“How Much Traffic Can You Drive Using Articles As A Source”?

 Articles As A Source

Articles As A Source

Using Articles As A Source Of Traffic? You Should!

I talked on Friday about the power of using articles to create videos a very powerful method of driving fresh traffic to your site but have you considered the other opportunities that come from driving traffic using Articles As A Source?

In the end your writing the article in the first place is the hard bit, now using Articles As A Source is really just a question of lateral thinking, because if you do then you can increase your traffic many many times over and remember this is not clogging your server with people who have no interest in you this is highly targeted traffic

On Friday we concentrated on Video as our main generator but as Edward De Bono taught us by putting on our different hats we have many options, let’s see how using Articles As A Source can really ramp things up

First off does it lend itself to educate people? in many cases that was the key point, in which case add some additional detail to it, this is a great way of using Articles As A Source, a quick search on Google will produce many sites like e how for you to post to, use your anchor text links in the normal way

Clearly this starts to establish you as an expert way outside of your normal realm, this use of using Articles As A Source is something that most people are not even thinking about but it’s very powerful

Using Articles As A Source To Create PDF’s

By using Articles As A Source for a PFD document you have another use of your Article again it gets it out to a different audience and in both of the above cases people are looking to be educated so you are catching this audience at an early stage,becoming the authority figure is clearly going to be an important tool in attracting future customers

Free ebook sites are your main destination for these and again make sure it adds value and is not just an advert, it may work for you but it won’t work for your target audience, it’s a powerful use Of Articles As A Source of extra traffic

Going back to our lateral thinking how about converting it into an audio, I don’t know about you but I listen to a lot of educational MP3′s on how to topics and as always you can go down a fully automated route such as say
Read the words this will literally take your post and convert it into spoken word

For many of you though you will want it to be a rather more personal way of making use of Articles As A Source and the software that I personally use for audio is Audacity, just make sure you convert the files down, 20 minutes of speach will be around 200mb,once you compress it to MP3 that same twenty minutes is more like 3 to 4mb with no lose of quality

Now this of course leads us into using Articles As A Source of podcasts, I personally listen to a lot of speak based radio but at times it all sounds the same, it helps people to keep things unique and it’s another way to get your message across, just add your URL spoken this time at the end of the broadcast

A quick search for podcast directories produces many sites that offer you the opportunity to get your message out there, as in many of my earlier posts you are going to see the importance of Outsource some or all of these tasks but by making use of Articles As A Source in this way you are spreading your message much wider

Other Ways Of Using Articles As A Source,Keep That Lateral Thought Process Going

I talked on Friday about how you can use Powerpoint to produce Videos but have you thought of using the Powerpoint presentation as a way of using Articles As A Source because you should? again it lends itself to the person who is looking for good information and some of the sites sharing this information are very high pagerank

One such of these is Slideshare it has a pagerank of 7 and is Alexa ranked under 2000 and yet most people in this field wont even have it on their radar which really does make this a great use of Articles As A Source of both extra traffic and extra authority

Lastly but by no means least in ideas on this one is to share your related posts on these issues with the various blog content sharing sites, by going to the communities that deal in this you need to have something to educate people with but clearly the rewards are as always more traffic

So where can you go to make great use of your Articles As A Source of new traffic? well two key ones come to mind and they would be Bloggers Base & Blog Engage both allow distribution of blog posts, read through what they do and don’t allow and remember you are not advertising you are educating here

So hopefully this exersize has got your lateral thinking muscles going and in all probability you can come up with some more but I think you will start to get the idea but the crital thing is instead of seeing things as once and it’s done think instead of how many ways you can use Articles As A Source

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