Over Deliver, and They Will Come In Droves!


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Sometimes you have the pleasure of attending an event that totally hits the spot, that is extremely well organized and is totally focused on it’s customers and delivers 100% of what it promises, I had that pleasure on Sunday July 4th and that event was the Goodwood Festival of Speed

It sets out to bring together all of the top drivers, every great competition car from the last 50 years that has mattered and to put it in one of the great locations, an area of great beauty which is approached by some of the best driving roads in the United Kingdom and in a way that is totally accessible to the visitor, I can think of nowhere else that you can get this close to everything with no smoke and mirrors whatsoever

You will be beginning to gather that my Sunday was a great day, a wonderful release and one which I will bore everybody who will listen with for weeks to come, but there is an important under current to this post that no business owner can ignore!

You see a business that puts on an event, a day, delivers a product in an up front,what you see is what you get way that then dramatically over delivers will have an army of people who will go and willingly tell their story for them, just imagine what the 175,000 people who attended the festival of speed will be saying about their experience, no budget on earth buys that kind of advertising, it’s priceless

Okay Tony I here what you’re saying, so you had a great Sunday, good for you, but where is this going, good question, allow me to explain what I got from the day beyond a lot of enjoyment

But first let me ask you what do you feel when you have a bad experience, you feel cheated, let down, if you had invited friends or family to join you there is a feeling that maybe you have let them down, maybe you question your judgement, even feel a little embarrassed that you had put them through this

So how does this preamble relate to the Online World in which most of us operate? sadly it’s all to simple I’m afraid, just think of the flood of messages that hit your inbox on a daily basis and look at the motives of the people delivering them, a few deliver great content, most look lazy, little more than copy and paste profit in their thinking

Now think of the effect of this on you, the recipient of the message, certain people when you receive their messages you devour what they have to say, you trust their judgement and will be much more likely to buy on their recommendation, not in some blind way but selectively when it answers a need that you have, an area of your business that you have been actively seeking a solution

Sadly so many of the solutions we are offered are little more than smoke and mirrors, rehashed old ideas that either never worked to start with or ideas that once worked but no longer work as things develop, often they are dressed up in clever sales letter designed to make you feel that a failure to act would be in itself an admission of your lack of vision on your part

When you buy one of these products and let’s face it we all have you will feel cheated, it tells a small part of the story, the remainder, the bit that makes it actually work is missing and I suspect that many times the person selling it has no actual idea what the solution is other than it answers their need to put money in their pocket

What it begins to tell me is simple because the Online customer is in the end no different, if their experience is good they will come back for more information, more solutions, if the solutions work they will happily buy your product and your recommendation on other peoples products, but be true to yourself and your customers

Ask yourself that most important of questions,WIIFM! because your customer always wants to know What’s In It For Me!he or she doesn’t care about your success or otherwise, what they care about is does this solution deliver, does it solve my problem and does it do it in a way that is straightforward

Most people don’t use the 47 bonuses worth $8975.00 Dollars, Hmmm!and critically don’t want something that is so complex that it would make an Professor at Cambridge or Harvard feel silly because they can’t simply begin to understand what it’s supposed to do or something that takes 6 hours of watching heavily padded videos to get to the three minutes that actually tell you how it works instead of telling you about their latest house or car

So the solution is KISS! keep it simple stupid!and keep it honest and believable, if you over deliver in a world of smoke and mirrors, if you talk of real outcomes, real solutions when others are talking beaches, mansions and top end sports cars you will by extension have what you want because on the way you will have helped a lot of people get what they want, just think of the power of my day out a Goodwood when you are creating your next product or are putting together your next affiliate offer

Until next time

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July 8, 2010

Alice @ 6:35 pm #

Hello Tony,

Just stopped by to take a look at your blog and found your most recent post on over delivering content to keep folks on coming back to your blog for more great information.

I too am a student of Alex Jeffreys and find that every session I have a ton of information to assimilate! It has been a great experience!

I enjoyed your post and look forward to reading more in the days ahead!

Best Regards,


July 24, 2010

Muthukumar @ 2:36 pm #


July 26, 2010
August 13, 2010

WP Themes @ 6:27 pm #

Good fill someone in on and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.

October 1, 2010

PKV @ 9:35 pm #

You made a few excellent points there. I did a search on the subject and hardly got any specific details on other websites, but then happy to be here, really, appreciate that.

- Lucas

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