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Backlinking Equals Traffic

Backlinking Equals Traffic

Does Backlinking Equals Traffic Really Equal Profit?

I talked on Friday about being search Engine friendly and I wanted to talk today about a supposedly simple equation that says Backlinking Equals Traffic which in turn equals profit to see if it’s really true

What is undoubtedly true is the fact that Backlinking Equals Traffic, the traffic that it brings in is targeted therefore highly interested in your topic but as always the trick is in converting that traffic into profits

So if Backlinking Equals Traffic then I guess the simple answer to the question everybody is asking is why do I get such a small return on my time, many blogs produce high quality content but very few make any real money from it and yet most websites would kill for the amount of targeted traffic that they get

So what’s going on, why does the fact that Backlinking Equals Traffic not lead to profit as we were lead to believe? much of it in the end must be down to what we do or don’t ask people to do when they arrive on our blog,our call to action is unclear and many peope are frightened to ask visitors to buy but why would that be?

You’ve built up your audience, put together some great information, invested a lot of time and by extension money into what you so surely you have a right to turn that equation Backlinking Equals Traffic equals profit into being

So Here’s How Backlinking Equals Traffic Does Really Equal Profits

In the end we all have a decision to make, is this a hobby or a business? Backlinking Equals Traffic, that part is straightforward but surely the next part asking your customer or visitor to spend money is a simple extension of what you do, we all know that not everything can be for nothing

So while certain of your visitors will expect that you keep giving everything away that simply can’t carry on, you have bills to pay and let’s face it you need to reinvest in your business to keep making it better, you don’t want to appeal to everybody after all, you want to appeal to the section of your market that want’s to grow with you

By making sure Backlinking Equals Traffic we now need to be equally sure that our audience understands the need to take continued action, the mark of an audience that just seeks free information is in the end an audience that keeps looking for the next push button idea and sadly it’s the biggest lie on the Internet today and incidently the reason why 97% of people will not succeed

But surely I will offend my audience if they just think that I want money won’t they, in a word no, there is that small section who might drop off but they would anyway, remember that you are investing in your business to provide your customers with a service and you with a living, Backlinking Equals Traffic but it also must deal with reality and your audience certainly won’t thank you if you stop posting because you have run out of money

So What’s Your Backlinking Equals Traffic Equals Profit Action Plan?

Ah yes the show me the money moment, how does Backlinking Equals Traffic really work in practice? well as with most things you need an actionable plan and you need to break it down into daily, weekly and monthly activities, next you need to reduce the gulf between the time you have and the action you need to take, we need to Outsource some or all of this function and when you think about it, it lends itself well to this

We need to automate as much of the rest of the Backlinking Equals Traffic process, services such as
Onlywire will generate high quality backlinks on autopilot, yes it takes a bit of time to set up but remember that push button is the biggest lie on the Internet today

Use the free technology at your disposal today, the Firefox Browser with the Alexa plugin tells you about the sorts of sites you are visiting, search out the authority figures in your market and comment on them, don’t spam them but add value to their discussion, this will really ensure that Backlinking Equals Traffic for you, and don’t forget to out task this when you can

Ping your Blog after each new post and don’t forget that you can get plugins to do this for you, you will in time get pingbacks and trackbacks and yes you will get spammers as well but as long as you have Akismet in your plugins you can just remove these fairly simply

What about these services you see that generate 3000 backlinks for $9 Dollars, that really would be Backlinking Equals Traffic but make sure you find our where these backlinks are coming from, are they relevant to your niche or are they as I am getting at the moment 15 or 20 of the same advertising style comments that you treat as spam, particularly when they just keep arriving even after you write to the person concerned to ask them to stop

I think the best Backlinking Equals Traffic program that I have seen, one with the biggest range of high quality free tools and run by a man I think has the highest of integrity in Online Marketing today is this
Backlinking System his tutorials are really good, if you follow this you will rank highly and get lots of free traffic that converts

So clearly a topic we could talk on all day and one I would love to hear what you think on and what ways you have found to generate high quality backlinks to your sites, so all it really leaves for today is to say that Backlinking equals Traffic

Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine Friendly

Are Your Posts Really Search Engine Friendly?

