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Free Traffic

Free Traffic

$7,917 Per Day [This Controversial Tactic Generates Unlimited Free Traffic]

That’s the really bold claim being made for the Zero Cost Commissions software that’s just been launched and yet when you read the supporting letter you discover that the two guys that developed it are really against the lies that the Gurus are churning out at the moment and that’s refreshing

Like you I’m sick of that as well so I wanted to know more, it was clear to me that this was going beyond the hype and there was some substance to what was being said, these guys actually earn a good living doing this and yet their invisible, the way many people would like to be

They point out that most people selling products are showing you the income they earned selling you the product, not the income they earned as an affiliate promoting a product, it’s a critical difference

The Benefits Of Unlimited Free Traffic

The thing that’s great is it’s really new in what it does, it’s not another place ads all over the place program and the traffic really is free, one of the best bits is in the e book that comes with the software, in some ways I actually think it’s worth more than the cost of the whole package, I set out to skim it yesterday and ended up reading it for two hours, it’s that good

I think aside from the e book the support videos could go into a bit more detail, it tells you the nuts and bolts but I think it could be a bit more comprehensive but saying that it’s factual not spun full of hype so that wins it brownie points

I think these two guys have brought something new and fresh to the Traffic generation market and something that will work for a good time to come, this doesn’t have the Ra Ra guy on the Video and the geek on the how to Videos inside, it’s quick and easy to do

I think the ease of setting up the campaigns will really appeal and the optional software to find even more targetted traffic really quickly will make it a real winner, so in short I don’t think you can lose with this, it’s hype free and it works and that’s saying something in this business

On top of that the newbie will be able to make this work, it really is that simple, just watch the Videos, prepare your support details to put in the fields and your ready to go, couldn’t be more straight forward really

And yet the experienced person still needs Traffic, it’s the life blood of our business so everybody wins really

Ah but when will I see results I hear you asking? well in 24 to 48 hours you should be seeing some solid results and those will continue to build, I’m always sceptical of claims of turning on the Traffic tap, I’ll bet you are too?

Is it missing anything? well as I said earlier I think the Videos could be a bit more in depth but I think they give you the general picture and they are completely hype free

Who Needs Unlimited Free Traffic

So who needs this? well anybody who does business Online, it will work in any market to drive very targetted traffic, I upgraded to get the additional traffic and I’m glad I did

So my strong recommendation is if you are going to buy one Traffic product then this is it, I would rate it a full 5 stars were the support Videos better but I still think it’s worth a good 4 and three quarters

You need to go to now, it’s time to stop spinning your wheels searching for Traffic sources because this one must be in your Arsenal, nobody plays golf with just one club but you need this club in your bag, it really is that good

So in effect we all need unlimited free traffic,Until next time


Facebook Hyper Traffic

“Is Facebook and Social Media  The Next Marketing Opportunity”?

Marketing as an activity is all about reaching the right customers with the right products, and the result sought is delighted customers who are more than willing to open their purses wide enough to boost your revenues.

For many years, marketers stalked their target customers through various means and by trying to get their message across to spread awareness about their wares.
Traditional Means of Communication

Traditionally, marketing communications were conducted via print, broadcast and such traditional media through disruptive advertising, where advertisements appear in between the content of interest for the customer.

Traditional media does give a large reach to a marketer with its programming of mass appeal. However, the wastage is equally high,since a large portion of the audience would belong to a different segment than the one that is to be targeted by the marketer.

Enter Facebook, Social Media and the Internet

The revolution stirred by the internet as a medium took place because of the fact that it is highly personalized and provides more content on-demand than any other available medium. Social sites proliferated far and wide in their usage for a few simple reasons:

The power to create and distribute content is equally available to every user, irrespective of him/her being a customer or a marketer. In the earlier forms of media, that power rested with the editorial staff of the channel or the advertiser, but hardly ever with the user.
The medium is completely personalized, and a user can create or join groups and further create content based on what he/she likes.

