habit text

In the more than fifteen years since its publication, the classic The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has become an international phenomenon with over fifteen million copies sold.

Tens of millions of people in business, government, schools, and families, and, most important, as individuals have dramatically improved their lives and organizations by applying the principles of Stephen R. Covey’s classic book.

The world, though, is a vastly changed place. The challenges and complexity we all face in our relationships, families, professional lives, and communities are of an entirely new order of magnitude.

Stephen Covey Describes The New Knowledge Workers

Being effective as individuals and organizations is no longer merely an option — survival in today’s world requires it. But in order to thrive, innovate, excel, and lead in what Covey calls the new Knowledge Worker Age, we must build on and move beyond effectiveness.

The call of this new era in human history is for greatness; it’s for fulfillment, passionate execution, and significant contribution.

Accessing the higher levels of human genius and motivation in today’s new reality requires a sea change in thinking: a new mind-set, a new skill-set, a new tool-set — in short, a whole new habit.

The crucial challenge of our world today is this: to find our voice and inspire others to find theirs. It is what Covey calls the 8th Habit.

Stephen Covey Explains No Sense Of Voice

So many people feel frustrated, discouraged, unappreciated, and undervalued — with little or no sense of voice or unique contribution. The 8th Habit is the answer to the soul’s yearning for greatness, the organization’s imperative for significance and superior results, and humanity’s search for its “voice.”

Profound, compelling, and stunningly timely, this groundbreaking new audio of next-level thinking gives a clear way to finally tap the limitless value-creation promise of the Knowledge Worker Age.

Covey’s new Audio will transform the way we think about ourselves and our purpose in life, about our organizations, and about humankind. Just as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People helped us focus on effectiveness, The 8th Habit shows us the way to greatness.

The 8th Habit

The E-Myth Enterprise

The E-Myth Enterprise

Michael Gerber The E Myth Enterprise

Michael Gerber, the world’s top business guru and best-selling author, shows would-be entrepreneurs how to get started, operationalize their winning idea, and design a business that will thrive. Got a great idea to start a business? So now what?

The E-Myth Enterprise explores the requirements that any new business must meet

The E-Myth Enterprise explores the requirements that any new business must meet: the satisfaction of its four primary influencers – its employees, customers, suppliers, and investors – through four fundamental categories – visual, emotional, functional, and financial. Together these form the twin strategies every entrepreneur must use to design a business.

The Latest Audio In The Gerber Franchise

The latest audio in the Gerber franchise, The E-Myth Enterprise, fits neatly into a training program all entrepreneurs can use to fulfill their dreams.

The E-Myth



who.Unfollowed.Me Twitter Software

What Is who.Unfollowed.Me?

Who.Unfollowed.Me is a web based twitter app built by @cjgraphix, that helps you track your unfollowers, in real time, without waiting for a DM, or email. If you use this site, you should consider following @whounfollowedme on twitter.

How Do I Use Who.Unfollowed.Me?

We’ve done our best to make this SIMPLE. All you have to do is ‘sign in with twitter’ then click ‘check unfollowers’.

Beyond that we understand you might have some questions. Here is some information that should help you out.

I clicked ‘check unfollowers’ and…
nothing happened. uses AJAX (Javascript + XML) to check for unfollowers, and do almost anything once you are signed in. Please make sure you haven’t disabled Javascript in your browser.

There should also be a loading icon that will appear to the right of the navigation. If that comes up the system is working, but might just be running slow. We are tied to the twitter API, so if they are running slow then we will be running slow as well.

it said something about a benchmark.

This means it was your first time using the service and we have taken a snapshot of your followers. You can now start tracking your unfollowers. Come back the next time you think you lost a follower and we’ll let you know who it was.

it’s said ooops.

This happens for a few reasons. Most often it means there is a problem with twitter sending us the details of your unfollowers, or we’ve hit our API limit for the hour. You should check again at the beginning of the next hour. The other reason revolves around protected twitter accounts, but we are working on a fix so that won’t be an issue

I know I lost a follow and…
you never sent a DM.

Yes, that’s because we don’t send DM’s. Direct Messages on Twitter have a very low hourly limit and there is no way we could ever send everyone their unfollowers if we were using a DM notification system. As other unfollower tracking apps have learned DM notifications are not the best way to do things.

it said I didn’t lose any.