Can we make our posts Search Engine Friendly? I ask that question for an important reason because really all of our posts hopefully talk to two different audiences, one being your regular readers but the second being potential new readers and new prospects,those people searching in google or another of the key search engines for your choosen topic

Have you discovered more by accident than design in the past that certain of your posts are getting a fast running stream of comments even though you didn’t ask your readers to comment,chances are that post was highly Search Engine Friendly and is probably ranking in the top 4 or 5 searches on that page

It’s become fashionable in online circles recently to proclaim the death of Search Engine Friendly as being valid,with the massive growth of Social Media we might be forgiven for thinking it doesn’t matter but in truth it’s still a really important part of our mix

Most of us are not naturally geared to writing Search Engine Friendly copy so we need to give ourselves a helping hand and do a little research before we start writing because we need to keep our content relevant to both our reader and to the search engine and clearly to still write in a way that is readable and interesting

Now that said if you have a few tools at your disposal it will help, software to keep you on track as to what a Search Engine Friendly post looks like and I will go into some of those a little later

Now for those of you that have written yourselves off of the page and have passed the task of writing Search Engine Friendly posts to a member of your team or to a trusted outsource partner then congratulations, it takes a task off of your shoulders, for the rest of us it’s part of the learning curve

The acid test of Search Engine Friendly posts is really two fold, does it compel people to comment on it, to bookmark it and want to share it with others and do people want to link to it

Search Engine Friendly Posts Drive Lots of Traffic

In the end Search Engine Friendly posts drive lots of traffic and traffic put simply is the lifeblood of your blog or website and remember this is highly targeted traffic and that means the conversion rates should be much higher

Now of course we could take the view that to make our posts a lot more Search Engine Friendly that we need to Outsource our writing to an Expert Writer somebody who has a team that can take on your writing tasks such as articles, Blog posts and the like, but will you lose your identity in doing so?

In a word no,the right Outsource partner is just that, they are a part of your team, they have your best interests at heart in the end any partnership that is not win win is not a partnership, they should add a layer of strength to what you do and in this case will make your content more Search Engine Friendly

What does a search engine look for in Search Engine Friendly content? in terms of crawling clean fast loading pages are really important, so trying to be to clever here kills your site, just think what happens to you when a page you are looking at takes forever, you click off of it and go elsewhere

The spiders are indexing your hopefully Search Engine Friendly content for future people looking for this information, lastly it’s ranking the content with it’s complicated algorithms but in laymans terms is your content relevant to the keyword the searcher used to find it?

So in essence we are spoon feeding the search engines with Search Engine Friendly content but on the other hand we are not stuffing our content full of keywords just for the sake of it, once you get over around 5% it would be seen as cramming and that gets into the territory of keyword spam and with it goodbye ranking

With all of that said it’s interesting to note that actual words on the page are only around 4th in the order of things after such factors as how trusted is a domain, the link popularity of a page and anchor text linking back from external pages so you can’t do it all yourself you still need the respect of others to really succeed

So What Can Make Your Post More Search Engine Friendly

Well as we touched on before we can bring a little technology into the mix,firstly we need good keyword research and there are some great tools out there for this googles own Keyword Tool is a great starting point to acheiving more Search Engine Friendly posts

In terms of the Best Keyword Tool to ensure that you are Search Engine Friendly then I think you will go a long way to beat this and you can try it free, watch their video on why 99% of people get this wrong and just in case your wondering this is not a pitch from me, it’s their free trial link

But how about a tool that actually tells you as you create a post if it’s Search Engine Friendly, does such an animal exist? well yes it does, it works in the background and literally tells you in real time how to improve right up to 100% I think
This Tool is priceless and if you don’t have it you are really missing out

So we can see that there are quite a few things that come into the mix and it’s not all about what’s directly visible on the page but one things for certain that you need to make your posts Search Engine Friendly

Mastermind Group

Mastermind Group

The Power Of Motivation From Your Mastermind Group

I just wanted to look at the power of motivation in keeping you in check,it’s very easy when working on your own to get down,to get off track and to start to doubt yourself,it’s okay to admit it,we all have these moments,that’s why we all need to be part of a Mastermind Group

So how does a group,your own Mastermind Group help? I thought it might help to list ten things that we can do today to get fired up

Function No1 of your Mastermind Group must be to get yourself a mentor,ideally physical but failing that online,I had the great fortune to be mentored by Alex Jeffereys he in turn was mentored by
Rich Schefren you are never to experienced to get a mentor,in every field of endeavour the best people always have one and you should to

Function No2 of your Mastermind Group is to take that first step, sometimes the task seems huge but every journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step,break it down,today,tomorrow,next week,one step at a time

Function No3 of your Mastermind Group has to be your to do list,be crystal clear in what you need to do and the result that you require,remember no clarity equals no result

Function No4 of your Mastermind Group is having got it started is to get it done,don’t spend weeks polishing it,everything evolves but the best people sell that as a benefit,think Windows 7 was my idea,brilliant instead of our customers ironed out the bugs in our system it was Windows 7 was my idea genius

Function No5 of your Mastermind Group is Outsource the technical stuff will drag you down and bring you to a halt,you know what you want now get somebody else to do it for you,it’s a simple time verses money equation

Function No6 and I think one of the most powerful reasons for being in a Mastermind Group is to find an accountability partner,that person who will both reassure you but also give you a firm push when things get difficult

Function No7 and another powerful reason to be in a Mastermind Group is for your R & D not so much research and development as Rip Off and Duplicate,don’t reinvent the wheel,somebody in your group has already done it,let them help you,just remember to return the compliment when you can

Function No8 has to be continued learning,a good Mastermind Group will meet regularly,either online or in person,continued learning with like minded people is essential,for motivation and for accountability,if your in striking distance of London you could Join Us but wherever you are it makes sense to join a like minded group

Can A Mastermind Group Be Fun As Well As Benefitial?

