“Are You Suffering From Technical Overload”?

Technical Overload

Technical Overload

Is Too Much Information Giving You Technical Overload?

I was thinking over the weekend what would be the best topic to write about today without really thinking through the obvious, I am in the middle of a fairly major new project and frankly I’m experiencing more than a little Technical Overload

Of Course this should just be a simple case of post an Outsource project right? after all I talk about it enough but I wanted to first get a better understanding of what was involved so that I could then write a realistic task for my key outsource, trying to do it all myself would certainly be Technical Overload pure and simple

So what was the process that was troubling me, what was causing Technical Overload? put simply I have created a couple of new products and I was researching secure download sites and affiliate programs, I wanted to understand how they worked to ensure I had everything else ready before embarking on the task

Was it really sensible to put myself through this, could I not just let go and let somebody else take the strain, let them suffer the Technical Overload and leave me free to get on with the next task in hand?

Is Technical Overload A Self Inflicted Problem Then?

I personally think it would be to simplistic to think of Technical Overload as self inflicted but I also think it puts down a marker for me, as daily tasks build there will come a point where I need to let go to a greater degree, to Out Task whole areas of what I currently do

I think it was Jean Paul Getty who said I would rather earn 1% of 100 peoples effort than 100% of my own efforts,the same principal applies here in terms of time and efficiency, there comes a point where you exceed your capacity to produce, where true Technical Overload and information overload sets in

Why would we subject ourselves to Technical Overload when there will be an Out Task partner more than happy to carry out our tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, he or she becomes an as required member of your team, you know exactly what to expect and they know exactly what you want, a real win win surely?

Unlike the wonderful cartoon character on Jim Edwards blog who insists everything is a secret, especially when it comes to explaining what he is going to do I have always found my Outsource partners both open and helpful both in terms of providing information and crucially in reducing Technical Overload

What Resources Will Reduce Your Technical Overload?

First off in my recommendations is to use some of the resources in my Dec 3rd post in which Looked at a number of key Micro Outsourcing sites, they all offer fixed price gigs and are all really simple to use and with gigs starting from as little as $3-$4 Dollars they are great value and will certainly save you from Technical Overload just don’t forget to use the feedback system first!

I was recommended during the backend of last week to another fixed gig outsourcing site, I’ve had a look over it, it’s not low cost in the way of the previous sites but it’s still great value and offers a great choice, it’s called Taskarmy I certainly think it’s one to have in your toolbox

Lastly there’s copy writing, the arguments will rage over how they pay for themselves but it’s all about conversions, if you’ve tried doing your own you are well aware of Technical Overload, none seem very good at divulging their prices but these come recommended 99Copywriters

So I think there’s an important lesson in today’s post for everybody and in part it’s let others shared the burden, just remember the words of Jean Paul Getty and relate it to your own productivity, let me know what you think, just make sure you don’t suffer Technical Overload

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April 4, 2011

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February 13, 2011

MIchael Pedzotti @ 11:23 am #


I have been outsourcing work for a few months now. It certainly takes a load off my mind and to-do list. I will check out your other post and let you know what I think.

MIchael Pedzotti Recently posted..10 Steps to Internet Business Success Step 4

April 4, 2011
August 24, 2011

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