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Can Outsourcing Prove A Major Time Saver Or Just Become Another Headache

I wanted to talk today about a subject close to my heart namely that of Outsourcing, I also wanted to ask if it really is the route to the beach or can it in fact be a source of major headaches, another opportunity to lose control of your already stretched schedule

If we look at what most newbie marketers do we can see a number of things happening to them, the first being classic information overload, the second being chasing shiny objects instead of staying focused on one task or one set of objectives, at this point they will be vaguely aware of Outsourcing but will have no plan on incorporate it into their business

The sheer amount of information available at this point is overwhelming and many try to research their way out of trouble, in truth the adage when in a hole stop digging is more appropriate here, there are many genuine newbie friendly sites online waiting to help, Outsourcing your research here would make sense, find one whose style fits and begin to digest some useful information

A word of caution though because in amongst these newbie friendly people are newbie traps offering push button solutions, thankfully Google offers us an opportunity to look at what others think, see what sort of feedback is out there for this person, is this the right choice for my first venture into Outsourcing?

All The Major Players Are Outsourcing Their Work

So if all the major players are Outsourcing their work it must follow that this is the solution, the key to working on the beach? like everything it all comes down to planning, write a clear plan, do your homework on your outsource worker and your most of the way there

But how do you do research on your potential Outsourcing partners? going back to what we said earlier research, all of the sites have feedback systems based on the experience of the buyer of the service, how long it took, what the quality of service was like, were they helpful? everything you need to know really

Low cost Outsourcing projects can cost as little as $4-$5 Dollars and yet can often be very good, you need to quickly understand the difference between Outsourcing and Out Tasking, the first being one off projects and the second being reoccurring tasks in your business that must get done week in and week out and for these you are looking for ongoing as required partners

What Resources Are Out There To Teach Me Better Outsourcing?

It’s an important question because it’s the key to more free time and yet to also being 3 to 4 times more productive than you are now, it’s a free MP3 and PDF guide called Outsourcing Made Easy it covers mind set, planning and covers some great sites to work with to get your work done

I couldn’t finish this up without mentioning the dirty little secret that so many of use and that’s a site called Fiverr it’s one of around 60 to 80 Micro Outsourcing sites and it’s packed full of great stuff that you can do for just $5 Dollars and before you ask I use it regularly

I’m about 10 days away from launching a best of Micro Outsourcing sites video that is going to sell for just $7 and I cover over 60 of these sites that you can use,they are based all over the world for just about anything you care to imagine, it will save you a ton of time, it’s a resource I wish I’d had at the outset

So in wrapping up I wanted to ask for your experiences, have you found Outsourcing a major time saver or a major headache? For me I would have to say the former but planning is everything when it comes to Outsourcing

Technical Overload

Technical Overload

Is Too Much Information Giving You Technical Overload?

I was thinking over the weekend what would be the best topic to write about today without really thinking through the obvious, I am in the middle of a fairly major new project and frankly I’m experiencing more than a little Technical Overload

Of Course this should just be a simple case of post an Outsource project right? after all I talk about it enough but I wanted to first get a better understanding of what was involved so that I could then write a realistic task for my key outsource, trying to do it all myself would certainly be Technical Overload pure and simple

So what was the process that was troubling me, what was causing Technical Overload? put simply I have created a couple of new products and I was researching secure download sites and affiliate programs, I wanted to understand how they worked to ensure I had everything else ready before embarking on the task

Was it really sensible to put myself through this, could I not just let go and let somebody else take the strain, let them suffer the Technical Overload and leave me free to get on with the next task in hand?

Is Technical Overload A Self Inflicted Problem Then?

I personally think it would be to simplistic to think of Technical Overload as self inflicted but I also think it puts down a marker for me, as daily tasks build there will come a point where I need to let go to a greater degree, to Out Task whole areas of what I currently do

I think it was Jean Paul Getty who said I would rather earn 1% of 100 peoples effort than 100% of my own efforts,the same principal applies here in terms of time and efficiency, there comes a point where you exceed your capacity to produce, where true Technical Overload and information overload sets in

Why would we subject ourselves to Technical Overload when there will be an Out Task partner more than happy to carry out our tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, he or she becomes an as required member of your team, you know exactly what to expect and they know exactly what you want, a real win win surely?

Unlike the wonderful cartoon character on Jim Edwards blog who insists everything is a secret, especially when it comes to explaining what he is going to do I have always found my Outsource partners both open and helpful both in terms of providing information and crucially in reducing Technical Overload

What Resources Will Reduce Your Technical Overload?

