Essential Online Business Foundations

essential /></a></p><p> </p><p><h1>Essential Online Business Foundations</h1></p><p>I wanted to look at the mindset of the average person starting an online business because even people who have run a physical business seem to approach their online business with a kind of detatchment that would spell disaster if they followed that route in their offline business,so lets look at the essential online business foundations</p><p>People who are highly intelligent have somehow allowed themselves to be brainwashed into thinking that there is a route to overnight riches online when in reality if you add no real value your potential customers are not going to come back and lets face why would they</p><p>There is no culture of following through,lets imagine you want to learn to ride a horse but you never actually go to a stable,you never actually ride a horse or learn how to look after it,you take no riding lessons and never intended to make the time anyway you would know deep down that this was a complete non starter</p><p><h2>Time to get serious about your Essential online business Foundations</h2></p><p>So it’s time to get serious about your online business because if we just take the mindset before we even buy a product that if I don’t see instant success I can always just get a refund then we are approaching things with a failure mindset</p><p>No we must of course buy the sort of products that offer us a high degree of mentoring not the kind of product that offers overnight riches because put simply that isn’t going to happen and until you get out of that mindset and get started on your medium term planning</p><p>So the next time you watch a video of a girl in her early twenties in a skirt that resembles a belt with a top that’s two sizes to small and revealing far to much cleavage,wise up because the guy who has actually made the product just wants your money before he rides off into the sunset laughing at you</p><p><h3>Time to get yourself a mentor to build your Essential Online Business Foundations</h3></p><p>Getting yourself out of the instant riches mindset is essential if you want to be successful,set yourself a three to six month window,treat this exactly as you would an offline business,offer real value to your clients and dare I suggest it’s time to get yourself a mentor if you are really serious about this</p><p>But if it’s time to get yourself a mentor who can you trust? Obviously we have to start with somebody who has been responsible for creating more online success stories than most as well as being hugely successful in his own right How would I know? <a rel=He Was My Mentor

Who you choose is of course your personal choice but whoever you decide is right for you google them first,see what the market thinks but don’t forget This Guy Delivers when it’s time to get a mentor make sure you get a good one

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