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Online Time Management

Online Time Management

How To Make The Best Of Your Online Time Management

My post on New Years Eve get me thinking about another key issue that makes or breaks our Online success, I’m talking of course about Online Time Management, in the end we all know if we get this one wrong then the rest is frankly pointless and there are 101 distractions, so how do we get round that?

Of course there is a lot more to Online Time Management than just what you do when you sit down at your desk in the morning, how you look after yourself from the first few minutes you wake up will feed through to what happens in terms of concentration later on

When it comes to Online Time Management the fact that we are creatures of habit presents a real problem because first off we need to deal with some bad habits before we get the real concentration issues and the first of those is taking care of you, so first thing that requires proper hydration

Next in our Online Time Management checklist is exercise, it’s not for nothing that 30-40 minutes exercise that gets the pulse up makes us feel great, for some of you that’s the gym, for others it’s jogging, me personally it’s cycling, have you noticed that maybe you had to push yourself to start with but after 10 minutes you are bursting with life, your body is creating endorphins which have a highly positive effect on the body and their 100% natural

Last off in our early day Online Time Management routine is breakfast,it’s not for nothing that breakfast is called the fuel of champions, healthy that is, the fried type will send your system back to sleep, if we are going to make a real change it starts with us because we are the only thing we are really in control of

So When WE Say Online Time Management We Mean Managing Ourselves

Lets be brutally frank here, if we can’t control ourselves we cant control Online Time Management, so if the lecture on how we start our day sounds harsh well we need to be serious about what we are doing because it’s the difference between 99% of people who get to the end of the day and ask what did I do today? and the 1% who get a huge amount done

Focus on distractions next, switch off the sound on your computer, your incoming e mails, your phone and allocate a period in the day to respond to these, next realistically plan your day out based around your maximum concentration periods, no more than 2 hours and then break and do something different to clear your head

Lets dispel one of the greatest myths,that of multi tasking, forget Online Time Management for a moment the human brain is not designed for it, attempting to complete multiple tasks reduces not increases your productivity, focus, complete one task then start the next or better still Outsource the next and release your creative thought process

In fact creating total focus is what Online Time Management is really all about, keeping your mind in the right now, we all know that there are so many distractions when working online,staying on track is essential

What Resources Can Help My Online Time Management?

In terms of in office your clear to do list is essential,you must know exactly what you are doing, I also find a timer helps in Online Time Management, you’ll find them in the kitchen department of any hardware store or supermarket and it’s a small investment that will repay you many times over

To learn true Online Time Management you need to go back to school and I would suggest the following to stop distractions The E-Myth will stop you just being busy and will teach you how to be productive, listen to his case studies and compare them to where you are now

Jason Fladlien has taught a huge number of people effective Online Time Management, in his Video series aptly named Internet Marketing Time Management he shows you how to create great results in the minimum time, this mans track record speaks for itself and I would recommend you watch and listen to what he has to say

Lastly I am going to recommend Stephen Covey’s The 8th Habit we are as Stephen describes knowledge workers and we need to understand what is urgent from what is unimportant, the 8th habit will teach you how to do this, it’s a vital skill set that anybody selling their knowledge must have

I personally believe that this subject is a make or break point for many people, it’s that important, so as always I’d love to hear how you achieve your focus and how you create effective Online Time Management

Adding Value

Adding Value

Why Is Virtually Nobody Truly Adding Value Online Today?

I was thinking the other day about all the gloom out in the market place and how that plays out in the online world, in a world of cryptic sales messages where it’s impossible to even tell what the product is most of the time and therefore very difficult to trust the motives of the seller just who is really adding value online?

The last year has seen a growth in products like this often laden with what can only be described as wild promises yet delivering often the lamest solutions, far from adding value they only serve to generate mistrust and yet it’s really a million miles from what the market wants or needs

It’s as though this market relies on creating ever more newbies to sell these products to because one things for certain, once you’ve bought a couple of these you tend to view everything through cynical eyes, so far from adding value these people are actually sealing their own fate, can you seriously imagine people doing business like this in the offline world?

