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Mastermind Group

The Power Of Motivation From Your Mastermind Group

I just wanted to look at the power of motivation in keeping you in check,it’s very easy when working on your own to get down,to get off track and to start to doubt yourself,it’s okay to admit it,we all have these moments,that’s why we all need to be part of a Mastermind Group

So how does a group,your own Mastermind Group help? I thought it might help to list ten things that we can do today to get fired up

Function No1 of your Mastermind Group must be to get yourself a mentor,ideally physical but failing that online,I had the great fortune to be mentored by Alex Jeffereys he in turn was mentored by
Rich Schefren you are never to experienced to get a mentor,in every field of endeavour the best people always have one and you should to

Function No2 of your Mastermind Group is to take that first step, sometimes the task seems huge but every journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step,break it down,today,tomorrow,next week,one step at a time

Function No3 of your Mastermind Group has to be your to do list,be crystal clear in what you need to do and the result that you require,remember no clarity equals no result

Function No4 of your Mastermind Group is having got it started is to get it done,don’t spend weeks polishing it,everything evolves but the best people sell that as a benefit,think Windows 7 was my idea,brilliant instead of our customers ironed out the bugs in our system it was Windows 7 was my idea genius

Function No5 of your Mastermind Group is Outsource the technical stuff will drag you down and bring you to a halt,you know what you want now get somebody else to do it for you,it’s a simple time verses money equation

Function No6 and I think one of the most powerful reasons for being in a Mastermind Group is to find an accountability partner,that person who will both reassure you but also give you a firm push when things get difficult

Function No7 and another powerful reason to be in a Mastermind Group is for your R & D not so much research and development as Rip Off and Duplicate,don’t reinvent the wheel,somebody in your group has already done it,let them help you,just remember to return the compliment when you can

Function No8 has to be continued learning,a good Mastermind Group will meet regularly,either online or in person,continued learning with like minded people is essential,for motivation and for accountability,if your in striking distance of London you could Join Us but wherever you are it makes sense to join a like minded group

Can A Mastermind Group Be Fun As Well As Benefitial?

Now so far our Mastermind group has focused on work but you know what you need some fun as well, some reward,taken that first step,reward yourself,finished everything on this weeks to do list? take the afternoon off, remember as a kid we were told all work and no play makes [Jack/Jill] a dull [boy/girl] well it’s still true, we just forgot somewhere down the line

Lastly but by no means least in our Mastermind Group is to celebrate our success,you’ve got your product finished,you’ve got your JV partners to tell their lists about it as well,now celebrate,have some fun and get fired up to start again

But enough of my ideas,why not add your own key motivators by way of a comment,I’d love to hear what keeps you motivated

So hopefully you can start to see how powerful this can be,it motivates, it educates, it picks us up in moments of weakness,so two promises to make to yourself over the next few days,if you don’t already have one,get yourself a mentor and become part of what Napoleon Hill started after he met up with Andrew Carnegie it was the birth of something we benefit from to this day, the birth of the Mastermind group

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