“What Is The Backlink Battleplan”?


Backlink Battleplan is an the newest product created by Shane Melaugh. It’s all about link-building, but with a very unique twist.

As you probably know, if you want to get a site of yours ranked in the number one spot in Google for a high-traffic keyword (meaning that a lot of people search for it and you’ll get lots of free traffic by being #1), it means that you need to beat some tough competition. The way to do this is to have reasonably good on-page optimization and then build backlinks. Tons of backlinks, for really valuable keywords.

As a rule of thumb, you need more and better backlinks than your competitors have. That’s what gets your site to outrank theirs.

And if you want lots of traffic, you’ll often have to build backlinks by the thousands.

Obviously, there’s no way you can do all that by hand, which is why most SEO’ers use different kinds of link-building tools that automate and speed up the process for them. And if you want to compete with these guys, you need similar tools.

Problem is, these tools are usually very expensive. Some of them will only cost you a one-off fee of maybe $100 or so, but most of them (most of the ones that are actually effective, anyway), will cost you anything between $70 and $170 each and every month!

Here’s where ]Backlink Battleplan comes in: What sets this system apart is that it teaches you how to build lots of backlinks, using automation tools, systems and “hacks”. And all of this automation costs you absolutely nothing.

That’s right: The system is about creating automatic backlinks without having to spend a penny on fancy tools.

This could be a game changer. But does it really work?
Well, that remains to be seen. The product is not released yet, but you can already get a taste of what will be inside by checking out this site http://tiny.cc/bx7v8

Give it a look, there are already some pretty amazing methods shared on there, for free.

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October 13, 2010

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