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Information Overload

Information Overload

Suffering From Information Overload? You Need Help

Free information, it’s what the Internet is so good for and it’s one of the key reasons many of us first started going online to research ideas and to find solutions but there comes a point quite early on where you start to suffer from Information Overload, often the big problem is you don’t realize it yet

So how can the search for knowledge lead to Information Overload? sadly it’s simple, a quick search on Google or whatever your favorite search engine may be will produce, tens maybe hundreds of thousands of results, what started as a quick search can lead to you still looking hours later, welcome to Information Overload

If that wasn’t bad enough you now need to work out what if any of this information actually relates to the solution that you are looking for, anybody who has been online for any length of time will be aware that what seems like a quick solution is often just a sales pitch in disguise, Information Overload becomes a very real problem very quickly

Sadly it often gets worse, you subscribed to get a newsletter on your subject and suddenly you are getting one, two, sometimes three e mails a day from this one source, so this in itself becomes another source of information overload as you try to filter who offers great information,

Starting To Control Information Overload

So how do you start to control Information Overload, how do you wrestle back your time? Your very first solution is in planning and executing tasks, 10 minutes spent planning exactly what outcome you want will save hours later on, it will save you spending an evening getting side tracked on products or solutions that do not work

Should you avoid anybody who is selling to you, emphatically no, anybody producing good information should be rewarded for his or her time but you need time to digest information and to implement ideas, buying the advanced version before you have even read past page two of the starter version just adds to Information Overload

Be ruthless with your inbox, if it doesn’t add value to what you are doing delete it, make time to digest the quality information provided by 5-20 people not the constant pitching of people who solely see you as a Dollar sign on their bottom line, these are the very people who will steal your dreams with their Information Overload, don’t let anybody steal your dreams

Now you can start to take back control of your time and critically your finances, products or services should answer a pressing need with a genuine solution, not offer a blind sales page that talks of untold riches for no effort and no idea of what it really is, often these videos waffle on for 25 to 30 minutes and yet say nothing, not only is this complete Information Overload it is also a complete waste of your time and in 99% of cases your money as well

The Simple Solution To Information Overload

So what is the simple solution to Information Overload? Planning is critical but without action it just sucks your time,better technical knowledge and critically better implementation of your plans, so your first promise to yourself is to action your plans systematically, look at your to do list, plan it in terms of which will make money fastest then action that one first

Delegation is critical, all successful people are master delegators, but who do you turn to for your solutions? Let me help and relax it’s Free, this Audio & PDF teaches you how to Outsource Your Tasks simply and easily, it also shows you where to find the people to carry these tasks out, in short an end to your Information Overload

Now of course you could try and learn everything yourself in a reinvent the wheel sort of way but frankly that would be silly and clearly would represent total Information Overload, joining a Mastermind Groupis by far the easiest solution, a chance to network, to learn from others and in turn for you to help others

Your next issue is to become really productive and I have a solution for that as well, this guys Time Management Solutions are simple but hugely effective, if you’ve ever wondered how Super Productive People do so much in so little time then you must see this, the final piece in reducing Information Overload

So as always at this point I’m going to ask for your experiences of Information Overload are and the methods you’ve used to overcome them, information is good, too much information particularly the wrong kind is counter productive, make sure you’re not suffering from Inormation Overload

Free Traffic

Free Traffic

Want Free Traffic?Then Walk This Way

I’ve tested a number of these push button traffic and income systems over the last few weeks, the claims are often eye watering and the reality in the majority of cases are rather less than encouraging, that of course does not mean that all of them are junk and that everybody selling Free Traffic and push button software are people out to catch you unawares

The general story is very familiar, guy or girl hits hard times, tries everything but nothing works, then comes the lightbulb moment, meets millionaire, develops software with dark side hacker,plugs in software and two minutes and two clicks later cranks out the Free Traffic and $447.532.67 a month straight out of the box hmm! sounds good but does it ever happen like this?

Now the great thing is the traffic source is so big that it doesn’t matter how many people join because the market can never be swamped, now I guess we could assume that 98% of people wont follow through anyway leaving just the remaining 2% to exploit the system and to get their Free Traffic or is it really just being sold because the idea is now spent?

So who is telling the truth? every week 3 or 4 new Free Traffic software systems are launched, all promising instant floods of Free Traffic at the push of one to three clicks taking less than two minutes, can they really all be newbie traps? certainly there have been some shockers recently but there must be some good guys out there surely?