Now so far our Mastermind group has focused on work but you know what you need some fun as well, some reward,taken that first step,reward yourself,finished everything on this weeks to do list? take the afternoon off, remember as a kid we were told all work and no play makes [Jack/Jill] a dull [boy/girl] well it’s still true, we just forgot somewhere down the line

Lastly but by no means least in our Mastermind Group is to celebrate our success,you’ve got your product finished,you’ve got your JV partners to tell their lists about it as well,now celebrate,have some fun and get fired up to start again

But enough of my ideas,why not add your own key motivators by way of a comment,I’d love to hear what keeps you motivated

So hopefully you can start to see how powerful this can be,it motivates, it educates, it picks us up in moments of weakness,so two promises to make to yourself over the next few days,if you don’t already have one,get yourself a mentor and become part of what Napoleon Hill started after he met up with Andrew Carnegie it was the birth of something we benefit from to this day, the birth of the Mastermind group

Generating Traffic

Generating Traffic

Is There Really A Secret To Generating Traffic?

It’s the subject line of so many e mails,The Secret Of Generating Traffic,it’s the lifeblood of an Online business,no Traffic equals no customers,equals no money,it’s that simple really

But is it really difficult to Generate Traffic? well yes and no, sorry to be vague but there is a world of difference between thousands of clicks on your website domain name and dozens of clicks on your order button or names and e mails into your auto responder, for that you need targeted traffic and that’s a whole different animal

We’ve all been offered the opportunity to blast your offer to millions,ever been tempted,of course you have,but then like me you thought about the mass of spam complaints,so that’s not Generating Traffic more like it’s just generating a massive headache, just remember how you feel when all those fake watch and ridiculous claims about male enhancement products show up day in day out,not to impressed are you?

So just Generating Traffic in itself is no use whatsoever,a high Alexa ranking doesn’t pay a single bill,it might massage your ego but it might also get you into hot water,targeted traffic on the other hand want’s to know about your offer,it’s been looking for what you offer

But even Generating Traffic like this isn’t enough unless your offer is compelling, but it’s a start your chance to make a free offer and then to build trust with your new prospect,to demonstrate that you are the real deal in your market

People have become wary of websites that sound to good to be true,it’s been drummed into us from an early age, it it sounds to good to be true it probably is,your job after you have done the job of Generating Traffic is to prove otherwise

So What Are Our Options For Generating Traffic That Is Targeted?

It’s a really important question,what are our options when it comes to Generating Traffic? well if we read all the e mails that arrive in our inbox we are told that Google doesn’t work any more, but contrast that to how many times you use Google or another major search engine and that just gets blown out of the water,I use them all the time in both business and domestic decisions

You see most of the people selling you products for Generating Traffic want you to see some thing shiny and new and therefore buy their product,it doesn’t use any of these methods it says listing all tradition methods known to man,when you open it up however in 99.9% of cases it does use tradition methods, it just dresses them up differently

Now don’t get me wrong,these people need to cut through the clutter and far from all of these products for Generating Traffic are anything other than good,we know that the biggest enemy is people jumping onto the newest shiny thing without actually using what they had before and that never works and it burns money

So do things such as SEO,Keywords,Linkbuilding still work as a way of Generating Traffic in late 2010,you bet your bottom dollar they do,are they slow as we are told,well they are not instant but they last forever once done and yes they need tweaking but they are important parts of site building anyway

But surely Google is banning tens of thousands of sites a week,why go to all this trouble? yes it’s true that Google doesn’t like affiliate based sites,it’s searches are based on relevance and an opt in page isn’t giving detailed information,a lot of people have had their adwords campaigns closed but that really is a different issue

So in essence Generating Traffic from traditional organic traffic is as relevant now as it ever was, in fact as adwords now accounts for just 8% of traffic you could argue it’s more relevant today than it’s ever been

What About Generating Traffic At The Push Of A Button? Can It Really Be Done?

