“Stop Making Scammers Filthy Rich-Read This Mans Rant Now”

Blueprint x proof

Blueprint x proof

Are Scammers Standing In The Way Of Your Dreams?

I’m just back from reading the Scammers Rant from a very established Marketer, he is clearly sick to the back teeth of the false claims, untrue stories,the fake testimonials, false income claims, the fake scarcity, he is clearly taking it very seriously and is billing it as the heavy weights v the scammers, clearly the time for change is now

Lets be honest we’ve all read that great sales letter then bought the product only to find it’s a rehashed version of ideas that didn’t work in the first place, you feel that some people must have a full time team dealing with refunds

This guy has his phone number right up front and he’s pointing out that a lot of people will be embarrassed by what he is exposing and will try and get the page taken down but he’s exposed all of the scams and more importantly he goes on to tell you it doesn’t need to be this way

To use a few of his words…

A lot of unsuspecting online ‘marketers’ (a.k.a. scammers!) are about to be embarrassed and exposed, right here and now.  It’s their turn to lose thousands now – but it’s YOUR JOB to read every word that follows to make that happen.

Not only will my 7 specific scam warnings save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in your search for what really works to make serious money online.

…I’m going to show you how to FINALLY get on the fast track to bringing in a substantial cash flow online using a very simple, but powerful income & cash flow formula that uses actual tested and proven *marketing principles*…

And does it without sacrificing something every buyer deserves up front – THE TRUTH!

The Scammers Are Warned

Honestly, an entire book could be written on this topic, but seeing as it’s now 3:56 a.m. as I write this, I’ll cover 7 of the BIGGEST LIES going on literally left and right every single day…

(And I mean, things are really running rampant, almost as if there’s a silent contest to see who can have the biggest product launch, but with the quality of HONESTY thrown right out the window!)…

Short of writing a blog post the size of a book I’ll let you read the rest on his site, go to http://tiny.cc/8gl88  he shows how you can make a really good living Online without sliding into the gutter, he’s done the cars and houses and boats after all, see what you think? it just really confirms what I’d known for a long time http://tiny.cc/8gl88

Nowhere For Scammers To Hide

Changing tack a bit I’ve been looking at automation in a big way this week and I found a couple of great tools, I’m still testing one so I’ll report on that shortly but the automatted RSS Submitter is a great piece of kit, it submits automatically to 58 top directories and search engine submission sites

There are ten good reasons why you need this right now! go to http://tiny.cc/it7mg
Submit your blogs and RSS feeds to 58 of the most popular search engine and directories, automatically. 

 Save time by eliminating repetitive data entry work.
 Choose between automatic and manual submission.
 Add and remove blog directories manually.
 Backup option saves the title, description and keywords of your feed for future use.
 Improve your search engine rankings without any SEO.
 Free One Year software upgrades.

 Updated list of the newest directories and search engines.
 Automatically update your blog using a ping process.
 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

There is no doubt that blogs and RSS feeds are becoming an extremely popular web technology. It gives visitors direct access to the content they are interested in. And it provides the search engines what they want… fresh content that is useful to their visitors. Without being published in the RSS search engines, you’re missing out on hundreds of thousands of potential visitors!

Don’t waste anymore time manually submitting your blogs and RSS feeds. go to http://tiny.cc/it7mg
The Scammers are out there,until next time

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