So Is Free Traffic Just A Myth

So is Free Traffic just a myth have we been sold a dream? or are we really our own worst enemies? we all want an instant fix to a bigger problem that takes real work, should we just know better than to listen to blind sales letters that don’t tell you what the product is let alone what it actually is, shouldn’t we just know better?

Well I think human nature is such that if a market exists people will create a product to fill it, is it ethical no of course not, are most of these solutions doing anything radical again no, they are using old outdated ideas and in some cases using ideas that will get you banned from google, Free Traffic or no traffic you decide

But can we learn anything from these products even if the solution does not work, well put simply yes, the sales process particularly the OTO process is interesting, they need to explain themselves better, why do I need the Free Traffic software when I was already promised unlimited Free Traffic in the sales process

I think in the end you need to test these products with an open mind,does it really produce Free Traffic, is it using something that will last, a loophole must be closed down as soon as flagged, some things are timeless but needs work but that’s true of everything, if you test it, follow all the steps then the results are simple, if it works result, if it doesn’t work then reject it, it’s not you it’s newbie trap junk

How Can I Really Generate Free Traffic Starting Today?

So how can you really generate Free Traffic starting today, are there some real solutions? put simply yes and they are both easier than you think and a lot cheaper than you think, this Simple System will produce a lot of Free Traffic, it’s what the high traffic people use and best of all it’s genuineCompletely Free Traffic

One person I really respect when it comes to Free Traffic is this girl, she delivers real value and produced one of the best
Video Series all of the ideas can be put into action, after the glitches, loopholes and downright lies its a breath of Fresh Air

My last recommendation is a guy who’s workload has been tremendous, this is his second product this month and I strongly recommend you look this System Over It’s even very low in cost terms, this guy spoke our recently and made himself unpopular with a certain section of the market but I’m here to tell you His Products Rock

I can’t see this market ever slowing,everybody wants traffic, Free Traffic even better, but what do you think, how do you generate it, have you found a push button solution to driving Free Traffic

Lack Of Knowledge

Lack Of Knowledge

How Can A Lack Of Knowledge Hold You Back?

Have you ever felt that you’ve hit a wall in terms of your online marketing efforts, got so far and then just couldn’t complete the exercise or job in hand? Let’s be honest to some extent we have all suffered and in certain circumstances still do suffer with it, a Lack Of Knowledge is highly frustrating and potentially a huge time waster

Now I’m guessing at this point that when you encounter a Lack Of Knowledge in a particular area you jump online and search for a solution, I’m also not so much guessing that at this point your desired solution is unclear in your mind, so stop! what exactly do you want to achieve here? be totally clear before you proceed

Why does this matter? we have all spent a wasted hour or two searching and looking for a solution that wouldn’t actually solve our problem, sometimes a Lack Of Knowledge leads us straight into the arms of those who least want to help us which in turn leads to more frustration from our end

So ten minutes spent plotting out what you need can save you hours later on, no searching for general ideas that won’t work just time spent working out what will, don’t let somebody else exploit your Lack Of Knowledge, my post Last Friday sadly shows that there are people ready and willing to take advantage of your situation

Can A Lack Of Knowledge Actually Save Me Time?

At first that statement might seem strange but with lateral thinking your Lack Of Knowledge will teach you to do things in a different way, the general solution goes like this, encounter problem, search on Google, buy product, product just theory, doesn’t solve problem result frustration and often we are now 3-5 days further on

At least you say my Lack Of Knowledge has only cost me $47 Dollars but that’s not really the case, your whole project has now stopped and for many people that means all your other projects are backed up too, value your time in hours and this situation has cost you hundreds of Dollars at this point

So approached the wrong way a Lack Of Knowledge can be not only very frustrating it can be expensive and it can rob you of your dreams, what looked so straightforward is getting ever further away, you are in effect looking down the wrong end of the telescope on this problem

So a Lack Of Knowledge has now cost us time and money and lets face it we’ve all done this, so what is the solution, how can you ensure it never happens to you again? well put simply if you get stuck after you have spent that ten minutes working out the solution put that project on one side and move straight onto the next one or work on other aspects of this project

Resources To Overcome A Lack Of Knowledge

Your first resource to overcome a Lack Of Knowledge is learning How To Outsource people wrongly see this as an expensive option but as I have explained above a task delivered completed within 48 hours save time and money rather than being an expense, use my free MP3 & PDF Guide to get you started the right way