Sometimes unfollowers slip past. If someone follows and then unfollows between you checking unfollowers we won’t know that they were ever following you. If you’ve followed this person back, you can use the ‘who’s not following me back’ button to see who they are.

You may also be seeing a known issue on twitter, in that your follower count jumps from page to page. Twitter is aware of this issue, but it’s not a huge priority to them.

it showed me a number.

This means the user has been completely removed from Twitter, that user ID no longer exists so twitter gives us no information on the person. We all know there is a lot of spammers on twitter!

Why Should You Use Who.Unfollowed.Me?

So why should you use Who.Unfollowed.Me? well that’s simple and that’s where I come in! I spent a week trying to find some good unfollow software, lots promise an easy seamless service but they all fall down on two counts

Number one and the worst kind, they simply don’t work, all show and no go, sadly I had too many online conversations with helpdesks asking why their product found next to no people or why their system broke down before that point, sadly so often no customer service equals no product

Number two was products trying to be too clever, performing too many functions, getting some right but others hopelessly wrong and this included some high monthly charge products.

More by accident than design I found Who.Unfollowd.Me, it’s paid version is £4.99 a year and incase your wondering I don’t get paid to promote this I just feel it’s a great product for very little money and I don’t want you to go through the same headaches I did trying to find it, my recommendation, go and try it then drop back and let me know your comments on Who.Unfollowed.Me


Sexy Bookmarks

Sexy Bookmarks

Sexy Bookmarks Share Buttons For Your Blog

For those of you who use Shareaholic for WordPress may have been wondering… No we did not find the edge of the earth and proceed to jump off. Even though it may have seemed that way with how quiet it has been around here as of late. However, we’ve been here all along. Quietly wrapping up your new birthday present.

What’s that you say? You don’t have a birthday anytime soon? Not to worry, consider it an early Christmas present. Oh no, you don’t celebrate Christmas either? How about Hanukkah? Ok, well just pick your nearest “gift giving” holiday, and that’s what we were wrapping you a gift for… Capisce?

Sexy Bookmarks What’s Next?

Next on the agenda…
I think it would be safe to say, that if I had a nickle for every time someone asked me how they can implement our WordPress plugin into a “static html” website… I’d be a fairly rich man. However, since I am not a fairly rich man, I guess that means I didn’t get a nickle each time someone asked me that question. Booooo! Ah, sorry… Drifting off-topic again. Anyway, the point is… We’ve been listening, and now we doesn’t have to be limited to the confines of WordPress.

However, this is just the first stepping stone on the path to World Domination Universal Platform Support. We figured there would be no better way to test out our evil er.. exciting new plans, than to take advantage of the enormous user-base we’ve already established in the WordPress world… So consider yourself enslaved er.. cordially invited to the beta testing of the greatest Shareaholic for WordPress yet.

What you need to know…
Although we’ve pushed this release out to the public as a stable upgrade, you DO NOT have to use the “BETA” version if you do not wish to. You’ll notice in the plugin options page that there is now a nifty little box which allows you to select which version you’d like to use: new or old. If you don’t like the new version, or, if it happens to eat your website for brunch (highly unlikely) then you can simply choose to use the “old” version instead.

Without Feedback Sexy Bookmarks Beta Is Useless

Also, it does us no good to release a BETA version for you to download and test if you don’t give us some feedback! So, we’ve added a link in the plugin options page which will lead you directly to the feedback form so that you can let us know what you think. Please tell us if you have any problems, or if the plugin kills your website and eats it for brunch. (again, extremely unlikely)

After we gather enough data from this BETA release, we will begin working on a complete change over to use this method/version from now on. (provided nobody’s website got eaten for brunch) At which time, we will then begin to work on taking what we’ve learned from this and applying it to a real-world universal version of Shareaholic for WordPress which would be able to be used on ANY website on ANY server!

