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Just wanted to do a quick update on Backlink Batteplan

Just wanted to do a quick update on backlink battleplan, I’m just back from watching the third video, I really can’t believe the quality of what Shane is giving away

To give you a flavour, today’s stuff includes a quick start guide on how to differentiate between what is valuable in terms of backlinks and what is basically useless

This will save you a ton of time and no end of frustration, there’s a recommended directories section

On top of all this is a series of how to videos, after the sort of hype that hits most of our inboxes day after day this stuff is a breath of fresh air

He has included a newbie guide for those people just starting out called wordpress websites made easy, he walks you through the must do stuff, in short the kind of A B C that we all need to get us going

He has a newbie cheat sheet on everything you ever wanted to know about keyword research, before you start yawning he has a fresh take on things, it’s so important, don’t skip it

Then there’s a process map on keywords, how to pre screen them and how to get to your finished article, again in a simple step by step process

He explains buyer or buying keywords and long tail keywords, this kind of quality fluff free information just was not around when I started out

He then goes through a final selection process and shows you how to use google trends to spot the declining trends now, not after you have built your site

You will be beginning to gather that I have a really high opinion of this guy, he’s passionate about his subject and knows it really well and he backs it up with a great response, I got a reply in under 5 minutes to my question

As if all of this was not enough he is going to be giving some stuff away over the course of Saturday and judging by the quality of what he’s given away so far I have no doubt there will be more gems in the offing

My advice, go and watch video 3 and if you have not done so yet also look at the first two and the supporting software and guides, the article submitter helper is priceless and again he’s giving it away

Those of you who know me will know I’m not easy to impress and I had not planned to post today but in the end I thought it to important not to, check it out http://tiny.cc/bx7v8

Until next time

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August 16, 2011

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March 1, 2011

Kelley Mermis @ 4:50 am #

I surely have to think much more in that way to see things i can do about that.

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