But isn’t Outsourcing expensive, won’t my Lack Of Knowledge just be taken advantage of? in short no, by using Micro Outsourcing sites you can get a lot of tasks done from as little as $4 Dollars, read more about it In This Post, it includes a number of popular sites, just be sure to check their feedback first and if unsure always ask questions

I wanted at this point to get you thinking of a bigger picture, your Lack Of Knowledge is somebody else’s everyday fayre, so this is where your Mastermind Group comes in, don’t Reinvent The Wheel, rather let somebody else show you how it’s done, just remember that you need to return the favor at some point, what goes around comes around

Lastly don’t let a Lack Of Knowledge lead to procrastination, with a little help you can dramatically improve your productivity and get unimagined amounts of work completed in less time than you ever imagined possible, these Time Management Secrets will make a huge difference to how you both look at and see projects from now on

So as always at this point I hand it over to you to comment, how have you handled a situation when you just hit the wall and couldn’t see a way forward? Just make sure your problem isn’t a Lack Of Knowledge

Push Button Traffic

Push Button Traffic

Does Push Button Traffic Really Exist?

There seems to be quite a head of steam building at the moment, a fight back against the wild claims, some would say out and out lies that have been flying around recently, I have recently taken the time to purchase and test a couple of these Push Button Traffic and one click pieces of software, here’s what I found

I have to say that the general quality of these products are in the main poor, I will qualify that because there are notable exceptions but lets concentrate on the two I looked at, the first piece of Push Button Traffic software as always told a story of a guy you had never heard of

He was he said broke when he went to a seminar and stumbled across some Gurus bragging about how they had sold yet another crap product that didn’t work and that he was really annoyed by this but that as they left one guy dropped a CD out of his bag, could this be the real thing he wondered? Genuine Push Button Traffic?

Our intrepid friend rushed home to find the answer on the CD and hacked the idea to cover his tracks, to produce, drum roll please, auto blogging software given another name, hmm! very new. The problem of course is that this Push Button Traffic idea will get your proper sites into problems as well but of course that wasn’t even mentioned in the product

So Is Push Button Traffic Just A Lie?

So is it all just a trap for newbies and the unwary or can Push Button Traffic really be created, lets turn to our second example, another blind sales letter with more promises of Push Button Traffic this time with a different angle, but another rags to riches story, how touching

Our person in this story had to descend to lowly means to earn a living but by some simple bribery and feminine charm she was able to blackmail a big name guru into giving her his secret system which she now offers you the opportunity to buy for just $47 Dollars, but wait, I thought the video said I got all this for $47 Dollars, why do I need all these up sells to make it work? Damn!

I notice now that it’s been so successful that it’s been offered the opportunity to be closed down for violation of terms of service, in the end it really is a case of Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware, in 99% of cases Push Button Traffic is a trap for the unwary and plays on the greed we all have that maybe, just maybe there is a push button simple way to siphon money straight into out bank accounts, come on guys

Which leads me onto the one product that does actually work in my research,it uses PPV, pay per view which is a lower cost way of getting traffic, this Push Button Traffic software will earn you money, just not the $8000 Dollars in the first week, everything has it’s learning curve

Should You Steer Clear Of Push Button Traffic?

So Should you steer clear of Push Button Traffic and one click software? well you should always exercise caution, how can you do that, well read the review pages and you want actual experiences not the read my review and get my bonus pages, these generally are not even poorly disguised sales pages

There have been many great blog posts recently on Push Button Traffic but a couple that really stand out of me are Gary Simpson’s post on 2010 having been the year of The Internet DeceptionGary tends to tell things like they are, he’s one of a growing group who are starting to speak out, it’s long overdue

This one is a more humorous take on my second tested product, behind the humor though lies a serious point on the lies that are so often told, allow yourself a smile and even laugh out loud as he describes this Push Button Traffic sales letter and pulls it apart bit by bit

So as always at this point I turn it over to you, what have your experiences been of this type of product, have your experiences been bad or good? More to the point would you recommend Push Button Traffic

Online Reputation

Online Reputation

Do You Know If Your Building Or Ruining Your Online Reputation

As I write this, it’s a bright crisp Monday morning here and I’ve had a weekend to reflect on the outlines of this post which is simply are you building or ruining your Online Reputation, we are offered so many shortcuts that are blind sales page sold that dangle the carrot of instant riches, ever bought one? then you’ll know what I mean

What has got me onto this topic? well it follows on from my recent previous post on the new [Push Button] software age, I’ve revisited it in terms of buying and testing some recent products and they are in the main alarming, they all offer 1 click to 7 click solutions, sounds great, so what does this have to Online Reputation you may ask?