In a retail or service environment we measure adding value by the quality of service, how helpful the staff are, how flexible their approach is, lets be honest we are a million miles from that experience at the moment, do you see a huge opportunity here? because I do

What Does Adding Value Really Mean

If we ask the question what does Adding Value really mean it would be the exact opposite of what’s described above, it should motivate you to act, it should offer a powerful solution, it should explain in a straightforward way how it is going to offer that solution and it should be really easy to use

By truly Adding Value we also add a whole lot more to the mix, we add trust, we add credibility, we add instant authority in a marketplace that is full of people selling solutions that offer nothing by way of explanation and in many cases they will actually destroy their reputations because it offers no solution at all just an untried theory

Be honest here, just how good does it feel when you find somebody really offering a solution that actually works, not a 20 minute video talking about how great they are but how they used to sleep under a bush, frankly that’s not adding value it really is just blowing smoke and I instantly hit the close button

Maybe I’m missing the point here but I don’t think so, I’ve been involved with selling high end products to discerning people offline all my adult life, they want clear information, actual proof of what the benefits are of buying the product over what they are using now, they don’t just want to see you Adding Value, the conversation would be over if you didn’t

So Adding Value Sells Brand You Better Than You Know

Adding Value sells brand you better than you can ever realize, in life we get one chance to make an impression on people, there are of course people adding true value in this market, people I respect enormously but they are small in number and they stand out like a beacon, it’s no shock that they are highly successful and widely respected as well

If I think of great educators who are Adding Value I think of Rich Schefren his approach is night and day different to how 99% of people do business online,his Internet Business Manifesto which is free by the way and is better than most paid Coaching Courses, it’s no coincidence that many of the most successful people have been mentored by him and in turn have gone on to become outstanding mentors themselves

You see in the end we want our solutions to be offering more value than we are paying for them, we want the solution to be transparent, easily accessible, we want to know exactly what to do in a simple straightforward to understand manner, in my view this is truly Adding Value and it’s a million miles from what 99.9% of people offer

So doubtless today I will have trodden on one or two toes but also I feel I am highlighting a huge need that is just not being fulfilled in the market, let me know your thoughts including the opportunities you think it creates for really Adding Value

Outsourcing Verses Out Tasking

Outsourcing Verses Out Tasking

The Critical Differences Between Outsourcing Verses Out Tasking Why You Must Use Both

Like many people online I use a number of Outsource partners and in doing so it teaches you an interesting lesson, for the purposes of this post I’m going to call it the critical differences between Outsourcing Verses Out Tasking, at first they sound like two ways of describing the same thing but I see a critical difference

So what is the critical difference between Outsourcing Verses Out Tasking and why does it matter? I personally think it’s at the heart of how we do business, it either releases our time or it causes us a lot of un needed stress as deadlines are missed with countless e mails and diagrams flying around in cyber space

When we come down to it Outsourcing is any one off project that you need to complete that you want to either release your time from or lack the technical skills to carry out without spend hours trying to learn, in short you know exactly what you want you just don’t know exactly how to make it happen

Out Tasking by the same measure is any task that repeats itself in your business that you need to get done, it’s important to your success but it can be easily placed in somebody else’s hands, do you start to see a critical difference between Outsourcing Verses Out Tasking?

Why Differentiate Between Outsourcing Verses Out Tasking?

So why differentiate between Outsourcing Verses Out Tasking anyway? for me it’s really simple it’s about two things in my mind, a good Out Tasker is somebody that you will build an ongoing relationship with, who in effect becomes a remote member of your team, he or she has a skill set you need but vitally they have something else as well

You see the other vital difference between Outsourcing Verses Out Tasking is your Out Tasker knows exactly what you want and delivers it fast, they appreciate your regular business and you in turn know that area is taken care of, an Outsource worker is by it’s nature a trip into the unknown for you

I have talked about this before but lets touch on this again in the context of Outsourcing Verses Out Tasking, when establishing a new service that you will use on an ongoing basis it is best to place the work with up to 5 Outsourcers, why because you are market testing at this point, let me explain what I mean by this

