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Another week more great Backlinks

Another week and another source of great information on Backlinks has come across my inbox, I’m just back from reviewing what it offers and I have to say I’m highly impressed, more on that later!

My week has been something of a watershed, of seeing through frustrations to how to go away beyond them, allow me to explain, like many of you my workload has continued to grow but there is only ever going to be one of me

So I have been Outsourcing for the last three months, my results have been mixed, discounting the initial period where I tried to Outsource to first India and then to China and got given the mixture of promises and very slow delivery combined with the run around

I now have some first class Outsource partners but I have also experienced some less than satisfactory behaviour from one time contract Outsourcers, in people promising much but then backing out right at the end moment, this delays projects and leaves a nasty taste

So I am about to take the plunge and take on my own virtual assistant, I need to get much more done and I want somebody who could grow into the role of leading my Outsource team in the future and somebody who will take pride in being part of my team

Many of you will be putting off Outsourcing your business, it feels to start with as if you lose control but I would say that you already do it in all other areas of your life, it’s just that you don’t view it in that way yet

I feel I have learned a great deal in a short time on this and to help others I have written a Report on how to, why you should do it to, the best places to find your Outsource partners and equally important, how to develop the right mindset for it, go to it’s Fr*ee and it’s a work in progress, so as I add more resources I will let you know

Talking of adding resources I am working on an Audio and Video product which I plan to launch later in the month so I have my work cut out over the next few days pulling together all of the ideas and creating it into a logical sequence to present it

Following on from that I will need to get some JV Partners in place to promote, I think August is going to be busy, today was a little bit more difficult to get going, it’s my birthday, I guess I am at the age where you need to call the Fire Brigade to put the candles on the cake out rather than risk blowing them out

So what about these Backlinks

I trust all of you understand by now that Google places a lot of value on Backlinks but that not all Backlinks are created equal in it’s eyes, those of you who read the Ryan Deiss reports from last week will know a lot more about where to get high quality authority Backlinks,

On that front I have some bad news to report…

I just got an email from Ryan Deiss announcing that registration for his “Perpetual Traffic Formula” will close THIS MONDAY at midnight.

So if you want to learn Ryan’s secrets for getting free traffic from Google, you need to go NOW and signup before it’s too late:

Training for “Perpetual Traffic” starts on Monday, and since this is a LIVE coaching program Ryan wants everyone to get started at approximately the same time.

That’s why I KNOW this training will close on Monday, so if you’re still sitting on the fence, now is the time to see what Ryan has to say:

Another take on Backlinks

As I was saying earlier I was reviewing some more Backlinking Videos and some supporting software earlier on today, it’s a different take to Ryan’s but in my view their everyday application makes it every bit as valuable, go and have a look, let me know what you think?

Shane has another free and automated piece of Backlink software coming out soon and one of his pals will give you a way of further customizing the first piece of software

When you consider there are pieces of software out there for $47-$147 Dollars a month I think this is a great find, go and have a look

It’s a good job I’ve got a big project for the next couple of weeks, there’s no Formula One now for nearly 4 weeks and no MotoGP
for the next couple of weeks, I guess I’ll just have to get out on the bike more

Until next time


Backlink Battleplan is an the newest product created by Shane Melaugh. It’s all about link-building, but with a very unique twist.

As you probably know, if you want to get a site of yours ranked in the number one spot in Google for a high-traffic keyword (meaning that a lot of people search for it and you’ll get lots of free traffic by being #1), it means that you need to beat some tough competition. The way to do this is to have reasonably good on-page optimization and then build backlinks. Tons of backlinks, for really valuable keywords.

As a rule of thumb, you need more and better backlinks than your competitors have. That’s what gets your site to outrank theirs.

And if you want lots of traffic, you’ll often have to build backlinks by the thousands.

Obviously, there’s no way you can do all that by hand, which is why most SEO’ers use different kinds of link-building tools that automate and speed up the process for them. And if you want to compete with these guys, you need similar tools.

Problem is, these tools are usually very expensive. Some of them will only cost you a one-off fee of maybe $100 or so, but most of them (most of the ones that are actually effective, anyway), will cost you anything between $70 and $170 each and every month!

Here’s where ]Backlink Battleplan comes in: What sets this system apart is that it teaches you how to build lots of backlinks, using automation tools, systems and “hacks”. And all of this automation costs you absolutely nothing.

That’s right: The system is about creating automatic backlinks without having to spend a penny on fancy tools.

This could be a game changer. But does it really work?
Well, that remains to be seen. The product is not released yet, but you can already get a taste of what will be inside by checking out this site

Give it a look, there are already some pretty amazing methods shared on there, for free.