Reprinted from the original post on August 11th to download the plugin and to find out more about these guys go to

Hi there

I wanted to talk about affiliate links today, they have a number of issues both in terms of customer credibility and in terms of just how ugly they look and the fact that it highlights that A you are making a percentage on the sale and B you are trying to sell something

What I think they don’t understand is the hard work that you have gone through to drive the traffic, research the types of products that you feel would benefit your customers and compliment the products or services that you have already supplied them, load your autoresponders, the list goes on

So what’s the answer? we all know the type of clunky looking links that look like It really doesn’t look good, it confuses people and some are so long they look like a chapter out of a book

So much better would be something more like It’s cleaner, It’s simple, people dont suspect it, from your end they now can’t hijack your hard work and best of all it wont cost you a cent, just go to tiny url paste in your long affiliate link and watch it transform in a matter of seconds

Just paste your new url into your browser to see that it still goes to the sales page that you want and your set to go then paste it into your messages

You’ll be glad you did


Is there such a thing as Free Traffic?

So you’ve built that great site, set up the squeeze page, got a great affiliate program to draw in masses of Traffic and sell while you sleep, wasn’t that the deal that the guru’s promised you?

One major problem, a week has gone by and not a single sale or sign up, so what’s going wrong?

Well the sad truth is without traffic you don’t have a business, there may be close to 1.5 billion internet users out there but unless you are visible they won’t come to your site

We also know that the traditional traffic generation methods take forever to build, just send 6 Articles a month to Article sites the Article sites tell us, great for them , you subscribe to their service for months and wait and wait zzzzzz!

You need to link to high ranking sites but again it’s a lot of work, Traffic from U Tube is very popular but is it relevant to your business, I recently saw quite a high priced product being sold based on this that set the alarm bells ringing for me

It seems that Google has a stranglehold on the keys to the traffic on the Internet and that you must play be it’s rules, but and here’s the big but, 85% of the Traffic on the Internet now doesn’t come from Google

We have all heard horror stories of people spending years building their business on line just to get banned by Google and being left high and dry, increasingly there are other sources of traffic that actually drive Laser guided Traffic to your site at low cost like Adwords used to before it got way to expensive

Facebook has become the new adwords, targetted traffic at low cost, how long for I wonder? hopefully for a while to come

So who do you trust? Is Free ever really Free? Lets face it if it takes up days at a time to make it work it’s not free because your time certainly isn’t

So what can you try to get you started quickly out of the blocks, a couple of things look good at the moment, the first is a List building product
It gives you a lot of tools to get started, a network of people to send out your sales letter to who want to see your offer, I’ve just signed up myself, give it a go, there’s an opportunity to work with a much bigger group inside as well

Update on the above, I tried this in good faith, I got bombarded with get rich quick schemes, it has a lesson for us all, never just read the Sales Letter, I have closed down my account, always make sure you read the reviews on the product, end of Lecture!

The second is one of the quickest Traffic Generation methods I’ve seen, the wisdom is that if 85% of the Traffic doesn’t come from Google surely it’s better to go where most of the Traffic is, It’s a debate that’s going to rage so these people will spit opinion like little else

But fast Traffic is fast Traffic, it’s not Black Hat, now don’t be fooled, everything has it’s learning curve and this is no different, check it out, it’s not Free but I think it’s amazing value, you’ll be glad you did


Hi Again

Just been looking at Ben Brook’s blog, he started his list in August 2009 and has some clear advice on how to get your first 1000 subscribers in 30 days, it’s not free but it’s very low cost and as we know the money’s in the list not in the maybe one day I’ll get round to building a list

There’s also a Fr*ee e book on list building aimed squarely at newbies, we were all newbies once remember and the sooner you move off the better you will feel, drop by and have a look

Remember, don’t put it off until tomorrow, because we both know tomorrow never comes

Until next time


Hi Again

Let me start with a question today

When you read a statement like, Instantly pulls in 95,327 visitors a day to pull in $184,195.00 without Google !

Inclined to be sceptical? well read on

Because it Doesn’t Use Adwords, SEO, Article Writing, Media Buys, Blogging, Classified Ads, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking, Link Building, Joint Venture Partners, eMail Drops, Adswaps Or Any Of The ‘Traditional’ Traffic Generating Techniques Everyone Is Talking About!

Are you’re ‘trying’ to make money online … grass-root, beginner, intermediate or advanced … throw away ALL those courses, manuals, CDs and seminar DVDs you’ve bought over the years and read very carefully. I can’t help you if you want the latest SEO, Adwords, Blogging, Social Networking (or any of the above) so-called killer techniques.