Opinions are free and fair. This is one reason why social media is of utmost concern to marketers, since buying decisions are no more influenced as much by advertisements. The traditional word-of-mouth marketing approach has grown leaps and bounds on social networks.
Facebook – At the Center of Social Media

With 500 million (and growing) unique users worldwide, Facebook is the number one social networking site in terms of activity and subscriptions. What started as a garage initiative by Mark Zuckerberg has now become the biggest phenomenon on the internet.

A user interface that allows for quick communication and the ability to create fan pages and groups at the click of a mouse button are what make Facebook extremely popular.

Another important reason for its immense popularity is the wide variety of social applications that have been developed and made available within the Facebook environment.

These applications can allow users and friends to do joint activities like playing games that run endlessly, sharing photos, videos, and web links, and many more.
How does this help a marketer?

Traditionally, media plans were drawn to include television channels, publications, or any other media that can grab maximum eyeballs and effectively reach a selected target audience. The science of segmentation and targeting has become only more accurate in the case of social media.

Facebook provides a wide variety of avenues to communicate with the audience, which opens up an entirely different world of possibilities to have a fruitful dialogue with customers. Some of these methods used popularly by marketers are:

Advertising: The first opportunity, which is the most obvious one, is advertising on Facebook. The difference, however, is the fact that you can create your own advertisement in a matter of minutes and also specify the details of your target group in terms of demographics and types of discussions where you want your advertisement to appear.

Fan Pages: Facebook allows every brand, as well as individual users, to create fan pages for their favorite celebrities and their own homegrown businesses. Large brands have also created their official pages on Facebook that have a huge, immediate fan following around the world. The fan page has immense utility to convey first hand information about the brand and also to collect immediate and frank feedback from your customers.

Branded applications: One of the most effective ways to engage a user toward your brand is by creating an application; this could be a game or a contest, with your branding coming across subtly through it.

What makes Facebook even more exciting is the way it allows you to target your communication sharply just to the customer segment you want to attract. It also provides analytics and page insights that give good feedback and measurement on the activity done.

The options provided by Facebook can be creatively explored and used judiciously for bringing about maximum benefits to any brand.

However, while doing all this, you need to be aware of the fact that customers have an equal say and have the ability to respond immediately to any of your actions with a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Using a Facebook Social Media Consultant

Availing the service of a social media consultant to work out a social media strategy may be required so that your efforts will not be in vain.

Get more information here for the best Facebook training available:

P.S  My friend Welly Mulia said I could give you these 10 free minisite templates, go check them out

So use facebook as part of your mix,Until next time


Facebook Hyper Traffic

The Facebook  Learning Process

A great deal of successful marketing today depends on closely understanding consumer behavior. As a marketer, you may always be curious to understand what excites or motivates your customers into buying either your products or those of your competitor.  Depending on the buying and consumption cycle of your product, there can be several factors that will determine the sales conversion ratio for your product.

Learning To Use Facebook

A successful sale happens when your customer understands his or her needs and is convinced that your product can satisfy that need in a reliable way.  Both these steps happen through a process, which is known as learning. Hence as a marketer, your job begins by ensuring that the customer perceives his need and, more importantly, finds the solution in your product

Right Learning and Right Conversations

At this very moment, you may be reading this article on your laptop or desktop. Remember the day when you had decided to buy your first computer. You must have considered many factors before finalizing which computer to purchase.  One of the important decision points for a buyer is their circle of reference. It is natural for you, as a buyer, to discuss with your informed friends about the best brand. Positive references from friends and acquaintances help one make a decision.

How has Facebook changed all of this?

Research has shown that buyers do a great deal of product research on the Internet and most of the time choose to purchase the product either online or offline. The power of the Internet as a research and information resource has been realized to a great extent by customers worldwide.

The basics of consumer behavior, learning, reference groups, and buying decisions have remained exactly the same. But what has changed significantly is the speed with which everything happens. Technology has brought down the barriers in global communication. Social networking sites, and more importantly the rising popularity of Facebook, bears a strong testimony to the growing power of the Internet as a mode of communication and a source of information.