Just wanted to do a quick update on Backlink Batteplan

Just wanted to do a quick update on backlink battleplan, I’m just back from watching the third video, I really can’t believe the quality of what Shane is giving away

To give you a flavour, today’s stuff includes a quick start guide on how to differentiate between what is valuable in terms of backlinks and what is basically useless

This will save you a ton of time and no end of frustration, there’s a recommended directories section

On top of all this is a series of how to videos, after the sort of hype that hits most of our inboxes day after day this stuff is a breath of fresh air

He has included a newbie guide for those people just starting out called wordpress websites made easy, he walks you through the must do stuff, in short the kind of A B C that we all need to get us going

He has a newbie cheat sheet on everything you ever wanted to know about keyword research, before you start yawning he has a fresh take on things, it’s so important, don’t skip it

Then there’s a process map on keywords, how to pre screen them and how to get to your finished article, again in a simple step by step process

He explains buyer or buying keywords and long tail keywords, this kind of quality fluff free information just was not around when I started out

He then goes through a final selection process and shows you how to use google trends to spot the declining trends now, not after you have built your site

You will be beginning to gather that I have a really high opinion of this guy, he’s passionate about his subject and knows it really well and he backs it up with a great response, I got a reply in under 5 minutes to my question

As if all of this was not enough he is going to be giving some stuff away over the course of Saturday and judging by the quality of what he’s given away so far I have no doubt there will be more gems in the offing

My advice, go and watch video 3 and if you have not done so yet also look at the first two and the supporting software and guides, the article submitter helper is priceless and again he’s giving it away

Those of you who know me will know I’m not easy to impress and I had not planned to post today but in the end I thought it to important not to, check it out

Until next time



How Backlinks Help with Free Traffic

The best kind of traffic is free traffic, I think we can all agree on that.

There’s just this one little problem: Free traffic isn’t free.

At least, in most cases it isn’t.

If you’ve ever tried to rank for anything but the crummiest of low-traffic keywords in Google, you might have had a frustrating experience. Just optimizing your website certainly won’t get you there (and unless you’re in the top spots, you won’t see hardly any traffic).

So, you need to build backlinks, right? That’s what gets sites ranked in the big G. But if you go and submit a few articles, maybe do some social bookmarking and put your signature in a forum or two, that still doesn’t get your site anywhere near the top…

If you want to get sites ranked in the top spots in Google, you need some automation tools. It’s just a fact. You can’t build thousands of backlinks manually and unless you build thousands of backlinks, you won’t get good rankings.

And that’s why free traffic isn’t free.

Backlinks Are Better Than Free Automation Tools

Good link-building automation tools cost a fortune, often in the form of monthly subscription fees.

And so, to get a good amount of “free” traffic, you need to invest quite a lot of money.

But that’s about to change…

Backlink Battleplan is a link-building system that is all about getting tons of top-quality backlinks, getting them automatically and getting them for free!

Dont believe me? Check out these videos , where you can learn a few free link-building automation systems for free.

Use These Ideas To Get More Backlinks

PS I have just added a quick post on Mobile Monopoly, I had wanted to talk about it last week but I felt and still feel that Backlink Battleplan can have a more instant impact on your current sites, to read the full post go to

This is a big topic, I think it will be the start of Web 3.0 and I’ve explained why I think that, check it out at I’d love to know what you think!

So we can see that getting more backlinks is the way to go, until next time



Backlink Battleplan Is Live

As you will know by now Shane ran a competition over the weekend for his Backlink Battleplan subscribers, it was a little tounge in cheek aimed mainly at finding out what his subscribers wanted from their involvement but it had a serious point

Contributors were asked what would be the main purpose that they would use the Backlink Battleplan for, given the nature of the contest it was not surprising that the first name out of the hat was Peter Sundstrom with his numerous but outlandish claims for the product

I hope Shane will forgive me for blatantly taking the text off of his blog for the winners below

Backlink Competition Winners

For the first part of the competition, the three free passes to Backlink Battleplan go to:

- Peter Sundstrom (because he discovered the real Guru underground secret use of Backlink Battleplan and now has a hollywood smile and six-pack abs)

- Kim (because someone has to save the economy)

- Edmund (because he’s tackling a huge project, helping young creatives)
There were many more comments that were real winner-material, but I had to settle on three and so I did.

For the second part of the competition, I simply used a list of all the tweets and picked one using a random numbers generator. And the winner is: – Gary_Hopper

Sorry Shane but it saved me going over it again!

