“Free Traffic And A Tinge Of Sadness”

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Why Free Traffic?

I wanted to return to a subject that I talked about last week namely free traffic, it’s a fast changing world out there and we all know that you stand still at your peril, so like all of you I spend a fair amount of time doing research and it’s important to understand the difference between research and just surfing chasing after shiny objects, let me explain

We all know that certain areas of our business are essential,traffic generation is essential,without traffic you are invisible, your product or service might be the best in it’s field but if nobody knows about it then your efforts are lost and your market is missing your knowledge, so it stands to reason that if you could get a lot of free traffic at anytime then you really should be doing everything to achieve that

In the end free traffic is like everything else, it needs to be outsourced, you need to leverage your time because otherwise you just get bogged down, worst still you get frustrated, please remember why you came to the Internet to market your business, to free up your time to spend with your friends and family, if that’s not happening you really need to think again about this, don’t forget that I have a free report on this page that covers the bare bones of this, just sign up in the box on the right

You Are Outsourcing I Hope?

if your not outsourcing you are probably doing under 25% of what you could be doing, I want you to stop, right now and think of your to do list, if your being totally honest it would run to pages, now imagine putting 85% to 90% of that in somebody elses hands, this report tells you how to start getting it done http://tiny.cc/q4fzb

Back To Free Traffic

Okay back to free traffic, why other than exposure to your site why does it matter? well lets be honest, you want this to be your business not your all consuming hobby that it is now, lets put down the kind of $237,511 Dollars income in one month claim because it won’t happen, at least not to start with, instead ask yourself how good would it be to earn $1000-$2000 Dollars in the next month from your online business and $2000-$3000 the following month, pretty quickly you get to that job replacing income

But surely Tony I should be thinking big? well yes and no, we get back to chasing shiny objects, keep laser focused,get that one thing generating income, no matter how small, then refine it until it grows, test your headline, your offer then split test to see if offer one out performs offer two, little by little draw more out of what your doing, automate it as far as possible and outsource 85%-90% of it, only now do you add on another string

So What Is The Big Internet Marketing Con?

Now if I were to point you in the direction of somebody who has done exactly this who started with huge debts, who chased every shiny object until one day he ran into the same guy who mentored me, he explains  how he started with a small monthly amount under $2000 Dollars to be exact but also how in 12 months he was earning $115,000 believe me if you follow this route you too will get your business back to track, stop chasing dreams, get back on track today, go to http://tiny.cc/rf9ik

It’s quite refreshing to hear somebody talking about the con that we are all being told and sold, if it sounds like you then listen to what this guy has to say, I know this guy, he was advised to stop trying to make money online by a highly successful online marketer, he reasoned that crazy as it sounded he should listen, after all the person giving him was doing it already, it had to make sense, go to http://tiny.cc/rf9ik

Lastly back to that free traffic, we established the why it matters earlier, go to  http://tiny.cc/iqdkd to find out how

A Sad End Today,Sorry!

So in closing why the tinge of sadness? well you know that I’m a big motor racing fan and over the last couple of years I’ve discovered Moto GP, if I’m honest motor bikes scare the hell out of me but watching Jorge Lorenzo, Valentino Rossi and Danny Deprossa has got me hooked, the racing is really close at times frankly it’s mesmerizing

But yesterday the dangerous side came right back and sadly Shoya Tomizawa died as a result of his injuries whilst competing in Moto 2, we now watch Formula One and Moto Gp and watch the drivers and riders walk away from massive accidents like the one Webber had earlier in the season and maybe we have become detatched from the reality, I know Mark is a big Moto Gp fan who often phones Lorenzo and Rossi to congratulate them after they win

We should though remember that a 19 year old lost his life on Sunday, safety is a paramount concern worldwide now, San Marino has made massive upgrades to the circuit that saw this weekends meeting but not withstanding that our thoughts must be with Tomizawa’s family, I think maybe the thoughts of the riders says it all http://tiny.cc/x53n9

So go and bag yourself some free traffic,Until next time

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October 1, 2011

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March 2, 2011

Tandy Beaver @ 12:43 am #

That appears to be decent nonetheless i am still less than sure that I like it. Anyways will look far more into it and choose personally! :)

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