Before and After Facebook

Like we discussed, most of the learning before the proliferation of Facebook and social media happened through advertisements on television.  During the days of conventional media dominance, marketing was driven by the power to broadcast. Marketing communication was primarily unidirectional through blaring advertisements and press releases.

Word of mouth happened on a one-on-one basis, where the conversation would begin and end around a small group of people.

Today, a search on your favorite brand on Facebook may reveal many conversations about the brand, which may depict user’s positive or negative experiences with the brand. Unlike the clandestine brand gossip of earlier days, the Facebook era ensures that conversations are documented and made easily available through social networking sites.

Brands trying to ignore this new medium find themselves in a state similar to an ostrich, with its head buried in sand, thinking the world cannot see it. The real image of the brand in people’s minds shows up aloud these days through conversations on Facebook.

Facebook and Online Reputation

The power of Facebook, as discussed, has extended the scope of Word of Mouth beyond the good old conversation between friends. Today, each and every Facebook user is free to publish his views on your brand. The true effect of this happens whenever these conversations appear in searches and influence people’s opinion about the brand image.

This is where online reputation, primarily on a widely accepted medium like Facebook, matters.

In a nutshell..
Managing a positive image of your brand requires you to expand your reach, more than what you would do in case of conventional media. The conversational nature of social networking sites, such as Facebook, demands a different approach. Unlike one-time broadcast by the conventional medium, Facebook stores each and every conversation and makes it available through the search option for anyone who is curious to know more about your brand.

That is the reason why it is a critical part of any brand plan to feature positively on social networking sites, such as Facebook. Engaging consultants who have experience in managing brands through the new era of social networks is a growing practice that can help brands manage the new wave.

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So learn to use facebook as part of your mix, until next time

Blog Profit Accelerator

Blog Profit Accelerator

Why Free Traffic?

I wanted to return to a subject that I talked about last week namely free traffic, it’s a fast changing world out there and we all know that you stand still at your peril, so like all of you I spend a fair amount of time doing research and it’s important to understand the difference between research and just surfing chasing after shiny objects, let me explain

We all know that certain areas of our business are essential,traffic generation is essential,without traffic you are invisible, your product or service might be the best in it’s field but if nobody knows about it then your efforts are lost and your market is missing your knowledge, so it stands to reason that if you could get a lot of free traffic at anytime then you really should be doing everything to achieve that

In the end free traffic is like everything else, it needs to be outsourced, you need to leverage your time because otherwise you just get bogged down, worst still you get frustrated, please remember why you came to the Internet to market your business, to free up your time to spend with your friends and family, if that’s not happening you really need to think again about this, don’t forget that I have a free report on this page that covers the bare bones of this, just sign up in the box on the right

You Are Outsourcing I Hope?

if your not outsourcing you are probably doing under 25% of what you could be doing, I want you to stop, right now and think of your to do list, if your being totally honest it would run to pages, now imagine putting 85% to 90% of that in somebody elses hands, this report tells you how to start getting it done

Back To Free Traffic

Okay back to free traffic, why other than exposure to your site why does it matter? well lets be honest, you want this to be your business not your all consuming hobby that it is now, lets put down the kind of $237,511 Dollars income in one month claim because it won’t happen, at least not to start with, instead ask yourself how good would it be to earn $1000-$2000 Dollars in the next month from your online business and $2000-$3000 the following month, pretty quickly you get to that job replacing income

But surely Tony I should be thinking big? well yes and no, we get back to chasing shiny objects, keep laser focused,get that one thing generating income, no matter how small, then refine it until it grows, test your headline, your offer then split test to see if offer one out performs offer two, little by little draw more out of what your doing, automate it as far as possible and outsource 85%-90% of it, only now do you add on another string

So What Is The Big Internet Marketing Con?