Of these 5 one will probably just not do the work but will make excuses, one will do it poorly, two will do a good job and one will do an outstanding job explaining different ways to add value to what you are doing, we can quickly see that in the context of Outsourcing Verses Out Tasking, number one is a non starter where as number 5 looks really good, the initial investment pays off right from the start using this approach

Outsourcing Verses Out Tasking Finding Those Key People

So we can see from the example above that a little front end investment will repay us many times over, it also perfectly illustrates the vital difference between Outsourcing Verses Out Tasking but where do you find these people, well in my post on Dec 3rd I talked about Micro Outsourcing and I listed a number of key sites to use there

I recently produced a 20 minute MP3 called Outsourcing Made Easy It covers the key Outsourcing sites that you can use, it’s a great starting point as it also discusses recruiting your own Outsourcers as opposed to just one offs, it’s an ideal introduction to Outsourcing Verses Out Tasking, it’s free with no one time offers involved

I think you need to shift your mind set to really get the most out of Outsourcing Verses Out Tasking but once you do you will see yourself getting a lot more done, in a stress free way and in a far shorter time

So hopefully you will start viewing these seeming related issues as two separate functions, one as one off projects and the other as a key relationship building exercise, as always I’d love to hear your experiences on Outsourcing Verses Out Tasking

Death Of Affiliate Marketing

Death Of Affiliate Marketing

Or Has The Death Of Affiliate Marketing Been Exaggerated?

I wanted to look today at how a section of the Online community does business and it leads me to a wider question, is their short term chasing of profits leading to a longer term highly damaging outcome namely the Death Of Affiliate Marketing?

The term glitch, loop-hole tied into eye watering claims of income on photo shopped earnings is leading to I believe a major credibility issue, now let me say at the outset that not everybody is doing it but a certain group are and I know there is unease in the wider community, could this behavior lead to the Death Of Affiliate Marketing?

The issue that I see is simple, either the community cleans up it’s own act or bodies like the FTC will get ever more involved, they have already intervened in terms of income claims and in terms of declaring when an e mail sender is promoting an affiliate product, but it goes without saying that their deeper intervention could in itself really spell the Death Of Affiliate Marketing

And yet, our sales messages must be positive, upbeat, they must sell an easy to use, simple solution, a buy my product because I’m different will not in itself cut it, people want instant solutions, push button traffic, to turn on the traffic taps, 2000 backlinks at the push of a button, they don’t want actual work, they do that in everyday life

So Should We Be Worried About The Death Of Affiliate Marketing?

To answer my own question, I think we should, the recent financial meltdown tells us that people lose their objectivity when large amounts of money are involved, a small number of people gained and a huge number paid the price for their actions, so the Death Of Affiliate Marketing is a real possibility

But surely the Death Of Affiliate Marketing doesn’t impact on the majority of people online does it? Well I for one happen to think it does, you see it’s a great business model that offers a real opportunity to a large number of people, both those with Affiliate programs and those

Should people be able to generate huge incomes selling affiliate products? absolutely, it makes the world go round, but should they earn large incomes at the expense of people trying to find their way in a market with over hyped products that go on to offer lame solutions based on old ideas, absolutely not, this goes right to the heart of the Death Of Affiliate Marketing

We all know the reality online, that 97% of people will not succeed, they will chase dreams instead of being focused on what works, we also know there are no magic orange buttons to click to bring in money while we sleep, anybody who has run a successful online business knows how much work is involved, the trick is to Outsource a lot of that work but that’s a conversation for another day

How Can We Stop The Slow Death Of Affiliate Marketing,Is It In Our Hands?

So how do we stop the slow Death Of Affiliate Marketing, do we control our own destiny in this? I believe we do and I think the future is bright, we must promote ethical products that add value, we must look at our own practices and ask am I offering honest advice or am I blowing smoke, will we get it right every time? of course not, we are human after all

I have seen a couple of big name people recently leading by major example, I watched Frank Kern’s State Of The Internet address a little while ago, great information, a real eye opener and ideas that you really could use,if this was a taste of things to come then the Death Of Affiliate Marketing has been greatly exaggerated

Another person leading by major example recently has been Eben Pagen offering high value to his market, people like this show that you can be highly ethical and yet highly successful, in fact the two fit hand in glove, if this were the future the Death Of Affiliate Marketing would certainly be great exaggerated

If it’s done well Affiliate marketing is a great way to do business, a real win-win for the company, for the affiliate and for the end customer, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject, are we seeing the slow Death Of Affiliate Marketing?