Quite simple really, all offer fast money for no work, the majority sell from blind sales copy that does not actually tell you what the product is why? because if you knew in advance that the ideas were not new, did not work and in the case of two are actually selling outdated operating methods you would see straight through it and it would ruin their Online Reputation

We all want an easy solution, something that allows you to profit for limited effort but so often these products actually take hours just to go through the up sell and down sell process and they leave you feeling cheated, sadly it also leaves newbies feeling that everybody is making big money bar them, it sets off a downward spiral that will ruin their Online Reputation

So How Can You Safeguard Your Online Reputation?

First principals of safeguarding your Online Reputation have to be being true to yourself and to your customers, we are human, we will make mistakes, some of them will be howlers, but that’s a million miles from knowingly putting together a product designed to make people think they will make fast money whilst knowing it’s junk

You may feel that you will lose friends if you don’t promote their products but Calvin Woons blog post yesterday explains why he nearly quite the IM niche over this and why he thought it important to stay in even though he had suffered some short term effects of speaking out, of questioning others Online Reputations

Speaking personally now I also think it’s a question of ethics, my background which is in a high end service based leisure market is built around consistent high quality service, about meeting and exceeding expectations on a consistent basis, of going the extra mile, you live or die based on your reputation, in my mind your Online Reputation is no different

In researching the outlines of this post I came across a great site that exposes the products that don’t work, it’s not a usual review site that is a lightly disguised sales letter and uses actual users of the products experiences on the site, I strongly recommend you look at this Review Site it will save a lot of people money and it will call into question the Online Reputation of people who consistently set out to sell this type of product

How About Some Resources To Build Your Online Reputation?

So far I’ve been critical of people who set out to really take advantage of a basic greed that exists in everybody and not all push button software is junk, I came across one product from the last few days that does deliver, that will build the guys Online Reputation just so you know I don’t have a downer on this market but just on the ethics behind 99.9% of the people selling it

Who then really can build your Online Reputation? lets start with somebody who has been behind more online success stories than any other, Rich Schefren talks about business by design, it’s not by accident this mans students reads like a who’s who of online Success Stories, if you really want to join them then check him out, he is night and day different

A man who clearly had a big impact on me was my mentor Alex Jeffereys he is without doubt one of the best online coaches out there, he is currently offering his sell out Million Dollar Blueprint seminar footage that he did in Las Vegas for the price of lunch if you are serious about your Online Reputation then check Alex out

A lot of the people I personally know and respect in this business are becoming increasing concerned about the sale of junk products aimed at newbies basically to sell a dream that will turn out to be a bunch of things they could have got for nothing, what are you thoughts on this, what are your feelings on building an Online Reputation

Online Coaching

Online Coaching

Is Online Coaching A Curse Or A Cure?

Hardly a day goes by without some top line guru offering Online Coaching in one form or another, he or she will tell you about the amazing lifestyle they are experiencing and will paint a picture of how you can do the same, there is of course one critical factor that comes into play here and that is their own track record

If the style used by the person doing the Online Coaching is just based around them then it is unlikely to work, if however the Online Coaching is based around developing you and your needs then you are probably off to the races as a friend of mine used to say, it’s a perfect fit with your Mastermind Strategy

Now lets be honest here, everybody needs Online Coaching and who you choose as your mentor will make a huge difference to the success or failure of your online career, you need clear focus, you need a consistent path to follow, you must avoid shiny objects and you must stay committed when things seem tough

My own experience of Online Coaching has been both excellent at one end and very poor at the other so your choice of mentor is in my view critical, the right mentor will instantly set you on a path to consistent success, a poor mentor will just take your money and run and sadly there are too many of those people online

So What Do You Look For In Online Coaching?

So what do you look for in Online Coaching, obviously somebody with a good level of experience in your field whilst it may seem like a statement of the obvious do they know enough to develop you, to get the best out of you, critically can they motivate you and will they be strong enough to call you when your making excuses?