Now if I were to point you in the direction of somebody who has done exactly this who started with huge debts, who chased every shiny object until one day he ran into the same guy who mentored me, he explains  how he started with a small monthly amount under $2000 Dollars to be exact but also how in 12 months he was earning $115,000 believe me if you follow this route you too will get your business back to track, stop chasing dreams, get back on track today, go to

It’s quite refreshing to hear somebody talking about the con that we are all being told and sold, if it sounds like you then listen to what this guy has to say, I know this guy, he was advised to stop trying to make money online by a highly successful online marketer, he reasoned that crazy as it sounded he should listen, after all the person giving him was doing it already, it had to make sense, go to

Lastly back to that free traffic, we established the why it matters earlier, go to to find out how

A Sad End Today,Sorry!

So in closing why the tinge of sadness? well you know that I’m a big motor racing fan and over the last couple of years I’ve discovered Moto GP, if I’m honest motor bikes scare the hell out of me but watching Jorge Lorenzo, Valentino Rossi and Danny Deprossa has got me hooked, the racing is really close at times frankly it’s mesmerizing

But yesterday the dangerous side came right back and sadly Shoya Tomizawa died as a result of his injuries whilst competing in Moto 2, we now watch Formula One and Moto Gp and watch the drivers and riders walk away from massive accidents like the one Webber had earlier in the season and maybe we have become detatched from the reality, I know Mark is a big Moto Gp fan who often phones Lorenzo and Rossi to congratulate them after they win

We should though remember that a 19 year old lost his life on Sunday, safety is a paramount concern worldwide now, San Marino has made massive upgrades to the circuit that saw this weekends meeting but not withstanding that our thoughts must be with Tomizawa’s family, I think maybe the thoughts of the riders says it all

So go and bag yourself some free traffic,Until next time


Facebook Hyper Traffic

Last Chance For This Facebook Traffic

Just a quick heads up to remind you guys that this closes down in under 12 hours from now,for those of you that have looked at it Facebook Traffic is going to replace Google for targetted traffic but at a sensible price

 they had originally planned to close at Midnight on the 14th so it’s clearly ahead of schedule but they want to service all of their customers properly so it has to be this way.

Engaging Customers with Facebook Applications

With the rapid advancement in the Internet and its increasing user presence, the medium has become a preferred means of communicating directly with customers. Among the most popular activities on the Internet is the voracious usage of social networking sites.

With its open architecture and wide range of functionalities, Facebook stands as the number one social networking site. There are many reasons for this cult followership of Facebook. The ease of use and dissemination of content, tagging of friends and related users on shared items is yet another great Facebook feature. Facebook also allows creation of secured groups and publicly

available fan pages regarding your own brands.

The Facebook applications are its most popular components. Facebook has an open platform for web developers and programmers to create different applications to run applications from within its framework.

What is new about Facebook Traffic applications?

Until the option of applications was incorporated, the Facebook features were more about conventional social media usage, such as adding friends and creating groups pertaining to common interests and affiliations.

Applications initiated by Facebook expanded the function of the site toward more interesting features, which included social gaming, where you could include friends and even unknown participants from around the world. The big leap happened when Facebook opened its programming platform to developers around the world, who could develop applications and submit it to Facebook. These applications are made live for public usage once they are certified by Facebook.

How do applications help brand marketing?

On an average, a user would spend no more than a few seconds on the homepage or any other text rich section of a website. Similarly, on Facebook, text-based sections have their own limitations when it comes to holding attention of the users on the same page. That is where rich content and applications come into play.

A game, such as Scrabulous or UNO, on Facebook can engage a user for hours. Social games like Farmville have brought about a new genre of Social Gaming, which is the latest buzzword in gaming circles.

For a brand, a Facebook application can serve as an effective tool to gather and engage captive audience for a longer stretch of time. Users hooked on a particular game or application on Facebook will stay with it until the completion of the game. Brands have smartly used the opportunity to insert their logos and branding very subtly in the game. Subtle messages like these are known to give more brand recall and attitude change compared to intrusive advertisements.

Much to the delight of a marketer, Facebook provides usage stats of subscribers, which gives insight into the profile of users that the brand attracts. This can be compared with the intended target audience of the brand, and campaign modifications can be done based on the findings. Unlike most surveys that are based on sample estimate, what you get to see here is a summary based on each and every user who has added the application.