High Authority Programs

High Authority Programs

Should We Just Be Promoting High Authority Programs?

I wanted to follow on from where I was on Friday and ask the question, should we just be promoting High Authority Programs, by this I mean people who are well known and highly respected in the online world

Or conversely would doing so limit the range of products that we can put in front of our audience? there is of course first an issue of cost of entry, High Authority Programs often carry a high sticker price although as I will show later in the piece that is far from always being the truth

The people behind High Authority Programs often give away during a launch or a lead in a lot of high quality material that you can take action with on it’s own, the sting in the tail can be the $1000.00 to $2000.00 price tag on the finished product which is often way out of the reach of many people

There is of course another critical consideration here and that is by consistently promoting High Authority Programs we in turn build a reputation for good advice, for putting quality before profit, in the longer term that has to make sense as you by example develop your own authority by doing so

Can I find Low Cost But High Authority Programs

So Can I find low cost but High Authority Programs from trusted sources, ones that will stand the scrutiny of their peer group and yet cost often pocket change, well the good news is yes and at any one time a thousand or more people will be online looking through this area for exactly that

Where then can you find High Authority Programs often from just $5-$10 Dollars that really do offer great value, well I can think of no better place than the WSO Area of the Warrior Forum, many of these are being peer tested prior to being offered for sale at higher prices a few days or weeks later

Personal recommendations for great products in the last few weeks would include a swipe file of ideas for sales letters, articles and auto responders, it passes my test of High Authority Programs and is by Calvin Woon all great Copywriters have their swipe files to inspire them and you should too

One more from here by way of High Authority Programs would be on Backlinks, it sold for under $10 Dollars, it was ready to hand straight to your Outsourcer and it explained what you needed to know and critically it also discussed what you must not do by way of adding plugins to conduct searches, it was by Adam Roy if you want more information on it

Who Would I See As Offering High Authority Programs

Now clearly I could list a lot of High Authority Programs here but for the purpose of this exercise I’m going to just talk about a couple of people who have caught my eye, number one was Kim Roach and her Traffic Dashboard this was really actionable traffic generation in easy to understand Videos, again the ideas could be given straight to your Outsourcer

The second in my High Authority Programs would be Eben Pagan Talking About Moneythis guy has a highly successful track record of walking his talk and his free products are often as good as paid products, one look at what he is giving away at the moment supports this

Now a word of warning here on High Authority Programs or any other course or training for that matter, you must take action on the contents, either in person or with your Outsourcer, if you don’t have time or it doesn’t answer a pressing need don’t buy it, a lack of action and a lack of a clear action plan will lead to failure and frustration every time

So as always at this point I’d like to here your experiences on this, who do you trust for good information and is there anybody who has made huge promises then failed to deliver on them, do let us know, because one things for certain they wont pass the test of High Authority Programs

First Principals

First Principals

The Importance Of Getting Back To First Principals

I had the good fortune to join a webinar on Monday night with the man who was my mentor Alex Jeffereys, he had invited all of his ex students to an online get together and it was really enlightening, this is a man who earns a lot of money and yet he wanted to talk about his frustrations in the last year and why we needed to go back to First Principals

Personally I think it re enforces what I had always known that here was a man who would always go the extra mile, he talked about what he thought had gone wrong and he wanted to take us all back to First Principals as well, we could take the lesson of his mistakes and he added in a coaching session as well

Now he didn’t need to do this but he had chosen to ensure that none of the rest of us went through what he did, at first glance going back to First Principles sounds like a retro grade step but that is to miss understand the importance of having a clear plan and of working without getting diverted

But how you may be thinking can I get anything out of your get together on Monday night with your fellow students down the last two or three years, well I also happen to think First Principals are critical and I will explain why as this post develops, in fact I would go as far as to say without them we are all sunk

The Importance Of First Principals In Your Future Success

So why do I see this as so important, why should we all look at First Principals as part of our strategy? I see it as part of the importance of keeping focused, of keeping a longer term plan because without it you are basically like a little boat in a choppy sea, being blown around at will, with no real direction

You see First Principals says that you must link your day to day to do list to your One month and three month planning, it is the vital glue that keeps you in place, there are so many distractions, so many shiny objects to chase, so many glitches, loop-holes and magic buttons promising instant riches hmm!

