“Not Using Leverage In Your Online Business?You Should”

Using Leverage

Using Leverage

Are You Using Leverage In Your Online Business?

I wanted today to look at the power of Using Leverage in the sales of your own products or in gaining credibility in your marketplace or lastly on gaining free traffic to your blog or site in all three you can benefit from this technique

Why are we Using Leverage? simple really you are using the established credibility in the marketplace of the person concerned and they in return are getting another opportunity to either offer their subscribers some great information that is of value or they are recommending one of your products

When we think about it when you start out you could have the greatest product, the best sales letter or video but there is still something vital missing and that is the doubt in your buyers mind, I love the sound of this but I don’t know this guy or this girl, by Using Leverage you get over this hurdle really quickly

So if we can boost our sales and our credibility in the market place as easily as that why are more people not Using Leverage, in short why are we all making life much more difficult than it needs to be?

Well I think not Using Leverage is a product of how offline businesses work or more importantly how most people think they work and that is to treat everybody else in your industry as competition, but what none of us consider is that for years many of the imformation based companies have agressively been leveraging each others mailing lists, in short they’ve known this all along, it’s not really even a secret

People who have been clients of the likes of Rich Schefren Jay Abraham Tony Robbins and the like have been exposed to these practices, even selling their lists of prospects that don’t buy from them to their competitors, by Using Leverage they have grown exponentially whilst others grow by a few percent a year at the most, it’s a very different way of thinking and one me must all learn from

So the theory is all well and good but how can we go about Using Leverage in practice, how can we make it work for our businesses maybe even to generate that same explosive growth, let’s put the boot on the other foot and look at it from the point of view of the established marketer, that person known as the Guru

Other Key Ways Of Using Leverage

Now of course there are other key ways of Using Leverage, The real way Ray Krok found McDonalds, read more on page 6, The 5 best ways to reduce your workload by 75% whilst expontentially increasing your profits,turn to page 8 for this,The best country to makes this all happen, read more on page 10

The one vital piece of advice my mentor gave me that turned on the lights,find out on page 14 and the one vital ingredient to make the difference, page 12 of this report talks further about it on how you can help when it comes to Using Leverage, good copywriters have always tempted us to explore further

Back to our Gurus view, what do they want out of this besides money? well they are busy people with big lists and those lists have a thirst for great information, remember great information? it used to be everywhere so how can you provide this, a well researched information packed report is a good start

An interview with a leader in your niche would be even better, turn it into an MP3 and use the transcript as an e book, sell it for $7-$17 Dollars and offer your Guru 100% commission, do you think he or she will be motivated to send traffic to your site for that? it’s an easy sell for them, great information for their list, it builds your list really fast and it’s a great way of Using Leverage, a real win win

So Why Isn’t Everybody Using Leverage Like This?

On the face of it this should be easy, so why isn’t everybody Using Leverage like this? well it’s a good question and I think it has two answers, number one being that around 97% of people have never thought of this as a possibility and of the remaining 3% most of those are unsure how to approach the authority figures

So how would you get their attention? well for starters how about writing about them on your blog, many of these people will keep a watchful eye on what is written about them both good and bad, they are also looking for ways of Using Leverage, remember that the worst answer you will ever get in life is no but what if they say yes?

One of the really high profile Bloggers David Risley often posts on what he thinks about his readers Blogs, it’s a great education for us lesser mortals and it proves my point in the sentence above, think these authority figures don’t have time for this well think again, they too are looking for new ideas

Now clearly this topic has a ton of mileage, really I have just scratched the surface here and I think your mind can run riot on this topic, I know mine can, think about your strenghts,is it writing, interviewing, product creation, in the end all great ways of Using Leverage

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