First off in my recommendations is to use some of the resources in my Dec 3rd post in which Looked at a number of key Micro Outsourcing sites, they all offer fixed price gigs and are all really simple to use and with gigs starting from as little as $3-$4 Dollars they are great value and will certainly save you from Technical Overload just don’t forget to use the feedback system first!

I was recommended during the backend of last week to another fixed gig outsourcing site, I’ve had a look over it, it’s not low cost in the way of the previous sites but it’s still great value and offers a great choice, it’s called Taskarmy I certainly think it’s one to have in your toolbox

Lastly there’s copy writing, the arguments will rage over how they pay for themselves but it’s all about conversions, if you’ve tried doing your own you are well aware of Technical Overload, none seem very good at divulging their prices but these come recommended 99Copywriters

So I think there’s an important lesson in today’s post for everybody and in part it’s let others shared the burden, just remember the words of Jean Paul Getty and relate it to your own productivity, let me know what you think, just make sure you don’t suffer Technical Overload

Instant Results Software

Instant Results Software

Are Instant Results Software For Real Or Just Blowing Smoke

I’m not sure about you but there isn’t a day that goes by for me when I don’t get a number of e mails offering me Instant Results Software, normally offering me vast amounts of targeted traffic at the push of a button, on the surface they sound good but are they?

It seems the amount of effort required with Instant Results Software gets ever easier, down to just three clicks and away you go, just watch the money pour into your Clickbank account, just don’t expect to have any idea from the sales letter or videos what the product is

Of course here in lies the problem, it plays on the opportunist in all of us, can it really be that easy? or are you just about to pass up the offer of a lifetime, after all the page is just about to be taken down and they’re only selling 234 copies at just $37 hmm!I wonder?

There is of course a school of thought that says that 99% of people wouldn’t recognize an opportunity if it came up and kicked them on the backside, so who is right and why does it matter?

So Should You Try Instant Results Software?

So what should you do? Try Instant Results Software or steer well clear, I think 2 things on this first if the claims are for instant results on something you know requires effort then caveat emptor, buyer beware, if it seems to good to be true it probably is

Not all Instant Results Software is all talk and no delivery, there are some great plugins that can dramatically increase the targeted traffic that you get and they usually only take 5 to 15 minutes to set everything up, more about those later

There are various submitters for both RSS Feeds and Directories that can be seen as Instant Results Software and they will produce solid results with a minimum of effort

Just don’t expect to see millions of hits on your website forcing money into your bank account at the push of a button as one e mail promised me a few days ago, we all want Instant Results Software but just be careful, try the software, if it doesn’t deliver it’s not you, check the small print

What Instant Results Software Would I recommend

By way of Instant Results Software I would recommend this plugin, it will get targeted traffic from 15 of the top Web 2.0 Sites that welcome your comments, it’s a lot more bang for your buck and it’s completely white hat

Viral Marketing is very powerful so what if you could get that kind of trust going on your products, let’s say you need a new phone and your friend recommends one like his, you’ve never tried it but you trust his judgement, so this Viral Traffic plugin is very powerful, another form of Instant Results Software

Lastly everybody who comes to your site leaves, buyer, commenter or not, what if more of them took action before they left? this plugin will increase your opt in rate considerably by giving your visitor more opportunities to Join Your List this is another form of Instant Results Software in action

So at this point I hand it back to you, let’s hear your experiences on this, trust your instincts, always test and reject if it makes massive claims but doesn’t deliver, that said always follow the instructions, if it says A-B-C-D-E you can’t go from A to E and miss out the rest not and get results anyway even if your using Instant Results Software

Warrior Special Offers

Warrior Special Offers

Are You Making Full Use Of Warrior Special Offers?

Those of you who have read my posts over the past few months will know my opinion has changed on this, I had started out being very skeptical about Warrior Special Offers, heck I even thought at the time they were against the principals of forums, so what’s happened to change my mind?

I guess the first has been my circle of influence, people who I respect that them themselves are members and have reviewed or promoted Warrior Special Offers, I myself had always started from a point that said that you establish yourself as an expert on a forum first and from that you generate traffic to your site, that was after all the received wisdom right?

So why do I now see this as a good thing? after all it’s a thread full of adverts for Warrior Forum members to sell Warrior Special Offers, is that about adding value or just exploiting a market place full of internet marketers, with the established ones just offering Warrior Special Offers to the newbies who come along for a look?

I think to see it that way would however on balance be simplistic and here’s why, many very established marketers comment regularly on the forum and if you read the threads in the Warrior Special Offers nothing is different, a lot of quite searching questions are asked about products being offered here and that has to be a good thing

So Who Buys Warrior Special Offers?