Ah yes the pushbutton way of Generating Traffic,all your problems solved in a few clicks then into your Ferrari and down to the beach,ever heard that story,sounds nice but does it have a basis in truth,well again yes and no,can you the new guy or girl generate $186,927.42 in a week no but you can get things moving a whole lot faster

Many of the pushbutton ways of Generating Traffic use paid methods and there’s nothing wrong with that,paid traffic is highly targeted,it’s looking for what you are offering but Caveat Emptor [Buyer Beware for those of you not familiar with Latin] it can empty your bank account faster than a cute croupier on a table in Las Vegas

Of course you need to know your conversion rates and using a little bit of paid traffic will help you establish those numbers, just don’t go mad on this way of Generating Traffic until you know your Return On Investment,once you know your ROI you can roll it out on a much bigger scale

So if Google Adwords only attracts a small percentage of traffic what other ways of Generating Traffic that is truly targeted are there,well there are quite a few actually,let’s delve in and take a look

When we read about pushbutton ways of Generating Traffic we are often using demographics and there are many great demographics tools out there,two of them are attached to very powerful ways of Generating Traffic,lets take a closer look at one of them Demographics Tool

By using these you are Generating Traffic that really is very interested in what you do and say,it’s not scatter gun it’s laser targeted and it wants to buy

Can I automate this way of Generating Traffic? well again yes you can
These Toolsgive you a way of automating the traffic,the video is spammy the people behind it really know their stuff

Have you seen anything really new that works when it comes to Generating Traffic? good question and yes I have,this guy is highly trusted,remember his Scammers Rant a couple of months ago exposing some of the scams out there?
This Idea Is Simple And Unique but as he explains it was the culmination of 9 years of business online

So there a lot of different ways we can go about this,both traditional and new and many of the traditional ways will be around for years to come so dont dismiss them when it comes to Generating Traffic

Outsourcing Your Business

Outsourcing Your Business

Want Your Precious Time Back?Then You Need To Be Outsourcing Your Business!

Has your Online business hit a wall? a point at which you have a mass of things to do and yet you can’t begin to get them done,welcome to the reality of growing your business,that first big step forward,the first pangs of doubt,it’s time to start considering Outsourcing Your Business

Now please don’t get me wrong I know that you use Outsource partners from time to time but by Outsourcing Your Business I mean taking things to a whole different level,after all you came to this way of doing things to set you free not to have it consume you in the way it’s starting to now

Maybe your first tentative steps at Outsourcing Your Business have even put you off,I know mine did,the wrong partners and the wrong approach to setting it up just add to your workload,you add the role of babysitter and problem solver to your already stretched list of things to do but believe me it doesn’t have to be like that

Having tried Outsourcing Your Business you probably recoiled and thought it’s not for me, it doesn’t work,maybe other people can do it but I’ll stick with what I know at least I know it’s going to get done but be honest will it?

Why do I say that?well for two reasons,reason number 1 I’ve tried it myself it just doesn’t work you just get further and further behind and reason number 2 and I think it’s even more important you start to feel overwhelmed,you even start to doubt yourself,be honest do you feel this way right now or have you ever felt this way,I know I have and it’s no fun is it?

But look around you and lots of people are Outsourcing Their Business,freeing their time and critically getting so much more done that you will start to wonder how you ever did things any other way

Outsourcing Your Business needs Careful Planning

Why do I say Outsourcing Your Business needs careful planning?quite simple really,as in most things failing to plan equates to planning to fail,you need to be clear of the outcomes you want,the timelines you will work to and the standards you expect

So how exactly do you go about this?well first set out exactly what you need,a specification if you will,if you are unsure how just look at the way other people do it,this may sound a little daunting but believe me it isn’t Outsourcing Your Business will become fun once you can set out a project,place the various component parts in the hands of your partners and I stress partners in the strongest of ways

Lets look at it from an outsource partners point of view,he or she gets one job from a client,it may be Outsourcing Your Business to you to them it’s theit main income,who are you going to pull out all the stops for?somebody with a vision for the future or somebody pressuring them to do it cheap and do it yesterday,I think you already know the answer

When thinking about Outsourcing Your Business explain to your prospective Outsource partners your plans over the next 3 to 6 months,explain how you see them as a partner in your success,make them feel valued,it will offer you 2 very real possibilities ,firstly that you can actually get your first jobs done at a lower cost as you build the relationship and secondly that they will priorotise your work over others in the future

Now taking this on a step further once you know that your workload has built up you will actually want to hire somebody full time,yes Outsoucing Your Business will be a full time job for one or a number of other people,now don’t get put off by this you are not taking on a full time headache far from it,let me explain why

The person or people you take on when Outsourcing your business will be paid on Invoice,they are a tax deductable business expense and you will only add to them once you know that they pay for themselves and generate an additional income,when you begin to see just how much additional income then you will start to look at them in a whole different way

The Rewards From Outsourcing Your Business Are Huge

But and it’s a big but once you’ve got the formula right the rewards for Outsourcing Your Businees are huge,don’t kid yourself all the people selling you the work one hour a day lifestyle from your laptop on the beach are doing this,businesses Internet or otherwise don’t function on an hours work but it doesn’t have to be you doing that work