But what I can do for you today is … reveal a 3 STEP SYSTEM in ‘absolute’ detail, … that once you apply it, you will never go back to the traditional ways of traffic generation ever again. With this system, there are NO RULES, red tape and hardly any competition …

As once you turn your website on with THIS system … the traffic will not only be ‘super’ targeted, it will cause your hosting company to bring in more severs to support you PLUS you will pump so much ‘real’ cash into your account like you’ve never witnessed EVER before!

You’re up to your eye balls with all those false promises made to date … then just imagine the look on your face when you take a look at your website traffic stats the very next day AFTER applying Rapid Mass Traffic.

I know what you’re thinking … ,You’re thinking if this is for real now, Is it really worth your time to read this?

Well lets put it this way, Latif makes you a 60 day promise that if it doesn’t work he will give you your money back and the money we are talking about is less than a tank of Gas and you can’t get the price of your Gas back if the weather rains on your parade or your kids turn ratty on the journey to the Seaside

Looks like you can’t lose to me

We can of course do nothing but no traffic equals no money and I dont know about you but I don’t think that’s a great option

Until next time


Thought this would be of interest to the Community!

Get your e book in the Apple I Store

After weeks of anticipation — and months of speculation — the iPad is finally here.

We know many of our authors are excited by the possibilities of this new device. And we’re excited to offer you access.

Apple has selected Lulu as a certified aggregator to provide content for the iBookstore. We have been hard at work pushing hundreds of titles to the store as part of a pilot program to ensure all of our processes are ready for the volume of content that we expect. I’m sure you have many questions, so let me get right to it.

Here are five points to understand:

1. ISBNs. Apple requires ISBNs on eBooks. Lulu can assign one for free.

2. ePub. An ePub file is required for submission to the iBookstore. You can create your own, or have Lulu create one for you through our conversion service . See the next point for an important note about the ePub file.

3. Validation. Apple has a strict file validation process. All files submitted must pass ePubCheck 1.0.5. If you create your own ePub file, you must verify that it will pass. Lulu can only guarantee validation for ePub files created through our conversion service . From now through April 15, we are offering a 50 percent discount on that service. To take advantage, enter code: SVCEPUBBLOG.

4. Pricing. All eBooks planned for iBookstore distribution must have retail pricing that complies with Apple’s guidelines. We will automatically price Lulu eBooks submitted to the iBookstore to meet these guidelines. The creator revenue that you receive per sale will be 80 percent of the profit after deducting Apple’s share. On a $9.99 book, for example, you will receive $5.60 .

5. Content. Apple could decline to list an eBook in the iBookstore if it determines the book violates the company’s policies on inappropriate content. We have submitted hundreds of titles and, so far, have had only one rejected.

For a limited time, Lulu will provide free distribution to the iBookstore.

We can help you get any project into the iBookstore, even if you’ve published only a printed copy of your work on Lulu so far. The key is that you must already have a project on Lulu — or publish a project now.

The simplest way to reach the iBookstore is to have us convert your file into an ePub. As mentioned earlier, we guarantee that it will pass Apple’s validation process and we include distribution to the iBookstore as part of this service for no extra charge.

The other approach is a manual one. You’ll need to make your own ePub file and make any necessary improvements until is passes ePubCheck 1.0.5. Once you have that file on Lulu, add iBookstore distribution to your cart as if you were buying any other service. (Again, it is free for a limited time.) We’ll submit the file to Apple for the iBookstore.

In the coming weeks, we will automate more of this process and will incorporate it into our eBook publishing wizard.

We’re committed to open publishing — to helping as many creators as possible reach as many consumers as possible, no matter the platform. Publishing at Lulu means you can have your work in hardcover and paperback and as an eBook accessible on many popular devices, including the iPad.

In addition, you can create CDs, DVDs, photo books, cookbooks, calendars and many other products.
We’re excited to add iBookstore distribution to our catalog of products and services. Please let us know if you have any questions about this exciting new service.