So you may be asking who buys Warrior Special Offers, is it just newbies or do established marketers buy here too? Now I would have to say that I personally come here regularly now to check out what’s on offer and I suspect that it’s actually more established players than it is newbies

But why does that matter I hear you ask if more established marketers buy Warrior Special Offers? well personally I think it’s an endorsement of the general quality on offer, in an age of eye watering claims it’s nice to know some bodies going to call an out and out BS product for what it is because that’s certainly not happening on another popular marketplace

There are of course two other key reasons why Warrior Special Offers are so appealing, one being the price given many are in test development stage and secondly many are updated regularly so not only do you get a great price but you also get all the improvements free, now that’s a true win-win

What Warrior Special Offers Would I Recommend?

There are a number that come to mind but if I had to pick just a few I would go as follows, my first Warrior Special Offers I would recommend would be from Andy Fletcher and it’s his Digi List Builder Andy keeps coming up with great ideas that work and he’s done things since this but I would go with this

Next up in my Warrior Special Offers recommendations would be Shane McLaugh, Shane is one of the real good guys and his product showing you how to make a WSO Cash Blueprint was excellent, he tirelessly campaigns against BS online and he’s one of those people who’s opinion I value

Lastly but by no means least would be Adam Roy, he produced a great report on building High Quality Backlinks it’s ready to hand straight onto your Outsourcer to action and it’s refreshing in that it’s to the point, not hundreds of pages of filler with the odd useable idea dotted around stories of mansions and super cars

So I admit I’m converted, sold out? heck no I just recognize quality and value when I see it and you will too, so let me have your thoughts on WSO’s against other popular marketplaces, just make sure your using Warrior Special Offers

Death Of Blogging

Death Of Blogging

Here’s Why I Think The Death Of Blogging Has Been Greatly Exaggerated!

Many of you will like me have read Ryan Deiss’s commentary on the Death Of Blogging yesterday, it was an interesting read and in part he has a point, there is a lot of poor content out there and it’s easy to get contaminated by what’s going on around you but the reasoning was also cloaking a secondary motive which we’ll come to later

He reasoned that we had to remember to visit these sites and that maybe it would just be easier to e mail thre whole content of a post rather than asking somebody to visit a site, giving that reasoning the Death Of Blogging may be coming but then so is Christmas and we have that once a year if my memory serves me well

For me that reasoning doesn’t really add up, I have the BBC F1 site on in the background as I write this to get testing times from Barcelona, having to make that choice is easy and I want to do it, countless millions are not interested in F1 and they won’t again their choice, so the Death Of Blogging is perhaps more than up for debate

I personally have a love hate relationship with Ryan, at times he produces great content and shares it, sadly at other times he gets involved with our favorite bottom feeding digital network peddling newbie traps, he has his own reason for wanting to see the Death Of Blogging but I suspect it’s end is not yet even on the horizon let alone in site

Is The Death Of Blogging Likely?

So is the Death Of Blogging likely anytime soon? I think the answer is probably no but nothing lasts forever, as long as Google loves wordpress then blogging will thrive, people are quite able to decide what is a good quality site and one that is scrapped up content plastered with adsense hmm!

What was Ryan’s real motive for suggesting the Death Of Blogging then? well it was simple really, he want’s to convert his subscribers into paying newsletter customers, presumably because his conversion rates are dropping due to his going into the newbie trap market, so it’s more about the death of standards than the Death Of Blogging

And standards become more important in a paid model, expectations rise we demand quality, I suspect that’s the real reason behind the massive level of disaffection to the whole crowd of newbie trap peddlers and the huge unsubscribe rate I know they are suffering, go back to what you do best guys and the Death Of Blogging fades away like mist on a spring morning

Like all of you I have certain blogs that I read on a regular basis, I would go as far as to say that a couple of them educate me every time I go and I always end up on other posts finding out more, the art of a good site or blog is to hold your attention, at this point you are choosing to buy not being sold

So The Death Of Blogging Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

So if the Death Of Blogging has been greatly exaggerated what resources can you use to improve your Blogging? First off make the most of your Mastermind Group the power of many minds is always better than one, our Smart Marketing Warriors group meets up in London tomorrow and I always get a lot out of the day

With this guys support your Blog Success is pretty much guaranteed, his free content is better than a lot of paid stuff and the community of support is great, the Death Of Blogging is way on the horizon with this man supporting the development of new bloggers

Lastly but by no means least I would recommend you take a look at David Risley, this guy walks his talk his Blog Masters club is a great program and again his free products contain a lot of information, his style is very straight talking so if you’re a delicate type it may not suit but another example of the Death Of Blogging being greatly exaggerated

As always at this point I turn to you guys, do you think Ryan had a point or do you like me think he was just using it as an interesting preamble to sell people into his paid content, let’s hope it was the latter and that this isn’t the Death Of Blogging?