You doubtless started your Online business because it offered the flexibility to work on your terms not those of others Outsourcing Your Business actually allows you to fulfil that dream and make it a reality,it can be done,it’s just that it can’t be done by you alone

Oh yes the lifestyle dream,here comes yet another lifestyle pitch for an information product?well no actually,yes you need some information but I am going to give you that,with the emphasis on the give rather than sell,for most people this is a plain frustrating subject and I dont want you to have to suffer with it any longer so go here to get your free Outsourcing Made Easy Report

Now there is one more thing that I really suggest you take a look at because I really feel it will help to realease a mass of your time,it’s our most precious resource and one we squander too readily,this man also gives away a huge amount and his information is the best out there,his client list reads like a who’s who of Internet Marketing success stories,I strongly suggest you go and Read Through This

So in the end the case is overwhelming,both from a businees standpoint and from your own person point of view,you came to this way of running your business to set yourself free and the only real way you are going to achieve that is by Outsourcing Your Business

Create A Vision

Create A Vision

Does Your Marketing Create A Vision?

Excuse me for going off message a bit this morning but does your marketing message Create A Vision of what outcome you want your prospects to acheive?

I ask this for a simple reason based on my own experience,think about when you opened your in box earlier on today,did 99% of the messages in there Create A Vision of what you wanted to acheive,I suspect the complete opposite was true

There is of course a very good reason for thinking this and it relates quite simply to two sets of people, namely you and I, I think that there are only two types of people online, group one is those who Create A Vision for us of the outcome we require,that is ethical,easy to acheive and brings the result we want in a clear and measured way

The other rather worryingly and I feel it is at the heart of what’s wrong with online business at the moment is a rather large group of people selling push button solutions and lets be honest this is not creating a vision this is just blowing smoke and sadly it’s pandering to the chasing shiny objects brigade

Why Create A Vision at all I hear you ask? well I have been doing some soul searching recently based on my dissapointment at the messages and ethics out there,in honesty the only place that money comes before work is in a dictionary but if we were to believe a lot of the sales letters we receive then just 5 minutes and 7 mouse clicks equals hundreds of thousands of dollars,think about this for a moment because lots of people clearly are not

Far from trying to Create A Vision most of these messages they are just trying to sell us something often 4 to 5 times a week,contrast this those rare e mails that you see and archive,waiting for the moment when you can sit down undisturbed and read every word,we all know certain authority figures who we respect and who we would refer to our close friends with no issues at all,in fact we would view it as being of service to them,adding value in business terms

People Who Create A Vision Online Are Rare

Lets be honest people who Create A Vision online are rare,they often take a lot of time to create reports that really add value to their market,to educate people on how to and how not to do certain things in that field,they switch on the light in the darkened room of our minds and help us to see the solution

In the short term you may think why do they do it, certain people will just take the information and then do nothing with it,but remember that in the end in life less than 5% of people will follow through on things, no they know that to Create A Vision for the remaining 5% is their market, their target audience because they will take massive action because they too have a Vision,it’s just a little hazy on the detail at the moment

In life if we look at who can Create A Vision it tends to be outstanding business leaders,polititions,not the sleazy 99% but that 1% who talk to us,who bring that tear to your eye when they tap into your exact thought and then map out the solution, they are rare people and we all look up to them and we should

Okay Tony so you’ve clearly had a great weekend, you watched Fernando win in Korea and all is good with you but what has this idea of being able to Create A Vision got to do with my online business when some guy is promising me $237,549.27 with just 5 minutes work and 7 mouse clicks with massive traffic to Clickbank products?

Surely this idea of having to Create A Vision is hard work,you mean I’ve got to write reports, ones with real value sounds like hard work,surely the whole fact that there are lots of people chasing shiny objects means I just need to tap into that market,after all it’s much more straight forward?

But and it’s a big but have you looked at the e mails,often 10 or more a day all copied and pasted in an autoresponder,think about what happens when you receive them,far from helping to Create A Vision for you they just get deleted straight away,they are just lazy marketing and you very quickly lose respect for the person sending them

So Can You Be The One To Create A Vision In Your Market?

Hopefully by now you are starting to think about the possibilities this creates,it gets you out of the scrum and puts you into a smaller group of highly respected people who truly Create A Vsion,who really add value and would make you feel very differently about how you do business online

It is not an accident that the people who are paid the highest fees in most fields are those with the most sought are knowledge,if you can Create A Vision you will develop a strong following,it will be you that they wait for that e mail from and in the end you that they turn to on order to take their businesses up to the next level

Like all of you I have those figures,their messages are rare,in many cases we miss the real point because they charge so much for their time but they add so much value in the way that they Create A Vision that it just fades into insignifigance,how can they be worth that we ask,but look at their track record,it always reads like an industry who’s who,everybody you respect has been their coaching client at some point