Developing Facebook Traffic Applications for Your Brand

Unlike most other participative aspects of social media, developing applications for Facebook requires adequate programming knowledge. Facebook has its own set of guidelines for the creation and submission of applications. Developers working on the Facebook framework must be updated with the guidelines defined by the site for any application to run. Brand owners need to avail services of a developer who knows all the steps that go into the creation of successful Facebook applications to ensure that their brand makes its presence through one of the most engaging options available in online media.

Get more information here for the best Facebook training available:

Build facebook traffic into your system,until next time

Blueprint x proof

Blueprint x proof

Are Scammers Standing In The Way Of Your Dreams?

I’m just back from reading the Scammers Rant from a very established Marketer, he is clearly sick to the back teeth of the false claims, untrue stories,the fake testimonials, false income claims, the fake scarcity, he is clearly taking it very seriously and is billing it as the heavy weights v the scammers, clearly the time for change is now

Lets be honest we’ve all read that great sales letter then bought the product only to find it’s a rehashed version of ideas that didn’t work in the first place, you feel that some people must have a full time team dealing with refunds

This guy has his phone number right up front and he’s pointing out that a lot of people will be embarrassed by what he is exposing and will try and get the page taken down but he’s exposed all of the scams and more importantly he goes on to tell you it doesn’t need to be this way

To use a few of his words…

A lot of unsuspecting online ‘marketers’ (a.k.a. scammers!) are about to be embarrassed and exposed, right here and now.  It’s their turn to lose thousands now – but it’s YOUR JOB to read every word that follows to make that happen.

Not only will my 7 specific scam warnings save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in your search for what really works to make serious money online.

…I’m going to show you how to FINALLY get on the fast track to bringing in a substantial cash flow online using a very simple, but powerful income & cash flow formula that uses actual tested and proven *marketing principles*…

And does it without sacrificing something every buyer deserves up front – THE TRUTH!

The Scammers Are Warned

Honestly, an entire book could be written on this topic, but seeing as it’s now 3:56 a.m. as I write this, I’ll cover 7 of the BIGGEST LIES going on literally left and right every single day…

(And I mean, things are really running rampant, almost as if there’s a silent contest to see who can have the biggest product launch, but with the quality of HONESTY thrown right out the window!)…

Short of writing a blog post the size of a book I’ll let you read the rest on his site, go to  he shows how you can make a really good living Online without sliding into the gutter, he’s done the cars and houses and boats after all, see what you think? it just really confirms what I’d known for a long time

Nowhere For Scammers To Hide

Changing tack a bit I’ve been looking at automation in a big way this week and I found a couple of great tools, I’m still testing one so I’ll report on that shortly but the automatted RSS Submitter is a great piece of kit, it submits automatically to 58 top directories and search engine submission sites

There are ten good reasons why you need this right now! go to
Submit your blogs and RSS feeds to 58 of the most popular search engine and directories, automatically. 

 Save time by eliminating repetitive data entry work.
 Choose between automatic and manual submission.
 Add and remove blog directories manually.
 Backup option saves the title, description and keywords of your feed for future use.
 Improve your search engine rankings without any SEO.
 Free One Year software upgrades.

 Updated list of the newest directories and search engines.
 Automatically update your blog using a ping process.
 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

There is no doubt that blogs and RSS feeds are becoming an extremely popular web technology. It gives visitors direct access to the content they are interested in. And it provides the search engines what they want… fresh content that is useful to their visitors. Without being published in the RSS search engines, you’re missing out on hundreds of thousands of potential visitors!