Mastermind Group

Mastermind Group

Are You Making The Most Of Your Mastermind Group?

I mentioned towards the end of last week that I was off to meet my Mastermind Group on Saturday, this was a problem solving workshop and I put myself in the hotseat by going first, now you might think that’s quite daunting but I find it really helpful, I have a new project in final build stage and the feedback is invaluable

Judging by the responses I got when I spoke about building a Mastermind Group back in November and the number of comments I got on the subject it clearly hit a nerve in terms of people seeing the value in getting support and I think critically getting many fresh pairs of eyes over what you are doing

In the online world we are often working alone in an office and as Michael Gerber once told us the problem with the boss is the boss doesn’t have one, your Mastermind Group will form part of an accountability partnership that keeps you on track, makes you hit time deadlines and meet quality standards

There is however 1 highly valuable resource that you get from a Mastermind Group that I think is too easy to overlook, what is new to you is an everyday task to somebody else, don’t reinvent the wheel it’s already been done let somebody help you with the challenge and in turn make sure you do the same with others, in life we reap what we sow

Shared Experience Is The Real Mastermind Group Power That You Can Harness

Though shared experiences we grow as people, one man or woman is not an island, the power of attending seminars and meetings is not in the one time offer the speaker makes, the just twenty and we close this down at only $2997 Dollars hmm! no the value is in the group that meets for coffee, the networking opportunities, future Mastermind Group members, JV partners, affiliate managers etc

If I send you an e mail and ask for your help it will likely fall on stony ground if however we talk as a group and we get to know each other the opportunities are frankly endless, the real power of a Mastermind Group is in the contacts that you make, the friendships and the trust that grows from it and the sharing of successful ideas from that

The need to travel thousands of miles has gone although on a rainy February morning the idea of being in Florida or somewhere like Southern Spain in the sunshine would be welcome, online marketing is popular all over the world now so building your Mastermind Group within an hour to two hours of where you live should be easier than ever

One of our Mastermind Group now travels regularly and looks after the UK interests of a major Internet Marketer based on connections he made attending a seminar, instead of getting swept along with the hype at these events concentrate on what practical value you can get out of it, if that includes buying products that answer a pressing need rather than the latest magic button software then all the better

Resources To Support Your Mastermind Group Development

So what resources can you use to explode your Mastermind Group experience, well clearly there are many but I will highlight three key ones, number one has to be Outsourcing it releases your time to concentrate on the key areas of your business and stops a lack of technical knowledge getting in your way

I have included a video clip of Napolean Hill talking about what Andrew Carnegie taught him, how he overcame self doubt and went on teach the world about the power of a Mastermind Group, the idea is as powerful today as it was when the two men met, only we can set the limits of how much we achieve or how we get in our own way

Lastly I am going to recommend that of the modern day teachers Rich Schefren is really powerful, his free content is better than much by way of paid content and his founders club program is the best out there, his consulting clients read like a who’s who of Online Marketing success, we set the limits, don’t set yours too low!

As always at this point I ask you for your experiences and want to get your feedback, are you part of a group already or are you planning to join one? My recommendation, find or start one today, I can think of nothing that will power you forward faster than a Mastermind Group

Precious Asset

Precious Asset

Time Is A Precious Asset Don’t Let It Dwindle Away

I started out today wondering what to talk about but looking at my in box it became obvious, time is a Precious Asset and if we are not careful it just dwindles away following promises that don’t deliver and plans that never quite put into action

So why was I inspired by my in box or maybe even driven to write by the sheer amount of e mail that arrives daily, I could easily use my Precious Asset pursuing all of those offers but I know it won’t help me achieve what I set out to do this morning

Simple really, like many of you I receive a lot of blog comments, a lot of them are genuine with a range of interesting and constructive observations but increasingly the spammers are moving in with their adsense covered junk pages and worse,my Precious Asset like I know yours does gets taken up dealing with this instead of focusing on other activities

On the one hand you want to feel close to your readers but on the other hand you don’t want to spend a couple of hours a day weeding out the genuine ones from the shower trays, online gambling and the adult stuff, sorry but I don’t want to know about the doll you bought a few months ago, I have more important things to invest my Precious Asset on

Utilize Your Precious Asset By Maintaining Focus

So with all these distractions going on it’s critical to maintain focus, otherwise your Precious Asset, your time just gets away from you and you look back thinking what have I actually achieved from my to do list, today, this week or even over the last few weeks, yes we can do it tomorrow but let’s be honest here tomorrow never comes does it