The reality of First Principals is that you need accountability, an accountability partner to keep you on track, a clear strategy both day to day and a way of looking back and seeing what is working and what still needs to be done, otherwise we end up as so many do looking back at the end of a week and asking what have I actually achieved

Keeping your projects in a logical sequence is also essential, how many I wonder have 5 or 6 projects on the go but none finished, why is that a major problem? simple really, without a plan you wont earn any money, First Principals asks you the difficult questions that we sometimes try and brush aside

So How Can I Harness First Principals In My Business?

It’s a good question and one that the answer to will pay big dividends for you, you see when harnessed properly First Principals will increase your income whilst reducing your stress and anxiety, a true definition of win-win and one that you must pay attention to if you want to succeed

So what resources are there out there that can help you develop sound First Principals? personally I can think of none better than
Rich Schefren’s Internet Business Manifesto It’s been downloaded over a million times, it’s free but worth I think a great deal, you will see immediately why this man is the person everybody turns to when they get stuck

I would also recommend that you listen to his interviews with Mike Filsaime, Jim Edwards and Danny Johnson, I’ve had them for the last three years, I listen to them regularly, they always take me back to First Principals, I would put their value at around $297 Dollars but again they are free

So my message today is simple, without a clear plan and a way to put it into action you are sunk, the difference between a guru figure and everybody else is not knowledge it’s action a crystal clear plan of action and accountability, remember what Michael Gerber said, the problem with the boss is the boss doesn’t have one?

I will finish as always by asking for your thoughts, to see how you hold yourself to account, how you work your plan, how you stay on track despite all the distractions, how you manage to get back to First Principals

Positive Thought

Positive Thought

Is Just Positive Thought Enough To Make You Extra Money

I attended our monthly Mastermind group on Saturday, something which usually inspires me, the chance to get together with your peers and catch up on the latest ideas has to be valuable, this one I thought was going to be different, our speaker was one of the worlds leading NLP guys and his message was based around the power of Positive Thought

Why did I think it was going to be different? well I went with an open mind to something I wasn’t completely sold on, I’ve tried those subliminal message type things where you sit down, close your eyes and wait to be transformed and I’m still waiting, maybe what I had wasn’t right, or maybe I just didn’t understand the Positive Thought message in it

The speaker soon turned his attention to me and my professional sport background and asked me about my experience of winning and finishing nowhere, I related my experience of feeling bomb proof one day and of losing interest when things weren’t working another day, he had demonstrated that Positive Thought is very powerful just by drawing that out of me

For those of you not yet in a Mastermind group I would suggest you read my post from Nov 3rd In it I talk about the motivating power of the group, the way it develops accountability, the ability to help and be helped, don’t reinvent the wheel somebody has already done and he or she will gladly help you to do the same, so a live example of positive thought

Do We Really Need More Than Just Positive Thought

So do we really need more than just Positive Thought? In a word yes we need action and lots of it, getting out of a negative state is essential but on it’s own it won’t do anything, you need a clear action plan and you need to follow through with it,I talked about Online Time Management on Jan 3rd speaking personally I view it as really important and you should too

In the end we are always going to need more than Positive Thought, it’s a vital ingredient and one your going to need help on if you’ve got yourself into a downward spiral thinking wise, as people we are very good at getting in our own way, if only I had more time, if I was just ten years younger, I just need to do a bit more research and so it goes on, they are all examples of us getting in our own way, justifying a lack of action