With thanks to the Lulu blog for this content
Until next time


Hi there

Perhaps a different kind of resource today, not free and no Sales Pitch, more just talking through an experience I had and how I solved the problem

It starts with my now somewhat ancient Laptop, one of the early 17 inch screen ones that has every tool on it that you can imagine to make my business easier, they are so cheap now by comparison to when I first got it but the hassle factor of putting all the programs back onto a new one just seems to much to go through when there is so much else to do

Recently however it has started shutting itself down while watching Videos which was really infuriating, so I did the obvious stuff, updated my virus software and found a couple of nasty things lurking on my hard drive, part of which wiped out my early version of Xsitepro, luckily I have the later version as well now and it makes the point about the importance of backing your work up

But this issue carried on, it also happened when using I Tunes, no great surprise given the way it tries to hijack your computer I guess, so I got to thinking that was there a better way to cool it down given that a hot day in the UK rarely goes much over 30 degrees, comfortably warn but not that hot

So I did some research on Laptop Coolers and reading a few blog posts they got great reviews so had a look on the Maplin, PC World and Staples Websites, all worldwide companies and all within 5 minutes of one another in Milton Keynes some 10 minutes from where I live

I went for the Belkin unit from PC World, it works with the 17 inch unit that I have, It’s white which works with my Laptop and the first night I got it it had a full workout with a download from I Tunes which took around an hour, god knows why it takes so long with their stuff but it does

The following day I was watching Videos again, so for around $30 Dollars I have given it a new lease of life, it will of course go bang eventually but until then it’s still going and I don’t have the hassle of spending a day transferring and downloading or more likely paying my computer guy to do it for me and I’ve got an old friemnd back in rude health

Until next time


Michael Cheney Talks Traffic – Interview With A Traffic Expert

Michael Cheney, one of the most-respected names in Internet marketing, has been online since 1995 and is the man behind the 6-Figure launches of AdSense Videos and 11 Days To List Profits. He has unveiled a new videos product – “Michael’s Traffic Videos” which covers everything to do with traffic and comes with 100,000 instant ad credits and a tailored Fast-Track To Traffic Action Plan.

I managed to grab some time with him recently and quiz him on his favorite topic – traffic.

You’ll get a lot out of this interview including a killer 40-page E-book on traffic that Michael has written to help you avoid the Top 20 Traffic Disasters!

So let’s get started.

Q. Firstly Michael, thank you for joining us today in your busy schedule.

A. Hey no problem. Good to be here.

Q. We all know that traffic is important but could you just explain a bit about traffic for the beginners out there?

A. Sure. Traffic is the lifeblood of any business online. Without it you just die. We all know that. But what a lot of us don’t realize is that just like everything else on the Internet traffic changes very quickly. That is, the methods of getting traffic are changing all the time and that’s where people get caught out.

Q. What do you mean by “caught out”?

A. Well people fall into the trap of thinking that just because they know one or two traffic generation methods that they are some sort of traffic master. In reality just because you know how to start a pay per click campaign or a little bit about search engines doesn’t make you anywhere near a traffic expert. I’m trying to spread the word that there is a massive array of traffic tactics that most people aren’t even aware of, let alone using or mastering.

Q. Can you give us some examples?

A. Sure. Offline for example. You might immediately think that getting traffic is a purely online activity but the truth of the matter is that there are lots of things you can be doing offline to get people into your website. And it’s usually these sorts of areas that are being under-utilized and therefore there is less competition for that traffic as well.

Q. So by offline you mean advertising offline?

A. Not necessarily. That is one method, yes, but I’m thinking of more creative ways to get people into your website. It all comes down to the fact that having asked people on my list it came as no surprise that most people want to know about free rather than paid traffic sources. I’ve had to become an expert in free ways of getting traffic in my time online.

Q. What do you mean – I thought you were running a successful online business with lots of cash flow?

A. I am. But it’s not always been this way. When I first started out in 1995 I had nothing. No money to play with. Just my own initiative and imagination.

Q. So are you saying you’re against paying for traffic online?

A. No. No I’m not saying that at all. What I’m saying is that, especially when you first start out, you always want to focus on the free methods. You get the traffic in for free, make some sales and then you can reinvest some of that money into paid methods of getting traffic. This speeds up the process.

Q. So what particular offline methods are you referring to – can you give us some examples?

A. There’s one tactic I used that costs nothing to implement, is relatively quick and ended up getting me thousands and thousands of targeted visitors into my websites. When I’ve shared this tactic with other marketers at seminars they’ve started laughing and slapping their foreheads when they saw how easy it was. They were also embarrassed that they had failed to use this tactic. It was quite amusing.