So I hope you are starting to see the critical difference that being able to Create A Vision makes and sometimes we need a kick rather than just somebody to tell us how good we are,remember what Michael Gerber taught us? he said and this phrase often rings in my ears,[The problem with the boss is that the boss doesn't have one]think about that for a moment because it’s a profound statement

So who do I feel is out there that makes this kind of difference?who has inspired me to think that I need to Create A Vision and to get you to do the same?well in short there are many but in the Internet field I think there is only one true leader who everybody turns to when they realise that they have come a long way but now is the time to kick things up to a whole different level,he really does add massive value and his free products are better than most paid products,download this great Free Report now

I think for most of us being able to Create A Vision is essential, because otherwise we are just another person selling shiny objects,just another person that our prospects will start wildly enthusiastic about but who will quickly see no more than smoke and mirrors and we all know that just leads to the unsubscribe link on the bottom of the e mail,if it doesn’t add value in the end it is just stealing your time

We all have enough knowledge to become that kind of person,who gets respect,who can Create A Vision in our marketplace and we know deep down that for our own self respect if we are going to be here for the long haul we need to do this, in the end being a highly respected authority figure against the guy who sold shiny objects with rehashed ideas,it’s not really a contest is it?

So my suggestion,step back and look at the message you send your market are you adding value or selling shiny objects? because for your market and for you, you really need to go out and Create A Vision

Social Networking

Social Networking

Do We Make The Most Of Social Networking Sites?

What is the power of Social Networking for those of us who do business in the online world and do we begin to take full advantage of it’s power?

If we look at it in narrow terms Social Networking contains some of the most visited sites on earth,it has come from near zero in terms of traffic in 2005 but today it’s a real force in the market,perhaps given it’s growth patterns we shouldn’t be surprised that English is the second most popular language

Looking at Facebooks numbers they are mind blowing,700 billion minutes per month are spent on facebook with 50% of it’s users logging on every day,clearly Social Networking has come of age

That other giant of Social Networking Twitter grew by 1382% during 2009 and that allows for a drop off in the latter months,take a moment to take those sorts of numbers on board because their pretty mind blowing and that’s before the new twitter arrives with a whole host of new features

Twitter as those of us who use it know takes on a life of it’s own,we get followers from all over the world and get followed by the authority figures in our industry,clearly they can see the power of Social Networking and so should we

What is amazing is how much you can pack into 140 characters,one wonders if the limit will need to rise to stop people trying to use twitter as a staging post to take people elsewhere in the Social Networking heirachy but I guess with video due on stream that will be a way around that

What Do People Use Social Networking Sites For?

What are the main uses of Social Networking sites? well it seems that on twitter it’s 25% about how people feel or are doing,20% is event driven by announcements and 13% is retweets

I guess in a way that it’s strange given we are by nature social animals that we reconnect with old friends on Social Networking sites,but then where else can you type in a name and bring up a picture and contact somebody you haven’t seen for years

I was trying to get the breakdown of what people do on Facebook but was rather less successful,the raw numbers are easy but exactly what the users of this giant Social Networking site are doing is a little harder to find out

But what of all the other Social Networking sites,the number of which is mind boggling,it runs into dozens and new ones appear every day and who is to know which will be the next Twitter or Facebook for those of us in the online world the ability to network between Social Networking sites is invaluable,I talked about the power of
Linkwheels on the 8th October and their power in traffic generation and their power in generating
Backlinks on 9th August

So What’s In Social Networking For Us?

Good question,for those of us in the online business world what’s in Social Networking for us?well it’s growing at a massive rate,Facebooks growth is simply massive and there in lies the real answer,the power of numbers and in facebooks case the access that their Facebook Like Button gives us to other peoples Facebook friends

So the opportunity with Social Networking is twofold,generating traffic back to your site with Facebook and Twitter and those that use either or both you know the power of them,the power of the retweet on Twitter and the massive power of the like button on Facebook

Then there are the actual Social Networking based products of which there are many,we have seen many traffic generation products particularly for Facebook and many automation tools for Twitter to help you find new followers to unfollow those who are not following you

What would I personally recommend? well there are a number of great things, the first one being a piece of Twitter software that does all of the important stuff in terms of automating the key issuesTwitter Automation Toolgoing on from that there is Twitter Online System that also makes Twitter to whole lot easier

How about Social Networking products for Facebook? well there are a couple that I particularly like, one using the power of Facebook traffic and how to automate the process Facebook Trafficand to generate the power of 500 million fanbook pages Facebook Fanpages

Lastly but by no means least make sure your using Social Networking

The Power Of Plugins

The Power Of Plugins

How Can The Power Of Plugins Help Your Online Business?