For me respect plays a large part in Online Coaching, does your Coach have the kind of track record that says, I was once just where you are now but this is what I did and these are the people I worked with to change things, your Coach will almost certainly have been mentored themselves and certainly won’t be too proud to put their hand up and ask for help from time to time

Success is a journey and seldom is it a straightforward path, the strength of character to pick yourself up and keep going when things seem really bad is the mark of a person who will go the extra mile, the power of Online Coaching when it works well is the power to turn mediocrity into greatness

I think also somebody who genuinely wants to see their Online Coaching students succeed is essential, I mentioned a while ago that my mentor had called all of his previous students together to stop them making a mistake he had discovered he was making, can you seriously imagine many other people doing that because I can’t? It told everybody how much he cares about his students success

Who Would I Turn To For High Quality Online Coaching

It would come as no surprise I guess that I would go back to my mentor for Online Coaching, he over delivers in a massive way and that’s rare, Alex Jeffereys has just put together a package of his sell out Las Vegas Seminar which was $1295 Dollars to attend, he has just offered a limited opportunity to see this Million Dollar Blueprint for the cost of lunch, this guy is the real deal you owe it to yourself to check this and him out

My next person is also somebody I respect enormously, he has offered Online Coaching to more top line Internet Marketers than anybody else and his client list reads like a who’s who success role, I am of course talking about Rich Schefren his Free Products are often better than most paid products, again make sure you check this man out

Would I take the opportunity to blow my own trumpet when it comes to Online Coaching? well I am about to launch a series of Outsourcing Audio’s and Videos and the Free 20 Minute Audio I offer is pretty damn good if I say so myself, but you’ll be the judge of that

So as always at this point I turn to you for your thoughts, what has your experience of Online Coaching been like have they gone the extra mile for you or where you left feeling disappointed? Speaking personally when it’s done well I really this you’ll get a massive benefit from Online Coaching



How Testing Your Offer Increases Your Results

I wanted to look at the value of Testing your offer today, be it the value the end user puts on it, the up sell value you place on it or the viral value that it may have even if you give it away, there is a great value in get it done and then get it right but there is an even greater value in constant evolution

Having been going through this process myself lately there is a great value in letting your Mastermind Group see your work before you publish it, it represents a logical form of Testing and allows you to go over any obvious areas that you have missed and anything that doesn’t flow or look right

The other value with this form of Testing is that you get so wrapped up in creating something that you invariably overlook the most obvious things, I was looking myself at something I had done last week, I had created the headers, the videos, the payment buttons but no headlines, duh, always test it first

The ability to stand back objectively and see your ideas the way others see them is vital, Testing therefore is an essential part of creating and making an offer, do the links work? how about the video? the payment button is it linked up and lastly but by no means least does the download page work properly?

How Testing Adds Dollars To The Bottom Line

So simply put Testing adds dollars to your bottom line, your first offer becomes your baseline, by improving a headline or by adding a video or putting one or more one time offers you can increase your conversion rates each time, a 2 or 3 percent increase in conversions can add to a dramatic increase in sales

How would you test? well a lot of people keep a swipe file of headlines that grab them and modify them to suit, Testing headlines can produce amazing uplifts in conversions, you now split test your original with your new page or pages to see the difference, the biggest improvement now becomes your baseline

Testing One time offers can also improve your sales values by a considerable amount, if you sell a product for say $27 Dollars and you make a one time offer while they are buying to another product at say $37 Dollars you will see the Dollar value of your offer rocket

Put simply the correct use of Testing can increase your sales and conversions and critically it will make you a much more attractive proposition to your affiliates, the more tools you have to make their job easier and the more proof that you have on your own sales stats the more attractive it makes you to others

What Resources Can You Use For Testing?

So What Resources Can you use for Testing, how do you split test your offer, test out your headlines, evaluate your one time offers? well my first choice would be Super Page Splitter this as it’s name implies allows you to evaluate a number of variations and test which produces the best results

When it comes to Testing headlines can make a huge difference, this Headline Creating Software should be included with your swipe file when it comes to writing really compelling headlines, you will be amazed by the difference in your conversions

Lastly in your Testing regime never overlook Googles Toolbox it has a considerable range of tools that you can deploy while testing including split testing, Google has been portrayed as the bad guy over the last year yet I think they offer great value to marketers and by clamping down on poor content and auto created content I personally see this as a good thing

So as always at this point I pass it across the you to see how you go about testing and what has drawn your biggest results and what have been the biggest pitfalls, just remember, keep on testing

Push Button Software

Push Button Software

Excuse Me But Is This The New Push Button Software Age?