Sadly we all know that tomorrow never comes in terms of I’ll do it tomorrow, when Steel Magnate Andrew Carnegie set Napoleon Hill the task of spreading his ideas that Hill turned into Think and Grow Rich, perhaps still one of the most important business and motivation books ever written he said this, in my experience a person who cannot make a decision in 60 seconds or less cannot be relied upon to follow through on that decision,Carnegie knew from experience that Positive Thought leads to positive action

So to follow the teachings of these great men we need Positive Thought, we need decisive decision making, we need a clear action plan and I would add from my humble input we need an accountability partner, we need somebody to share our successes and on occasions we need somebody to tell us like it is, to call us when we are in one of those, I’m to busy, I’ll do it tomorrow periods

Turning Positive Thought Into A Successful Business Model

Sometimes everybody has just wanted to give up, having tried to find a shortcut that hasn’t worked, we blame the plan, how is it then that whilst 97% fail the remaining 3% do very well, put simply they stay on track, we all have bad days that’s human nature but the captain steers the ship, he or she gives the crew Positive Thought or sells them a negative story, it’s our call and it’s our responsibility, nobody else will do it for us after all

So to quote on of my favorite personal development people mainly Stephen Covey we must start with the end in mind, if you are not familiar with his 8th Habit I would strongly recommend that you get yourself a copy, he demonstrates the power of Positive Thought and he discusses how to find your voice in a world where everybody is losing theirs, his ideas are so right for today and his message is very powerful

I wanted to finish where I began today namely about our speaker, a guy by the name of David Key, what did I learn from him about Positive Thought? I learned what I guess everybody already knew, words alone won’t do it, but I came away with some extra tools in my toolbag, I need to suspend my disbelief on NLP, to get out of my own way and use his ideas to drive me further onwards, we all know the day we stop learning we are in major trouble, I may not fully understand how but he demonstrated that it works, in sport, in business, even in politics, it’s in my hands now

In winding up today as always I’d love to get your thoughts, are you part of a Mastermind Group? how do you keep yourself on track with all those distractions and obviously how you use Positive Thought

Setting Trends

Setting Trends

Which Is Better Setting Trends Or Building Timeless Value?

I wanted to look today at what is going on online and to ask the question is it better to be Setting Trends or building Timeless Value, clearly there are merits in both but from a business point of view which is the best path to follow?

I guess before we pursue this to much further we need to look at what’s gone on over the last 10 years, the online audience has in that time grown from just over 360 million to a figure today in excess of two billion, so a worldwide audience is Setting Trends by driving this huge growth

It might be a surprise that the market is still growing strongly in western Europe, it grew by over 62% in 2010 alone,according to the London School of Economics many children admit to missing meals or even sleep to make time to go online, clearly they are Setting Trends! whether they are desirable is another matter entirely

This same group who are Setting Trends say that they would be lost with access to the Internet and 46% make purchases online and again these are very recent figures dating from November 2010, you could argue that they are the consumers of the future but as their parents will attest to they are the consumers of right now

With This Group Setting Trends Is There A Place For Timeless Value?

So if this group or niche as we so often refer to them online are Setting Trends is there any place for timeless Value? I think the growth in demand for products and services in the developing world that is demanding ever more high quality products and services would suggest there is

Indeed the same Group that is Setting Trends is choosing timeless value, in 2010 the sales of Rolls Royce motor cars grew by 171% in a global market that was by all accounts in trouble, in the same period Ferrari saw sales grow by 10% in the US and by 20% in China, you could argue that these companies combine timeless value with certainly Ferrari Setting Trends with it’s new 458, it’s sold out for over a year and nearly new ones are changing hands for 20% more than they cost new

I talked earlier in the month on High Authority Programs about how certain people command high authority positions whilst others sell out and in the longer term do themselves more harm than good, how they lose the trust and respect they worked hard to build, if done well Setting Trends creates a tremendous opportunity but it can also be asking a question that nobody is looking for the answer to

This also tied in with my thoughts on whether we were seeing the death of Affiliate Marketing which I talked on a few days before again I felt that we were seeing people Setting Trends but sadly not in a desirable way, I also though pointed out that certain people were bucking that with timeless values and that in the longer term these were the people that would flourish

Setting Trends Is There An Opportunity In It?