Now why you may be asking do I keep going on about this Backlink Battleplan? well it’s simple really, I’ve watched over the last few weeks a couple of two thousand dollar launches that don’t offer this kind of value

Backlink Battleplan Is Live

Just back from watching the video on the actual Backlink Battleplan product, you’ve seen all the free products which I know you will agree are fantastic but the paid product is two things

Number 1 it’s great value at under $50.00 Dollars for the early people, secondly you get a step by step plan, we all know that it’s not the how it’s the getting it done that’s the big stumbling block

I really think this system with 18 videos is a great buy and more to the point it does the job, it does what is says on the tin, it goes up shortly to just under $100.00 Dollars in 36 hours, don’t miss this, it’s refreshingly hype free

So make sure you backlink,Until next time



Backlink Battleplan Deadline

Just had an e mail from Shane reference the Backlink Battleplan, he had mentioned that the launch price would only last for around 48 hours so he’s actually held it longer than originally planned but he has now said that the price goes up at 12.00 noon Thursday, I’ve included the middle of his e mail below

Incorporate Traffic Zombie Into Your Backlink Plan

You will see he has incorporated Traffic Zombie into it so it will still be great value but if you want the launch price be sure to get in by 12.00 noon tomorrow, see his note below

As announced, the special launch-price for Backlink Battleplan won’t last very long.

In fact, the price is going to increase on Thursday 12th at noon EST. (That’s tomorrow at noon EST, a the time of writing this mail)

I’ll be integrating Traffic Zombie to give the page visitors a chance to reduce the price slightly

For those of you seeing this for the first time I think this compares favourably with the Ryan Deiss launch a couple of weeks ago, has more F*ree and actionable stuff and you won’t get a load of hype from him

Take Time To Backlink

go to and watch the videos, there’s a whole load of F*ree stuff let alone the paid product

I’ve been seeing some good results from my latest articles on Outsourcing and have been given expert author status by Ezine articles go to and with that in mind I’m trying out some article into video software at the moment, I’ll know more about the results in the next 48 hours and I’ll report back

So make sure to Backlink,Until next time

Make Money From Home

Make Money From Home

Can you really make money from home

Looking over the flood of e mails that hit my in box daily I might be forgiven for thinking that the make money from home niche is totally filled by people making ever more outragous claims, lets face it some of them are eye watering

Looking at todays crop I can see that I can send an e mail to 70,000.000 Million people, hmm! and get into a whole lot of trouble more than likely

Another invites me to get hundreds of Opt ins on my blog on auto pilot, for any of you building or already have their list in place you will know that this just can’t happen, so what do you believe?

In amongst these of course are the genuine offers, so how do you know what are the Diamonds in the rough and what is just plain don’t touch it with the proverbial long smelly stick type stuff?

Well relate it to the old saying that you’ve been told throughout your life, if it sounds to go to be true, well it probably is, so what should you be doing to get going?

How to make money from home

First of all, STOP JUMPING AROUND! start simple, make one thing work and then add another line to your business, start off as an Affiliate of a proven program, learn the basics and establish your presence and as you do this start to build you own products, do not start with your own products

A good Affiliate program will have the promotional campaign built with e mails,banners and various other materials already in place, they will be proven to convert taking away the need for you to have to do all the work, if it’s being promoted by every man, woman and their dogs then you need to be creative with the e mails, if yours is the 8th one exactly the same that day it’s likely to just get deleted

So that’s great Tony but how do I find those good quality Affiliate products, well that’s what I plan to do with you today, first up is, it’s proven, it’s all done for you, you can filter by the best selling and by catagories, say Health and Fitness or Financial products to keep it your area of interest

If you are not a Clickbank account holder it’s really simple, just sign up, get a Clickbank account and them put your Clickbank Nickname as they call it into your e mails or banners and you then get credited if one of your prospects buys from your affiliate link

Actual make money from home opportunities

But what if you want to just work from home without actually selling to other people, is that really possible, well actually yes it is, so no e mails to send, no people to chase, just decide how many hours you want to work and then get going

This first idea will appeal to stay at home mums who have a few hours in the day to work with, you need no technical skills and it’s fun and more importantly it works, go to

The second one will appeal to a similar market, again it works, it’s simple, needs no technical skills and represents an ideal work from home opportunity, go to

So no promises of millions whilst you sleep here here I’m afraid, but then I hope you realise that you can’t do that anyway, just a couple of ways you can generate a steady income working from home with just a computer, an internet connection and no special skills, now that’s much more realistic

So make a promise to yourself to Make Money From Home,Until next time.

Stay home system

Stay home system

Could a Stay At Home Mum become a Millionaire and Make Money From Home?