Q. So are you going to tell us what this method is?

A. No! (laughs) It’s in my course! I truly believe in rewarding those people that are most eager to learn so instead of giving away all my traffic tactics in interviews like this I’ve put some of them in an E-Book I’ve written. It is free though if people want to get it.

Q. So how can people get hold of it?

A. It’s called “How To Avoid The Top 20 Traffic Disasters” and you can get it by going to Michael’s Traffic Videos – you’ll see it mentioned on that page.

Q. What’s in it?

A. Well I really wanted to raise the bar on a free E-Book so I spent a lot of time creating it. It’s 40 pages long and stuffed with juicy content on what NOT to do when it comes to traffic. As far as I’m concerned too many people out there tell you what you should do but not what you shouldn’t do. That’s where this E-Book comes in.

Q. Okay. I think we’re about done is there anything else you want to tell everyone?

A. Just that if they are serious about getting more traffic into their website they need to goto Michael’s Traffic Videos and get that free E-Book.

Q. Cool. Well thanks for your time Michael and speak to you soon.

A. My pleasure. Speak soon.


Will your potential customers forget about you?

By Tom Kulzer (AWeber CEO)

Your web business probably gets product inquiries from potential customers around the globe. Inquiries come via e-mail and your web site, and you try to send information to each hot prospect as quickly as you can. You know that you can drastically increase the likelihood of making a sale by satisfying each person’s need for information quickly!

But, after you’ve delivered that first bit of information to your prospect, do you send him any further information?
If you are like most Internet marketers, you don’t.

When you don’t follow that initial message with additional information later on, you let a valuable prospect slip from your grasp! This is a potential customer who may have been very interested in your products, but who lost your contact information, or was too busy to make a purchase when your first message reached him.

Often, a prospect will purposely put off making a purchase, to see if you find him important enough to follow up with later. When he doesn’t receive a follow up message from you, he will take his business elsewhere.

Are you losing profits due to inconsistent and ineffective follow up?

Following up with leads is more than just a process – it’s an art. In order to be effective, you need to design a follow up system, and stick to it, EVERY DAY! If you don’t follow up with your prospects consistently, INDIVIDUALLY, and in a timely fashion, then you might as well forget the whole follow up process.

Consistent follow up gets results!

When I first started marketing and following up with prospects, I used a follow up method that I now call the “List Technique.” I had a large database containing the names and e-mail addresses of people who had specifically requested information about my products and services. These prospects had already received my first letter by the time they requested more information, so I used the company’s latest news as a follow up piece.

I would write follow up newsletters every now and then, and send them, in one mass mailing, to everyone who had previously requested information from me. While this probably did help me win a few additional orders, it wasn’t a very good follow up method. Why isn’t the “List Technique” very effective?

• The List Technique isn’t consistent. Proponents of the List Technique tend to only send out follow up messages when their companies have “big news”.

• List Technique messages don’t give the potential customer any additional information about the product or service in question. He can’t make a more informed buying decision after receiving a newsletter! If someone is wondering whether your company sells the best knick-knacks, what does he care that you’ve just moved your headquarters?

• List Technique messages convey a “big list” mentality to your potential customers. When I used to write follow up messages using the List Technique, I was writing news bulletins to everyone I knew! I should have been sending a personal message to each individual who wanted to know more about my products.

What follow up method really works?

Following up with each lead individually, multiple times, but at set intervals, and with pre-written messages, will dramatically increase sales! Others who use this same technique confirm that they have all at least doubled the sales of various products! In order to set this system up, though, you need to do some planning.

First, you’ll need to develop your follow up messages. If you’ve been marketing on the Internet for any length of time, then you should already have a first informative letter. Your second letter marks the beginning of the follow up process, and should go into more detail than the first letter. Fill this letter with details that you didn’t have the space to add to the first letter. Stress the BENEFITS of your products or services!

Your next 2-3 follow up messages should be rather short. Include lists of the benefits and potential uses of your products and services. Write each letter so that your prospects can skim the contents, and still see the full force of your message.