If your in box has looked anything like mine over the last 3 to 4 weeks you might be forgiven for asking is this the new Push Button Software age? a time in which one to three clicks of a mouse pours cash into your bank account and when new sources appear like whack a mole, as one disappears up pops another one

One has been created by the guy who used to block our online payment account for a well known payment provider and includes ninja software developers known as the brotherhood because by all accounts they are the best developers of such Push Button Software, hmm!?

Now of course there is a train of thought that says that 99% of people wouldn’t recognize an opportunity if it came up and kicked them on the backside and I would have to say that recently one or two of these have come from more trusted sources, so is it time to revisit Push Button Software

Or do you dismiss them out of hand? Most people were brought up to believe that the only place money comes before work is in a dictionary, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is, well that’s the received wisdom but of course the idea of going from A to E without doing B, C & D is the whole appeal of Push Button Software, so is there any truth in the latest offerings?

So Why The Change Of Heart On Push Button Software?

So why the change of heart on Push Button Software? after all I have spoken out quite strongly on it in the past, well rest assured I am still a sceptic for around 95% of the claims out there and for sure it’s no magic bullet for you last $100 Dollars as a route back to riches

Lets be honest here, any sales letter that goes on for a half hour read or a video that tells you all about the person and nothing at all about the product should be treated with extreme caution, if on the other hand it explains how it works then maybe we should give Push Button Software at least a second glance

Will a one or three click Push Button Software flood your bank account with unstoppable cash while you sleep, well frankly no, but it can help to automate the process of research, keywords and going after your chosen market so in that sense it will prove to be a substantial short cut, but do it all for you, in a word no!

In life we have one shot at it, we owe ourselves the opportunity to at least test things out, we must make our own judgements in the end, good Push Button Software will save time and in the end a scam will still be a scam, if it doesn’t do what it says it will do after you follow the instructions it’s not you it’s a scam

What Push Button Software Has Caught My Eye?

This guy Brian has caught my eye, he had a real struggle keeping his wife on side as he developed this Push Button Software]I get the impression that situation has changed now that he has fully automated his process, the video is a bit vague but he tells you how it’s changed everything, you be the judge of course but he explains that you should not believe anyone that can’t prove their claims

The second piece of Push Button Software was from this ex Paypal Guy he knew the power of software that kept peoples money in their accounts and he decided that there must be a way of using software

That said I’m still not sure about the brotherhood, but hey any sales letter needs a little bit of a story to bring it to life, the message with Push Button Software is try it, does it live up to it’s claims? if not you have 60 days to get your money back but if it does you may just have that solution you were seeking

As always at this point I turn to you for your thoughts, what’s your experience been like, have you come across any genuine shortcuts or do you think it’s all hype, what do you think about Push Button Software

Fear Marketing

Fear Marketing

Should We Be Influenced By Fear Marketing?

I wanted to look today at what I am going to refer to as Fear Marketing by which I mean scarcity either in terms of time, opportunity or perhaps the worst example of all that we see is using fear to imply that everybody else is using this method and you would too if only you had the sense to see it

The classic form of Fear Marketing started on TV and infomercials and has since spread into the online space and we are bombarded with it everyday, it creates a lifestyle expectation aligned to your dreams and then puts a very short time scale as a call to action

Now of course there is a very good commercial reason why any sales letter or video or commercial for that matter needs a strong call to action because following on behind is of course your next distraction, it is in fact the whole basis of Fear Marketing

You may well be looking through google for a solution to a problem and by chance happen across this site, the owner has maybe 10-15 seconds to capture your imagination, he or she may well paint a picture of a great solution to your problem but you must be one of the next 17 to act before they take it down forever, this is classic Fear Marketing

So Is There Any Truth In Fear Marketing?

