“Do We Make The Most Of Personal Branding?”

Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Are We Making The Most Of Personal Branding?

How do we make the best of brand you, to give your posts a sense of Personal Branding whilst seeking to educate our readers and add value to their businesses?

In many ways it seems to be a question that a lot of people a wrestling with at the moment, how do I add value instead of just blowing my own trumpet, welcome to the world of Personal Branding

Marketing Online covers such a diverse range of subjects and such a diverse range of people, all of them seeking Personal Branding to set them apart from others in a me too world

And yet if we look in our inbox on a daily basis we can see a host of people involved in that me too approach, all selling the next big thing,site coming down anytime naturally

It is no great shock however that against that background that certain people really stand out, far from following the herd they plough their own furrow and they use Personal Branding as the key identifier for the readers, theirs tend to be highly trusted and widely read and often quoted, clearly they are getting something right

So if these people are making such an impact using Personal Branding why does it seem to be passing everybody else by, why are they missing the opportunity to get their names out there

Use Personal Branding To Build Authority In Your Niche

Against this background you will not be surprised to hear that the first e mails I tend to open these days are rarely those offering me push button solutions, of course automation is important but I believe that by using Personal Branding you can get much closer to your subscribers and create a win win solution

It’s also no accident that Brian Clark of Copyblogger said in a Recent Podcast that many people start their time learning from their site then quietly go away and earn a great living based on the information that they have learned there, he says that his parting shot is to invite them to buy something before they go,clearly they are using Personal Branding to good effect

A lot of my recent reading online has been on a fairly new blog that has been Online for barely two months and yet in that time the lady concerned has got herself an Alexa ranking of under 26,000 she makes great use of Personal Branding and it’s well worth reading

Personal Branding also gives you the opportunity to stamp your personality on your writing when placing your work on many of the blog sharing sites but in doing that we must remember that we need to add value not just blow our own trumpets

So How are you going to build brand you,what makes you different that allows you to use Personal Branding to set you apart from the crowd, there will come a time when the wild claims will be stamped out

So What Should Your Personal Branding Strategy Be?

You may be wondering how can I get my personality across, how can I implement my own version of Person Branding? there are after all so many others out there already, well yes but often in a really me to way and that’s instantly forgettable

Think of your favourite offline businesses, what is it they do well that others do either indifferently at best or really badly at worst, usually it’s a combination of personality and service, it personal, the service is special and you leave with a smile not that empty feeling of disappointment

There’s more good news on the way as well for the businesses online that are doing things the right way as the FTC promises to crack down on the claims and testimonials that are out there, a good time for those of us who do things the right way, a good time for Personal Branding

So think about what you do that is different, your USP as the business schools have taught us to think and make it part of how you do business, remember the way you feel in those great offline businesses, you make a point of telling your friends of spreading the gospel and make it part of your Personal Branding

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November 26, 2010

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November 28, 2010

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November 29, 2010

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