Don’t waste anymore time manually submitting your blogs and RSS feeds. go to
The Scammers are out there,until next time



Dont Overlook Internal Linking

I think the importance of Internal Linking on blogs has been lost on most of us, we all understand the importance of posting on other peoples blogs that relate to our subject but we tend to forget that we have a lot of important content on our own
It allows you to go into much greater detail on a topic your reader is seeking information on, so really it’s a great win-win situation,it improves the user-experience of your visitors and introduces them to some of your older blog posts
Blog internal links are also important for your search engine optimization. Same way that your visitors discover older posts via internal links, same way you show search engines which content of yours is worth crawling and indexing in their search results.
We tend to get driven by flavour of the month SEO techniques, so sometimes it is important that we remember some things are timeless, a quick search produces information posted two and three years ago that is really fresh today, just imagine say trying  that with traffic generation, it would be completely pointless
It will for me form part of a rethink that I am going to have over the next fortnight in how I lay things out, sure you can get lost in research but I found a couple of really valuable bits of automation on this, firstly a plug in from WordPress called insights it allows you to find pages and content that relate to your post with great link value
Secondly again from WordPress was this one and it’s even more in tune with what we are talking about, it makes it easy both to create the link and to find other posts to link to

Is There an Ultimate Traffic Solution?

There’s been a lot of hype on this subject recently but I’m really pleased that over the last few days there have been some genuinely helpful products brought to the market, we touched on Dean Holland’s new product last week and his refreshing frankness that you won’t make £237,511 Dollars this month if you buy this product but he went on to explain what you can expect and how quickly things can grow when you do things properly, if you missed it go to
On Friday I had my scammers rant and talked about Bryan Winters taking on the kind of false claims being made for products, earnings, testimonials, scarcity and a whole lot more, judging by your response you tended to agree with me that enough is enough, again if you missed what Bryan was saying then go to
But I’m wandering here!Is there an Ultimate Traffic Solution? well let’s first say that this man has pedigree in Traffic products,his new one can bring in traffic the same day, you can build a list, promote affiliate products,even promote your own products, once in place it will bring in completely automated sales and income, but best of all it will never become saturated or outdated

All Is Forgiven

I was critical of Fernando Alonso in the German Grand Prix at Hockenhiem, perhaps harshly as history will prove when he was handed the race when his team mate Pelipe Massa moved over after apparent team orders and let him through, but there are always two sides to every story and after the FIA investigation that became clear
Well this weekend belonged to Ferrari and particularly Fernando Alonso, he kept remorseless pressure on Jenson Button until he pitted and then with great pit work he emerged just in front and ran away from him, the scenes of Alonso and Massa together with team principal Stefano Demenicali on the podium with the tifosi massed on the pit straight I think signaled the day that we all warmed to Fernando
The scene in the grand stands of the tifosi in their red wigs really made me smile, Ferrari fans worldwide will have had their arms in the air and I suspect that this will have been the day we fell in love with Alonso, read Andrew Bensons comments on his BBC Blog and then watch the post race interview with Alonso here
PS If you think you can beat Felipe and Fernando then I think you need to try out the Ferrari Virtual Academy go to I notice it’s down this morning, I wonder why :)

Backlink Battleplan Is Live

As you will know by now Shane ran a competition over the weekend for his Backlink Battleplan subscribers, it was a little tounge in cheek aimed mainly at finding out what his subscribers wanted from their involvement but it had a serious point

Contributors were asked what would be the main purpose that they would use the Backlink Battleplan for, given the nature of the contest it was not surprising that the first name out of the hat was Peter Sundstrom with his numerous but outlandish claims for the product

I hope Shane will forgive me for blatantly taking the text off of his blog for the winners below

Backlink : Competition Winners

For the first part of the competition, the three free passes to Backlink Battleplan go to:

- Peter Sundstrom (because he discovered the real Guru underground secret use of Backlink Battleplan and now has a hollywood smile and six-pack abs)

- Kim (because someone has to save the economy)

- Edmund (because he’s tackling a huge project, helping young creatives)
There were many more comments that were real winner-material, but I had to settle on three and so I did.

For the second part of the competition, I simply used a list of all the tweets and picked one using a random numbers generator. And the winner is: – Gary_Hopper

Sorry Shane but it saved me going over it again!

