“Do We Create A Vision Or Are We Just Being Lazy”?

Create A Vision

Create A Vision

Does Your Marketing Create A Vision?

Excuse me for going off message a bit this morning but does your marketing message Create A Vision of what outcome you want your prospects to acheive?

I ask this for a simple reason based on my own experience,think about when you opened your in box earlier on today,did 99% of the messages in there Create A Vision of what you wanted to acheive,I suspect the complete opposite was true

There is of course a very good reason for thinking this and it relates quite simply to two sets of people, namely you and I, I think that there are only two types of people online, group one is those who Create A Vision for us of the outcome we require,that is ethical,easy to acheive and brings the result we want in a clear and measured way

The other rather worryingly and I feel it is at the heart of what’s wrong with online business at the moment is a rather large group of people selling push button solutions and lets be honest this is not creating a vision this is just blowing smoke and sadly it’s pandering to the chasing shiny objects brigade

Why Create A Vision at all I hear you ask? well I have been doing some soul searching recently based on my dissapointment at the messages and ethics out there,in honesty the only place that money comes before work is in a dictionary but if we were to believe a lot of the sales letters we receive then just 5 minutes and 7 mouse clicks equals hundreds of thousands of dollars,think about this for a moment because lots of people clearly are not

Far from trying to Create A Vision most of these messages they are just trying to sell us something often 4 to 5 times a week,contrast this those rare e mails that you see and archive,waiting for the moment when you can sit down undisturbed and read every word,we all know certain authority figures who we respect and who we would refer to our close friends with no issues at all,in fact we would view it as being of service to them,adding value in business terms

People Who Create A Vision Online Are Rare

Lets be honest people who Create A Vision online are rare,they often take a lot of time to create reports that really add value to their market,to educate people on how to and how not to do certain things in that field,they switch on the light in the darkened room of our minds and help us to see the solution

In the short term you may think why do they do it, certain people will just take the information and then do nothing with it,but remember that in the end in life less than 5% of people will follow through on things, no they know that to Create A Vision for the remaining 5% is their market, their target audience because they will take massive action because they too have a Vision,it’s just a little hazy on the detail at the moment

In life if we look at who can Create A Vision it tends to be outstanding business leaders,polititions,not the sleazy 99% but that 1% who talk to us,who bring that tear to your eye when they tap into your exact thought and then map out the solution, they are rare people and we all look up to them and we should

Okay Tony so you’ve clearly had a great weekend, you watched Fernando win in Korea and all is good with you but what has this idea of being able to Create A Vision got to do with my online business when some guy is promising me $237,549.27 with just 5 minutes work and 7 mouse clicks with massive traffic to Clickbank products?

Surely this idea of having to Create A Vision is hard work,you mean I’ve got to write reports, ones with real value sounds like hard work,surely the whole fact that there are lots of people chasing shiny objects means I just need to tap into that market,after all it’s much more straight forward?

But and it’s a big but have you looked at the e mails,often 10 or more a day all copied and pasted in an autoresponder,think about what happens when you receive them,far from helping to Create A Vision for you they just get deleted straight away,they are just lazy marketing and you very quickly lose respect for the person sending them

So Can You Be The One To Create A Vision In Your Market?

Hopefully by now you are starting to think about the possibilities this creates,it gets you out of the scrum and puts you into a smaller group of highly respected people who truly Create A Vsion,who really add value and would make you feel very differently about how you do business online

It is not an accident that the people who are paid the highest fees in most fields are those with the most sought are knowledge,if you can Create A Vision you will develop a strong following,it will be you that they wait for that e mail from and in the end you that they turn to on order to take their businesses up to the next level

Like all of you I have those figures,their messages are rare,in many cases we miss the real point because they charge so much for their time but they add so much value in the way that they Create A Vision that it just fades into insignifigance,how can they be worth that we ask,but look at their track record,it always reads like an industry who’s who,everybody you respect has been their coaching client at some point

So I hope you are starting to see the critical difference that being able to Create A Vision makes and sometimes we need a kick rather than just somebody to tell us how good we are,remember what Michael Gerber taught us? he said and this phrase often rings in my ears,[The problem with the boss is that the boss doesn't have one]think about that for a moment because it’s a profound statement

So who do I feel is out there that makes this kind of difference?who has inspired me to think that I need to Create A Vision and to get you to do the same?well in short there are many but in the Internet field I think there is only one true leader who everybody turns to when they realise that they have come a long way but now is the time to kick things up to a whole different level,he really does add massive value and his free products are better than most paid products,download this great Free Report now

I think for most of us being able to Create A Vision is essential, because otherwise we are just another person selling shiny objects,just another person that our prospects will start wildly enthusiastic about but who will quickly see no more than smoke and mirrors and we all know that just leads to the unsubscribe link on the bottom of the e mail,if it doesn’t add value in the end it is just stealing your time

We all have enough knowledge to become that kind of person,who gets respect,who can Create A Vision in our marketplace and we know deep down that for our own self respect if we are going to be here for the long haul we need to do this, in the end being a highly respected authority figure against the guy who sold shiny objects with rehashed ideas,it’s not really a contest is it?

So my suggestion,step back and look at the message you send your market are you adding value or selling shiny objects? because for your market and for you, you really need to go out and Create A Vision

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YES! Great piece, keep up the terrific work. This is the type of information that should gain recognition for it’s craft. More writers should learn from you. This is right on the money.

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