Whilst on this theme of Stay At Home Mums I was reading about Rachel Ryan, she really is living the ideal lifestyle based around this but as you will read it’s been far from that way in the past, rather than me doing it lets let Rachel tell a bit of the story

About a year and a half ago, I was teaching at a preschool. It wasn’t much money, but it paid the bills and it kept me and my 1 year old baby girl fed, clothed and with a roof over our heads. I really liked being around kids. It made me feel complete.

Except for teaching at the preschool, I was mostly a ‘home body’ — spending most of my time with my daughter is what I loved to do anyway and so that’s what I did…mostly.

So one day, my friends from work decided that we should all go out to a local bar-lounge for drinks and just to hang out. Of course, I promptly declined and thought that, that was that. Yeah right!

A bunch of girls in their late twenty-something’s don’t take NO for an answer.

They insisted and I persisted with my saying “No” until one of my closest friends flat out said, “Rachel, get over it, your daughter will be fine!” She said a bunch of other things that I can’t repeat, but only out of love and concern for me. Anyway, I reluctantly agreed. At first I thought, “Ugh, why me…?” But as the girls got excited about hanging out and having a good time,

I got excited too.

Hey, I’m still young and I deserve to have a good time too!

Anyway, I was able to get my sister to gladly baby-sit for me and I was off to the lounge that night. (I only trust my family to watch my baby, I don’t play around so, no family to watch her, no hanging out for Mommy!)


Back Then, I Couldn’t Afford A Babysitter Even If I Needed One!

Ever been that broke yourself?

Anyway, continuing on, when the girls and I got to the lounge, it was much more ‘upscale’ than I had realized so I felt a little out of place and under dressed. Fancy clothes were a luxury for me at that time so I did the best I could. My friends can read me

well, so they made sure I was distracted almost immediately.

I still felt nervous though, because it had been almost 2 years since I really had a night out.

That’s when the REAL fun started…The girls started ordering drinks. And I DO mean drinks! I outright refused because, if I got a call from my sister, I wanted to be out and home for my baby girl on a split second’s notice!

I ordered a club soda and no one would dare to argue.

When I got my $6 club soda, I started strolling around the lounge to see what it looked like. It was really beautiful. I mean, someone really put a lot of thought and money into building this place. I wished I had that kind of money to use too! Don’t you?

So, I was strolling through the lounge, gazing at the drapery and the water fountains and the little details like the lights and furniture that gave it it’s ambiance and made it so beautiful.

Suddenly…I bumped into someone spilling my club soda all over them. How embarrassing!

I covered my mouth in shock and apologized to the person…while avoiding eye contact and at the same time expecting to get a tongue lashing from a drunk person.

I kept repeating, “I’m sooo, sooo sorry…I didn’t mean to do that. Don’t worry, it’s only club soda.” Surprisingly, when I finally focused my eyes on the person, it was a guy. He was smiling. And he wasn’t the least bit angry! Even though it was all over his pants and it looked kind of funny…like somebody had an accident!

“No, it’s okay,” he said. “My name is Jay, and who do I have the honor of being wet by?”

With my face red from blushing and my voice shaking, I said, “R-r-Rachel…I’m Rachel, nice to meet you Jay.”

“Nice to meet you R-r-Rachel”

Okay, in my mind, I was like, “okay buddy, you’re cute, you’re nice but you just lost your points for that one!” But, Jay was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt so I felt a kind of camaraderie for another under-dressed person.

We made small talk after that and Jay turned out to be an all around nice and interesting guy. Seemed he was a broke person like me…once upon a time, but he has a thriving business now. I asked him all sorts of questions about his business, but he said it was too noisy to hear and talk about that so he’d rather tell me another time.

Sneaky of him, now that I think about it!

Jay was a really positive guy, with a deep, ‘manly voice’ and a sort of weird focused energy about him.

We talked and talked that night about life and he told me how poor he was in the past and how he used to live in a trailer in the woods. He told me how different it was going from not having much to how having money can change your life as well as how much happier and more enthusiastic he became.

Jay Had Worked Out How to Make Money From Home

He Said It Felt Like…

“…An Intense Relief From Real Personal And Financial Freedom – To Do What Ever You Want With Your Life.”

The start of Rachel’s Make Money From Home story

Anyway, she has a really interesting story to tell about how that chance encounter literally bumping into Jay in the Bar that night changed her life forever, to read her full story and the opportunity she offers you to do the same go to I think you’ll be glad you did!

So if you want to make money from home you need to read all of Rachel’s story,Until next time

Auto Traffic Avalanche

Auto Traffic Avalanche

Is Automatic Traffic just hype?