To get the most from your blog you need to be using The Power Of Plugins,put simply they do a huge number of good things behind the scenes in your blog,from saving you time,optomizing your pages and driving you targeted traffic so you need to make best use of them

Not using the The Power Of Plugins would be rather like opening a great shop in the middle of the desert,the staff could be really knowledgable,the prices great and the service amazing but if nobody saw what you were doing it would be doomed to fail

So exactly what uses can The Power Of Plugins bring to your blog,how can they help,well they can tell you what and where your traffic comes from and can help to create sitemaps to help bring more of it,they can help with your search engine optomization of which I will go into more detail later and a lot more

How though do The Power Of Plugins save you time?in a word automation,they do the tasks that you would simply forget to do in the background,ping your blog out to the search engines,social bookmark your blog,remind you of little tweaks that will make a massive difference that you had just overlooked

Put simply The Power Of Plugins are simply massive and many are simple to install and free of charge,many of the wordpress users have created plugins to assist with the function initially to help with their own blogs and have then shared them and on those a few ask you to consider a contribution but it’s not essential

My Key To The Power Of Plugins Recommendations

First up would be All In One SEO Packclosely followed by Google Analyticator you simply must know who’s coming to your blog and why Akismet is another must have, it stops you ending up with those spam comments that we all hate being posted prior to you vetting them

What else by way of The Power Of Plugins should we be looking at? well video is a big part of how Google ranks you these days so
EZWebplayer allows you to put good quality video on your blog,be it introductions, how to tutorials or whatever other needs you have for it

Now in terms of how The Power Of Plugins can help to get you extra really targeted traffic you should be using Onlywire Autosubmitter once installed this will automatically submit your posts to a number of the social bookmarking and networking sites creating valuable backlinks,do you start to understand the power of plugins?

Whilst not strictly part of how The Power Of Plugins can help your blog you should none the less set up gravatars on your blog,it creates a picture of both yourself when you comment and the person posting once they have registered,its completely free and takes just a couple of minutes to do Gravatar it gives your blog a friendly face

Clearly we could spend hours on The Power Of Plugins but I think that gives you a few of the key ones to be going on with,however one final one would be the Facebook Like Button the power this seemingly simple button has should not be underestimated,neither can the power of Facebooks 500 million users and growing and I’ll come back to the whole Facebook as an opportunity theme shortly

I Would Recommend The Following to help The Power Of Plugins On Your Blog

I have touched before on The Power Of Plugins and in particular one plugin that literally help you improve the SEO of any blog post,I talked about it here in my
19 July Post or if you want to read about it in more detail then go here to read more about it

Other ways we can use The Power Of Plugins to boost the success of your blog comes in the area of subscribers,this plugin will double the number of subscribers that you get and we all know that there’s double the money in double the list to
Double Your Opt Ins go here

Now clearly there a great number of other great paid plugins but I think you start to get the idea here but I think what you really need to do is go away and work out what you want to automate and make light work of it with The Power Of Plugins

Plenty Of Fish

Plenty Of Fish

Should You Be Using Plenty Of Fish Traffic?

Let me ask you a question, are you using Plenty Of Fish Traffic in your traffic generation mix? because there are a number of reasons that you should

Unlike many paid traffic methods,Plenty Of Fish Traffic is still very low in terms of cost but that’s not to say that the quality reflects that, in fact far from it

Why you may be thinking would we want to use Plenty Of Fish Traffic at all? surely it’s just a dating site, good for love struck youngsters and middle aged people venturing back into the dating scene but not surely a place for Online businesses to generate serious traffic, but we would be wrong to think that, very wrong in fact

In fact the more I think about it the more I realise that all the ingredients are there to make this an ideal form of traffic,detailed customer information,age,gender,location,what type of Job or business are they involved with,their interests,let’s face it Plenty Of Fish Traffic could have been designed with us in mind

Using Demographics To Get The Best From Plenty Of Fish Traffic

The great bit of it is this,demographics and guess what, they actually have a tool to drill down and find this information,np scatter gun approach here, it’s very targeted,in a way it’s like Google adwords used to be when they were business friendly,these days Google’s adwords traffic is expensive and only gets around 8% of it’s total traffic,Plenty Of Fish Traffic by comparison is very low cost,it gives the little guy or girl a fighting chance again

But Whoa there tiger, don’t rush in just yet,first of all go and check out the Plenty Of Fish Traffic demographics tool DEMOGRAPHICS TOOL and start by doing your research on your business sector because even if you don’t get all your traffic here it’s a great resource, perhaps one of the best

Now I’m not going to tell you your market,you know that better than I do but using this demographics tool you will start to see that Plenty Of Fish Traffic is going to become an ever stronger choice, the prices will rise in line with it’s reach, make sure you don’t miss out on it while it’s still a low cost option

Okay so you’ve done your research,a word of warning here,I was talking to a friend of mine earlier in the week,he just wanted to get straight to the beach,I told him that at the moment he needed to to A,B & C and that the beach was around X in his plan,if you don’t do the research and the planning then all your good intentions to get Plenty Of Fish Traffic or any other traffic for that matter will fail

So What Of Ads Pull Best For Plenty Of Fish Traffic?