I think a look in your inbox any day of the week would tell you that Setting Trends is a huge market, with so many new products and new ways of doing things these people drive the market on, are they all what they appear to be? no of course not, but I read recently that for 95% of people if success knocked on their door today they would turn success away,now that is a frightening thought

So how do you tell which is a genuine product Setting Trends and which is just the work of a snake oil salesman? first of all is what is being suggested realistic, anything that is push button, a glitch, a loop-hole is generally a newbie trap but amongst those there are some great new ideas, test them, if they don’t do what they claim reject them but never close your mind to new ideas

When evaluating new products or ideas we must follow them to the letter, too many people try to shortcut the process only then can you truly tell if they work, is it an idea whose time has come? is it really Setting Trends? or is it just a rehash of something that stopped working years ago or just a theory that never worked at all, unless you test properly you will never know

Okay lets start to wrap things up for today, I think the answer to the question is we need both, if we are brave we can lead a market in a new direction as long as we know the market wants that product or service, other times we want what we want, what we aspire to, clearly that’s timeless, so which do you believe in timeless value or Setting Trends?

Successful Mentor

Successful Mentor

The Real Value Of Working With A Successful Mentor

I wanted to look today at the amount of noise of distraction that is going on online and to really drill down to the importance of focus, of being absolutely clear on where you are going and the role of a Successful Mentor in helping you achieve that goal

The inbox of to many people will see dozens if not hundreds of e mails arrive each one promising instant overnight riches at the push of a button if you just buy their latest product or take their recommendation, the role of a Successful Mentor is to help you stay on track with what matters rather than being drawn into distractions

Does this suggest that all e mails are a distraction? no of course not but if they are stopping you completing your plan then to a large extent they are, like many fields online success is a question of following a formula, a plan, the role that a Successful Mentor will undertake for you is to implement that plan and to set up accountability

I have talked before about the role of an accountability partner, somebody who will both support you through some difficult times to ensure that you come out the other end stronger and somebody who will share you success as well, a Successful Mentor will highlight the value of a Mastermind Group for you

The True Strength Of A Successful Mentor

So what is the true strength of a Successful Mentor and how do you benefit? I would say that clarity is critical, their ability to cut through the noise and give you some clear ideas to work with, we all have our personal roadblocks and they are usually of our own making

In many ways we can be our own worst enemies, as our business grows we become project managers, a task we are not experienced in quite often, your Successful Mentor will have observed this many times, in fact I referred to this in my Jan 21st Post in it I talked about the man who mentored me and how he had felt himself getting off track and his reverting back his mentor

Often when we just look through our own eyes we see a part of a picture, a Successful Mentor used to dealing with other peoples businesses will see a bigger picture and how it fits into a longer term plan, this strategic thinking can make the critical difference between stagnation and the next burst of growth

In the case above my mentor Alex Jeffereys had seen that despite his helping develop countless successful online marketers himself that he had hit a roadblock, it is a sign of strength of character not a lack of knowledge at this point that he turned back to his own mentor to find the way forward

The Business Case for A successful Mentor

In my own field of Professional Golf it is a standard practice that players will have a coach, a fitness trainer, a mind coach, no longer is it good enough to be just talented now you need to be mentally strong under pressure and extremely physically fit, a few words from a Successful Mentor will make a huge difference

We don’t wait for our teeth to fall out or our car to break down before we take action, it’s just part of routine that we take care of these things on a regular basis, having a Successful Mentor as part of our continuing success strategy should be part of that same thinking

Can you learn from a Successful Mentor with little or no cost? well you can certainly mirror their ideas for just an investment in your time and as I think you know I think the best of these is Rich Schefren’s Internet Business Manifesto but at some point we still need to know how to drive these ideas, it’s no accident that in life the most successful people all have their own mentors, that person they respect and turn to for advice

In wrapping up today I would say that this is in my opinion the critical difference between people who struggle and those who do fantastically well, one group never see the full picture, the other keep seeing the latest ideas and drive them forward, so let me know your thoughts on having a Successful Mentor?

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