The next couple of follow up messages should create a sense of urgency in your prospect’s mind. Make a special offer, giving him a reason to order NOW instead of waiting any longer. After reading these follow up messages, your prospect should want to order immediately!

Phrase each of your final 1 or 2 follow up messages in the form of a question. Ask your prospect why he hasn’t yet placed an order? Try to get him to actually respond. Ask if the price is to high, the product isn’t the right color or doesn’t have the right features, or if he is looking for something else entirely. (By this time, it’s unlikely that this person will order from you. However, his feedback can help you modify your follow up letters or products, so that other prospects will order from you.)

The timing of your follow up letters is just as important as their content. You don’t want one prospect to receive a follow up the day after he gets your initial informative letter, while another prospect waits weeks for a follow up!

Always send an initial, informative letter as soon as it is requested, and send the first follow up 24 hours afterwards. You want your hot prospects to have information quickly, so that they can make informed buying decisions!

Send the next 2-3 follow up messages between 1 and 3 days apart. Your prospect is still hot, and is probably still shopping around! Tell him about the benefits of your products and services, as opposed to your competitors’. You will make the sale!

Send the final follow up messages later on. You certainly don’t want to annoy your prospect! Make sure that these last letters are at least 4 days apart.

Following up effectively seems complicated, but it doesn’t have to be! So many potential customers are lost because of poor follow up – don’t you want to be one of the few to get it right?


Replace Yourself starting today!

Hi there

On Monday night I had the pleasure to listen to a guy called John Jonas, for those of you that have been following me you will be well aware that I am becoming a big advocate of Outsourcing

Built out of my frustrations initially in not being able to get projects completed and latter on in working with people who told me that they were expert Outsourcers who failed to deliver on time, I knew there had to be a better way

I went down a lot of blind alleys dealing with people who didn’t deliver so what I am about to talk about is not some theory, it is the sum knowledge of what does and doesn’t work, hopefully it also helps you not to make the same mistakes that I did and gets you going much faster

The why of this is really simple and it’s the single most important lesson that you must take on board if you want to succeed in your Online business

When you read the stories about how people work two hours a day, get up when they want, go to the beach, yada, yada, yada this is the real way that it’s possible, now don’t get me wrong, there’s a huge amount of hype out there which you mustn’t fall for but I hope you understand where I’m coming from here

So how does this relate to my listening to John Jonas and why should you consider doing the same? well it relates exactly to what I have been talking about

John will tell you his story on this and it relates to the birth of his third child and the dire warning his wife was given in the build up to it when his wife was given a relax or you and the baby will both die, it’s the sort of life changing warning that you don’t ignore

It did however make John look at his business in a very different way and out of that experience was borne the 4 hour work week, now he found that he needed more than that and he said that now works 17 hours a week, he does however still play Golf 5 days a week

So why does this matter? well John has learned this from the ground up, he has not only put together the how to in terms of Outsourcing but he has also put together a full training program on how you train and develop your Outsource team

He talks through in much greater detail the Cultural issues you must understand in the Philippines, it certainly opened my eyes, it includes some legal issues, some critical expectations and lastly what the likely salaries should be

When you opt in on the front page he gives away a 80 minute MP3 recording of his ideas on Outsourcing, now I don’t know about you but I learn much faster if I am listening or watching a training, be assured this is not some Webinar style pitch, it is great information that you must listen to

So what separates out John’s training from the others out there, well I think it’s simple and it’s this, a lot of reports mine included tell you where to find the people, but that’s not really the point

You see that you need to train your people to do exactly what you want and need from them and John goes into that, he then sets out the training materials to give your Outsourcers

So you’re not replacing yourself in the day to day operating of your business only to become a full time trainer in return, don’t do it, remember your job is to truly become the CEO of your company

Rich Schefren taught me the idea of turning your business green and let me explain what he means by that, he refers to the fact that most people do everything, he says that your job is to Outsource everything but the knowledge parts of your business, everything goes green when you are fully released from all unneeded tasks

I would add a couple of caveat’s at the end of this post and they relate firstly to the fact that John wants to ensure that there is no over recruiting of people and for that reason his program will at times have a waiting list for it’s service

Secondly I have had some issues logging into the secure areas of the site, they recommend the use of a firefox browser and lower security settings, so good luck on both counts, rest assured it will be worth it

Until next time


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