Excuse the pun but it’s important,let’s look at what ads pull best for Plenty Of Fish Traffic,well clearly your headline is going to be important,it grabs your target customers attention,a picture paints a thousand words as the song used to say and it’s so true here too,your eyes will be immediately drawn to it amongst plain text,it’s just human nature

But there is an even better way of getting your message across to Plenty of Fish Traffic and that is incorporating your whole ad into a cartoon,make it subtle and include your text into the cartoon,not a cartoonist then look on Gigswood or Fiverr and get one made up for between $5 and $10 Dollars

Which brings us to is there anything out there that makes getting Plenty Of Fish Traffic easier,can we automate part or all of the process,well yes there is but I have a problem at least with the way it was presented but it seems to be the way all clickbank products are sold now CHECK OUT HERE

Putting aside the spammy Video the guys behind it are really sound if a little geeky,they make getting Plenty Of Fish Traffic really straight forward,yes you can do these things manually but why would you,your just buying yourself a job

So I’m not advocating that you go out and join a dating site this weekend but I do strongly advise you to use Plenty Of Fish Traffic

Blog Automation

Blog Automation

Can We Really Use Blog Automation?

What do we really mean when we talk about Blog Automation because it covers a lot of ground,first there are a number of products that literally automate the whole process,they are effectively affiliate blog sites and are a good thing in the sense that they require very little work but a bad thing in that they are quite grey to black hat in how they work although some would argue about that

So if Blog Automation is that simple why doesn’t everybody stop all the lengthy process of researching and developing posts and just do this instead? well our reasons for blogging are many and varied from purely financial reasons to that which I think many fall into which is a desire to create an income combined with a desire to educate and inform

I dont know about you but much as Blog Automation fascinates me I would get no real pride in just putting up a bunch of sites that I had no real part in developing or building a relationships with the people coming to them,now to quote Michael Gerber when talking about testing when he says who cares why it works (take the money and run) it works, that may be true but there is the question of ethics as well

When I say that Blog Automation in the sense of self generating blogs is black hat what do I mean? well the fact that you need to host them on a different server to your main sites,that you need to put them in clusters of no more than 20 to 30 at a time and that you need to buy the domains in lots of different names to me looks at least a bit grey,you are trying to stop google seeing what you are up to

Now the arguement is this, each Blog Automation site brings in $5-$500 Dollars a month and that you can create these sites in 20 minutes flat,if we do the math it sounds like a no brainer, maybe Michael Gerber was right, Bye! only joking!

Won’t Blog Automation Get Me Banned?

But and I think it’s a big but after all this work your efforts at Blog Automation could well be banned and all that hard work wiped out in an instant, it’s not my place to judge but I think you should be aware of the dangers

Okay Tony we hear what your saying now just show us the Blog Automation sites,you can keep your moral stuff we just want the money, well okay let’s look at a couple of these sites that have been promoted in the last few weeks, one openly as an automated blogging site and one being sold as an instant traffic solution

I wrote about the first one on my blog on the 20th September this year in some detail, basically it brings in all the content, all the supporting affiliate advertising and I would have to say having looked at one previously far from looking like a quick lash up they are highly professional in appearance and importantly very readable,have a look here Blog Automation is coming of age

Thw second one I was more cautious of, primarily because it masked what it was but went down the tried and tested Clickbank route of Clickbank Affiliate Marketer raids Clickbank with secret software that rakes in $45,833.37 monthly maybe a touch optomistic but it is actually a Blog Automation plugin that does what we described above, I shared this on Twitter a while ago,go here to take a look the starting price is lower but with upsells it goes up

So Is There A More Open Form Of Blog Automation?

Well yes there is,later on this week I am going to give away a report on the 100 best plugins to use on your blog,this will not be some backdoor upsell, the report is free and all the plugins listed are free, how you might be wondering does this help with Blog Automation well as you will see they either talk you through the steps to doing a particular task or in the case of many they actually perform the task for you

Now there are some great Blog Automation paid plugins for tasks such as social bookmarking,rss feeds,creating secure paypal download areas and frankly dozens more, in the end they are a time verses money case as I have covered before and time is money,pure and simple

What is the best paid Blog Automation plugin, the one that really does what it says on the tin, I would have to say one that actually tells you what you need to do to your blog posts to get them to rank highly in the search engines, it is simple but brilliant and comes highly recommended,I use it on every post I put up now I did a post on it amongst other things on the 19th July this year if you want to take a look

So clearly a topic we could talk on for days,there are dozens if not hundreds of plugins, tools and software programs to help you automate and you must do it as much as possible,so go and try Blog Automation

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