This leads neatly onto why you are doing this, is it a business? in which case treat it like one, take it seriously and ask yourself a critical question, am I just creating work for myself or am I actually achieving anything both in terms of return on investment and in terms of participation because otherwise you are squandering that most Precious Asset

Clearly with anything there will be growing pains as you learn the best solutions for a given situation and here it’s important to refer back to your Mastermind Group for support and ideas, making best use of your Precious Asset is critical in your success or it will be the architect of your downfall

Given that time and focus are your most Precious Asset how do you go about making better use of your time and getter laser focused? I would say it all starts with planning, having an accountability partner is really important, remember the Michael Gerber comment, the problem with the boss is the boss doesn’t have one?

Resources To Develop Your Most Precious Asset

So what resources can you use to develop your most Precious Asset? well I think the most important resource you must pull down is your Outsourcer if you are struggling with technical issues, time issues or just simple capacity issues you need to put the day to day operations in some bodies capable hands and make them an extension of your team

Next on your list for developing your most Precious Asset is this Free report on Time Management we all start out with the same amount of it but some people make much better use of it, by developing your skills in this area you will get 3 to 4 times the amount of work done that a non productive person will

Lastly on developing your Precious Asset would be this Audio program, Stephen Covey clearly explains the difference between urgent and not important, his teaching is really profound and I would urge anybody who hasn’t heard his work to listen to it and those who have to listen to it again

So I started out earlier talking about my in box and ended up talking about the profound work of one of today’s greatest thinkers and educators but as always I’d like to hear what you think, how do you keep on track, manage your time and make use of your Precious Asset

Fear Marketing

Fear Marketing

Should We Be Influenced By Fear Marketing?

I wanted to look today at what I am going to refer to as Fear Marketing by which I mean scarcity either in terms of time, opportunity or perhaps the worst example of all that we see is using fear to imply that everybody else is using this method and you would too if only you had the sense to see it

The classic form of Fear Marketing started on TV and infomercials and has since spread into the online space and we are bombarded with it everyday, it creates a lifestyle expectation aligned to your dreams and then puts a very short time scale as a call to action

Now of course there is a very good commercial reason why any sales letter or video or commercial for that matter needs a strong call to action because following on behind is of course your next distraction, it is in fact the whole basis of Fear Marketing

You may well be looking through google for a solution to a problem and by chance happen across this site, the owner has maybe 10-15 seconds to capture your imagination, he or she may well paint a picture of a great solution to your problem but you must be one of the next 17 to act before they take it down forever, this is classic Fear Marketing

So Is There Any Truth In Fear Marketing?

So when you see it will there be any truth in Fear Marketing? put simply it depends on the product a $400,000 Dollar Ferrari is an exclusive hand built car built in limited numbers, millions aspire to own one but very few actually will, when they say there is a two year waiting list they are not using Fear Marketing they are stating a fact

If on the other hand I am selling a $37 Dollar software product and I say that there are only 234 copies left and my video tells you that I made millions at the push of a button but that I’m taking the page down possibly while your watching the video then I am using classic Fear Marketing to get you to take action now

You see most people will do it tomorrow and I want you to buy that $37 Dollar magic button software now, plus the 5 upsells that make it even more magic, so I’m going to use a video that lasts for hours that tells you that you are just about to miss out and that you will never get this chance again, Fear Marketing increases conversions period

You could even argue that Fear Marketing is no worse than that famous brand of cereal aimed at women that implies that if you eat this for two weeks your legs will look longer and you will look amazing in your jeans, especially from behind, as long as you overlook the massive sugar content

What Resources Can You Use For Your Fear Marketing

Well of course I would start by telling you that I am just about to take down my great Audio and PDF guide that will increase your Earnings By Over 350% and yet will reduce your workload considerably,you could wait until the end of this post but the page is coming down while your reading this, my take on Fear Marketing

Now the best way of creating Fear Marketing is by only putting a payment button at a certain point in your video and then for a limited time, technology way out of your league price wise? well actually far from it and actually simple to use to, see how to create Timed Payment Buttons here, you’ll be really glad you did

Lastly lets look at Fear Marketing in action in a current big selling product, it ticks all the boxes, great lifestyle now, family angst while he found the solution and boy What A Solution 1 click software that creates an instant lifestyle, well you decide but you get the principal behind it, watch when the payment button appears only after he has rammed home his message

So this form of marketing works like gangbusters, is it ethical, well yes because if you don’t create a call to action you won’t sell your product or service, but what do you think? let us know your thoughts on Fear Marketing

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