Like me you’ll receive a lot of e mails telling you that you can get Automatic Traffic,it’s got to be hype I always thought, usually based on the source and the websites that sold this kind of product and in 99.9% 0f cases I was dead right to think that

But life is of course not that simple and we have to suspend our disbelief as that movie classic Basic Instinct taught us, or was it just me and that car chase down the Monterey Peninsular and the chemistry between the two main characters, but I’m getting off the point here

Automatic Traffic Is The Holy Grail

Automatic Traffic is of course some sort of holy grail but the usual stuff of putting stuff on download sites or just watch these 74 hours of mind numbing videos of somebody repeating themselves over and over again but never getting to the point just didn’t do it for me, never will

However a couple of things have come along in the last week to ten days that have started to changed my mind,now nothing does this whilst you sleep or sit on the beach, unless you have your laptop with you of course but neither does it require you get close to Rocket Scientist intelligence levels to even understand and even then if you remember the line from the Bowie song about not being able to tell the B*lls*it from the lies still generally applied

Automatic Traffic Frees Up Your Time

No when I say Automatic Traffic I really mean something that would cut down your time from hours to minutes and we all need Traffic but we don’t need the vastly time consuming process that goes with it, go to I think you’ll really like it

Staying in the Automatic Traffic area I have had a number of great bits of information from these people on Backlinking, I’m not sure what their motive is as they haven’t tried to sell me anything other than an incredibly cheap way of implimenting it but they have given me some great stuff ,just remember that one high quality well respected Backlink is worth dozens of low grade links, they are not all created equal, go to

Well that’s about it from me for today, what started out as a Gloomy Monday morning with the rain pouring down has brightened up into a really nice looking day, so no Monday morning blues here

Until next time

PS did you read the bit about Bill’s listbuilding system that I put in under reviews the back end of last week? if not I would suggest that you go and take a look

So be sure to build Automatic Traffic into your systems

Americas #1 Business Opportunity

Americas #1 Business Opportunity

Americas No1 Business Opportunity?

I wanted to come back to this idea of work from home by looking at a couple of things today, the first one being what is said to be Americas No1 Business Opportunity, quite a bold claim I think, until you look at it’s track record, the creator was voted “Young Entrepreneur 2007″ so he has pedigree

Secondly what has it achieved? well it’s created 4 Millionaires out of the Three Hundred he allowed to join his program before, more to the point in the world we all inhabit it offers the opportunity to earn $200-$1,500 Dollars a day working from home, now that pays the bills and makes for a relaxed stress free life

Americas No1 Business Opportunity is fully automated so you don’t need to be a techie and 100% of the money comes back to you, now he’s opened this up again but as before he only wants to offer a small number of positions so if it sounds like your kind of thing then I suggest you take a look sooner than later, go to

Away from Americas No1 Business Opportunity,A Relaxing Weekend!

Away from business I’ve had a relaxing weekend, a feast of Motorsport, with both the Belgium Grand Prix from Spa and the Moto GP from the Brick Yard, one being tested by the rain, the other being very hot and saw championship leader Jorge Lorenzo looking uncharacteristly off of the top two spots on the podium only to find out that he had been affected by the heat, a little strange given he is a Spaniard and would be well used to warm summer weather

No sooner had that finished than I had a call from a friend, it’s funny where the time goes because she said to me do you realise it’s nearly 5.00pm, we had been talking for the better part of two hours, but hey we put the world to rights

Today is a Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom but I had some catching up to do and I also wanted to report on some Traffic Generation techniques, you will have had a number of offers recently offering automated Traffic, push button is often talked about, like you I thought it can’t be done but the idea was really appealing, so I tested a couple out

Can you use Push Button Traffic To Build Americas No1 Business Opportunity

So what does push button traffic really mean? well in truth it’s not push button but it is really simple and it’s not beholdent to Google, each campaign takes no more than ten to fifteen minutes to set up and that includes the market testing and demographics that you must know about your potential customer

Some of the Traffic is free and some of it is very low cost but to use that well trodden phrase Laser Targetted, you are going after customers who want this type of product or service not trying to persuade the tiny fraction of your market that might just be interested, it works for any market, do the demographics then go and even that is simple

So would I use these systems? well quite simply yes, I’m in the process of rolling out some campaigns using these systems and I’m also about to test another related system and I’ll report back on that shortly, but you know the best news? their not expensive,I’ve been offered the opportunity to spend $500-$2000 Dollars on systems nothing like as good as these

NO here were talking about the cost of lunch for two people and critically for most people you don’t need a website or a product to make these work although you can just as easily send people to your own sites, go to and, your going to like these

So it’s time for you to find out more about americas no1 business opportunity,Until next time

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