Seopressor V4 Launches 21st July Plus My Week!


Another week has somehow raced by, where does the time go I wonder, thankfully our weather has settled down again it’s warmer and dryer much more to my liking

So what have I been up to? well I have tried to introduce more accountability into my own work by getting my peers to observe what I do in the Marketing With Alex forum and I have just suggested that our London Mastermind group do the same thing

Talking of the London group we met on Saturday 17th July and as always it delivered, this time on Social Book marking, Traffic Generation and on using Google Places for locally based businesses to interact better with their customers

In the afternoon it was my turn to be reviewed after my hot seat last month, good progress has been made but as always there is more to do, the feedback is invaluable

Following on from that, Mark was in The Hot seat on his blog on leaving the Army, he explained the issues that people go through on leaving the services and the help he can offer as somebody who has been in their shoes

A number of recommendations were made on layout, use of space and general functionality and a to do list was created for him to work on, it’s not the most comfortable process but it’s very valuable in my view

I blogged about this on the 22nd June but if you wish to find out more go to for meeting dates and comments from attendees

Outside of this we have had a great week of sport, the Open finished yesterday with a very worthy winner in Louis Oosthuizen
the 27 year old South African who looked so calm under pressure, doubtless there will be a few celebrations going on there

Moto GP saw the return of Valentino Rossi after breaking his leg just six weeks ago, Jorge Lorenzo looked as though he would win again until a crash lower down the order saw the race stopped after 9 laps

In the restarted race Danny Pedrosa managed to get away and win by a couple of seconds, the bikes seemed to be set more for a qualifying sprint and Jorge Lorenzo settled for second place which keeps his championship led at 47 points

Getting back to Internet based business a couple of things have impressed me greatly this week by way of resources, Daniel Tan’s Seopressor is just about to be launched in version 4, it’s a plug in that works really well in WordPress to search engine optimize your pages, it even tells you how to keep making it better

It really is so straight forward every blog should really have this as part of their toolbox, version 4 launches on 21st July, you really should go and check this out if you don’t already have it, go to let me know how you get on with it?

I have put a more comprehensive review of Daniel Tan’s product on the review page if you wish to read more about it

On the traffic generation side which we all get used to seeing warmed over old ideas there are a couple of great products on the market at the moment

Graig Dawber has a really new idea and guess what it really works, the time saving software has really opened my eyes, he really does know his stuff and he has an insane offer at the moment where you can try it for $4.97

Who knows how long he will keep this offer in place but while he does I would suggest that you go and take a look, you won’t be disappointed, go to

I am currently reviewing another one but had not been able to check it out thoroughly so I will talk about it next time

Let me know how they work for you

Until next time

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Carli Smitley @ 9:03 am #

Ok, that’s a nice beginning however i’ll have to explore that a little bit more. Will show you exactly what else i’ve found.

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