Now why you may be asking do I keep going on about this Backlink Battleplan? well it’s simple really, I’ve watched over the last few weeks a couple of two thousand dollar launches that don’t offer this kind of value

Backlink Battleplan Is Live

Just back from watching the video on the actual Backlink Battleplan product, you’ve seen all the free products which I know you will agree are fantastic but the paid product is two things

Number 1 it’s great value at under $50.00 Dollars for the early people, secondly you get a step by step plan, we all know that it’s not the how it’s the getting it done that’s the big stumbling block

I really think this system with 18 videos is a great buy and more to the point it does the job, it does what is says on the tin, it goes up shortly to just under $100.00 Dollars in 36 hours, don’t miss this, it’s refreshingly hype free

Backlink Until next time

Auto Blogging Software image

Auto Blogging Software

Is Auto Blogging Software for you?

If you think back less than 6 months there was really only one piece of high quality Auto Blogging Software on the market and that was selling at just under a thousand dollars

If you don’t already know how to build insanely profitable blogs that are up and running in under 2 hours, completely on auto-pilot, making you Cold Hard Cash each and every day, you must read this urgently.

“Watch Me Login Live Into My $4500/mo Account” “And This Happens Completely On Auto-Pilot, Month after Month.. Using only FREE Blogs!”Even If You’ve Got: No Technical Skills, No Budget or What so ever! says the creator of this software

To quote one of his satisfied customers

Hey Everyone,

Auto Blogging Software is a no-brainer. It’s a powerful piece of software that grows per user request. Carty does a wonderful job of responding to requests and adding them into the software. And the cool thing, ABS works.

Another noteworthy point and as powerful as the software is Carty’s customer service. Carty is very reachable and responds to contact. It is amazing that I write this because customer service should be a priority for all in business. Unfortunately, that is not the case with many folks. It is truly refreshing to receive the level of service provided by Carty.

Get ABS and experience the great piece of software and great customer service.AllanWM Go Gators!

So, What is Auto Blogging Software and How Does it Help YOU?

Google and every other search engines love blogs, you know it! But did you know that they care only on the blogs that are updated frequently? I know how hard it is to manually update your blogs with fresh content everyday, especially if you’ve got more than one blog.

What if a software could do all the hard work in updating all your (ALL YOUR) blogs on auto-pilot and you could just sit back, relax and collect the cash?

Even if you’ve got no blogs already or don’t plan to invest in a domain name or whatsoever, the software can still help you with free blogs! And I provide a short action plan to reach Your Dreams Of Earning Over $150/day with This Software, PLUS a Personalized Email and Forum Support To Help You Achieve The Same.

“YES, This Is The Most Powerful Auto Blogging Software The World Has Ever Seen”

“Watch Me Create A Free Automated Blog In Just 3 minutes” the creator goes on to show us how easy it is

You won’t believe until you see it in action! The software uses a highly complicated algorithms to grab content from websites just like the way Google and other major web players read your website for content after filtering out the unwanted fluff.

Actually when a feed is downloaded, the software will visit each of the article item’ original website and grabs the full-text content for posting in your own Blog.

“It Will Also Post Unique Content By Translating It More Than Once, Automatically”
It is well known that Google hates duplicated content. This software will use online translator services and translate the content more than once so it becomes unique in the eyes of search engines.

Best of all, it happens all automatically and you don’t need to lift a finger. Just set it once and the software will take care of the rest for your life-time!

“It Makes The Posts Look Natural and Hand Made By Posting Images On Your Own Website”
The software can grab the image associated with extracted articles and uploads them to your own server before posting to your Blog so there is no reference made to the original website, go to

In case of free blogs, the software can upload the images to any FTP server you specify. (Completely optional!)

Getting excited yet, because you should be because if you’ve never made a penny blogging all that is about to change

with this software, you never need to worry about any junk being posted to your blog EVER! The software will carefully choose the content and leave out every other unwanted stuff so your blog is always of high quality.

Can Schedule Posts To Future Dates
Google can easily determine automated blogs if a large number of posts are made instantly. The software can intelligently separate each post with the set interval and schedule them to be published automatically on future dates so you don’t have to keep the software running all the time on your PC.