So when you see it will there be any truth in Fear Marketing? put simply it depends on the product a $400,000 Dollar Ferrari is an exclusive hand built car built in limited numbers, millions aspire to own one but very few actually will, when they say there is a two year waiting list they are not using Fear Marketing they are stating a fact

If on the other hand I am selling a $37 Dollar software product and I say that there are only 234 copies left and my video tells you that I made millions at the push of a button but that I’m taking the page down possibly while your watching the video then I am using classic Fear Marketing to get you to take action now

You see most people will do it tomorrow and I want you to buy that $37 Dollar magic button software now, plus the 5 upsells that make it even more magic, so I’m going to use a video that lasts for hours that tells you that you are just about to miss out and that you will never get this chance again, Fear Marketing increases conversions period

You could even argue that Fear Marketing is no worse than that famous brand of cereal aimed at women that implies that if you eat this for two weeks your legs will look longer and you will look amazing in your jeans, especially from behind, as long as you overlook the massive sugar content

What Resources Can You Use For Your Fear Marketing

Well of course I would start by telling you that I am just about to take down my great Audio and PDF guide that will increase your Earnings By Over 350% and yet will reduce your workload considerably,you could wait until the end of this post but the page is coming down while your reading this, my take on Fear Marketing

Now the best way of creating Fear Marketing is by only putting a payment button at a certain point in your video and then for a limited time, technology way out of your league price wise? well actually far from it and actually simple to use to, see how to create Timed Payment Buttons here, you’ll be really glad you did

Lastly lets look at Fear Marketing in action in a current big selling product, it ticks all the boxes, great lifestyle now, family angst while he found the solution and boy What A Solution 1 click software that creates an instant lifestyle, well you decide but you get the principal behind it, watch when the payment button appears only after he has rammed home his message

So this form of marketing works like gangbusters, is it ethical, well yes because if you don’t create a call to action you won’t sell your product or service, but what do you think? let us know your thoughts on Fear Marketing

Precious Asset

Precious Asset

Time Is A Precious Asset Don’t Let It Dwindle Away

I started out today wondering what to talk about but looking at my in box it became obvious, time is a Precious Asset and if we are not careful it just dwindles away following promises that don’t deliver and plans that never quite put into action

So why was I inspired by my in box or maybe even driven to write by the sheer amount of e mail that arrives daily, I could easily use my Precious Asset pursuing all of those offers but I know it won’t help me achieve what I set out to do this morning

Simple really, like many of you I receive a lot of blog comments, a lot of them are genuine with a range of interesting and constructive observations but increasingly the spammers are moving in with their adsense covered junk pages and worse,my Precious Asset like I know yours does gets taken up dealing with this instead of focusing on other activities

On the one hand you want to feel close to your readers but on the other hand you don’t want to spend a couple of hours a day weeding out the genuine ones from the shower trays, online gambling and the adult stuff, sorry but I don’t want to know about the doll you bought a few months ago, I have more important things to invest my Precious Asset on

Utilize Your Precious Asset By Maintaining Focus

So with all these distractions going on it’s critical to maintain focus, otherwise your Precious Asset, your time just gets away from you and you look back thinking what have I actually achieved from my to do list, today, this week or even over the last few weeks, yes we can do it tomorrow but let’s be honest here tomorrow never comes does it

This leads neatly onto why you are doing this, is it a business? in which case treat it like one, take it seriously and ask yourself a critical question, am I just creating work for myself or am I actually achieving anything both in terms of return on investment and in terms of participation because otherwise you are squandering that most Precious Asset

Clearly with anything there will be growing pains as you learn the best solutions for a given situation and here it’s important to refer back to your Mastermind Group for support and ideas, making best use of your Precious Asset is critical in your success or it will be the architect of your downfall

Given that time and focus are your most Precious Asset how do you go about making better use of your time and getter laser focused? I would say it all starts with planning, having an accountability partner is really important, remember the Michael Gerber comment, the problem with the boss is the boss doesn’t have one?

Resources To Develop Your Most Precious Asset

So what resources can you use to develop your most Precious Asset? well I think the most important resource you must pull down is your Outsourcer if you are struggling with technical issues, time issues or just simple capacity issues you need to put the day to day operations in some bodies capable hands and make them an extension of your team

Next on your list for developing your most Precious Asset is this Free report on Time Management we all start out with the same amount of it but some people make much better use of it, by developing your skills in this area you will get 3 to 4 times the amount of work done that a non productive person will

Lastly on developing your Precious Asset would be this Audio program, Stephen Covey clearly explains the difference between urgent and not important, his teaching is really profound and I would urge anybody who hasn’t heard his work to listen to it and those who have to listen to it again

So I started out earlier talking about my in box and ended up talking about the profound work of one of today’s greatest thinkers and educators but as always I’d like to hear what you think, how do you keep on track, manage your time and make use of your Precious Asset

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