This feature of Auto Blogging Software works with both the Free as well as with WordPress

“Manage Even Over a 1000 Blogs From A Single Installation”
Every other auto blogging software requires you to install them separately on each of your blog as a plug-in. Imagine if you have 100 blogs! You need to install on all of them and managing each of them every week or so gets even harder.

But with this software, you can manage over a thousand blogs, all from a single installation on your own PC. As simple as that!

“Blogs Created With This Software Appear Natural And Proven To Score High Search Engine Rankings”

Now obviously we could go on with this but I think you get the picture by now, go to

Let’s leave the last comment to another satisfied customer

I just wanted to leave my initial review of the product and the super awesome customer service.

I purchased the product couple of nights back. I could not wait to try it out, so I fired it up and plugged in some RSS feeds for a crazy little niche I dabbled with awhile back. My first run was with a Blogger blog. This software is so easy to use – right out of the box! I love it.

In no time, I had about 50 scheduled posts lined up for the coming days for my blog. Since that time, I have populated 2 more blogger blogs I had lying around with about 50 posts each. I managed to accomplish this in record time – less than 15 minutes per blog.

On another note, yesterday, I had a question for Carty, so I emailed him. He responded back to me within 2 hours. Holy Cow! I was not expecting that! He answered my question and provided some very useful information about how to succeed with ABS in his response.

Carty + ABS = Total Class Act, I am very pleased with this purchase. Raleigh Makarechian

If you’ve never made a dime blogging it’s time to get your own back with Auto Blogging Software, go to

So I’ll leave you with the thought, do you need Auto Blogging Software? Until next time

Blog Automation

Blog Automation

Can You Make Money With Automation?

For those of you who run an Online business it can’t have escaped your attention that the further you get into doing things the greater the workload gets, against this background Automation becomes essential but how do you put it into action?

Well over the last few weeks I have reported on a number of pieces of software to help you achieve that, it stands to reason that the more automation you use in your business the more time you have to concentrate on things that either earn you more money or work on creating more relationships, both of which you need to do

But what do you need to automate? well in a word as much as possible, on friday I talked about automation in your blog that is creating affiliate commissions, now this must take away from your main blog but it has a place as an automatic income generator,in case you miss out on that then go to

This software can create 100 blogs in hours, it works with WordPress and Blogger, it integrates with Amazon, eBay, Google Adsense, and ClickBank, Writes and auto updates unique content for your blogs,Manages unlimited blogs from one easy interface,You DO NOT need a webhost,You DO NOT need a domain name,You DO NOT need any technical experience, in fact all you need to do is let this Build your own profitable blogs in minutes!

On your main blog you need to get the message out about what you are doing, so you capture e mails with your autoresponder account and that deals with sending messages to your prospects and the downloads of reports, software etc, do you start to see how much more work you would have without automation

But you also want to reach more people so you have automation for your rss submissions and automation for your directory submissions can you seriously imagine submitting these one at a time? well without automation that is exactly what you would be doing

“You Can’t Use Automation For Everything”

Of course not everything can be automated and this is where outsourcing comes into play, I for one am far from convinced that linkbuilding can be automated without damaging yourself in Googles eyes, this needs to be natural and we all know how time consuming this is

There are a lot of sites out there claiming to build 1000′s of backlinks in no time, my take on this is don’t do it, Outsource the exersize if you want fast but natural results and pick off 5 to 10 a day yourself, to find blogs in your subject you can use software like cherry picker it will find blogs, tell you their pagerank and allow you to post, make your post relevant, remember how insulting it feels when somebody posts an advert full of links on your blog that bears no relationship you what you do, it’s no better than spam, don’t do it

So Make Automation Part Of Your Routine

So hopefully you can see the value of Automation, it saves time and in the end time is money, remember in the end nothing is free, the right software pays for itself very quickly, doing it all yourself just gets you more and more frustrated as you get ever further behind

So until next time make sure you build automation into your routine

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