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Sitting here on a Cloudy but warm Monday morning I am reflecting on the week gone by, it’s been an interesting mixture one which has included a lot of sport and an important discovery on high quality authority backlinks

The early part of the week saw me take to the Golf Course for the first time in nearly three years, I am supposed to be good at this game after all

It was not going blind I had practiced and it paid off, we played at Woburn, tree lined and difficult, I hit the big shots well even though that’s supposed to be the difficult bit

It was the 30 to 110 yard stuff that was my undoing and that’s all about feel and instinct, that connection between brain and hands had vanished and I have only myself to blame for that, classic own goal

Another feast of Motor Racing saw the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim, a big return to form saw both Ferrari’s in the top three in qualifying and saw Felipe Massa take the lead from the first corner and lead until 18 laps from the end

Then he got the fateful call from race engineer Rob Smedley saying his team mate was quicker, hmm! Alonso was allowed through and took first place, I’m relunctant to say won as Massa would have done that

I’ll nail my colours to the mast here, I live a 10 minute car journey from the Red Bull factory yet I am a big Ferrari fan, this leaves a really nasty taste in the mouth and damages one of the great driver, race engineer relationships

Fortunately my faith in Motor Sport was restored a few hours later from Laguna Seca with the Moto GP, Danny Pedrosa got the jump on pole position man Jorge Lorenzo, but Pedrosa crashed out whilst being pursued by Lorenzo, hunted down might be a better description

Lorenzo went on to win by quite a big margin and then as always the real fun begins, around a minute later he appears in a silver spacesuit with racing helmet also in silver to plant his flag, I wonder how many millions around the burst out laughing as I did when I saw this

I think this may only be available in the UK but if not I urge you to watch this, it will brighten up any day http://tinyurl.com/2ah9v85

As a spectacle Moto GP is close, exciting racing where the guys still know how to have fun, sadly I think Formula One is descending into a self serving farce at the moment which is a shame as racing wise this has been one of the closest seasons for years

Enough indulgence, in the Online World one person has really impressed me this week in the form of Ryan Deiss, he has given away a couple of really great reports and some supporting software
which helps to develop high quality authority backlinks

The first piece of software allows you to immediately check if a niche keyword is possible to rank for by allowing you to see in under a minute what number of back links and inbound link exist on the top Google ranked sites already in their niches, a massive timesaver

The second report shows you how to build quality back links with real authority, I know there are bits of software that find page ranked sites or blogs but have have you actually tried commenting on them, because if you have welcome to the frustration club, been there, done that, this is different

It’s strange but after scanning through hundreds of reports looking for the nuggets amongst the fluff, to get a couple of reports that are all meat and 100 actionable in around 20 minutes to half an hour is to say the least rare and very welcome

The outcome of these reports on high quality authority backlinks will be a lot more Fr*ee Traffic and higher ranking in the search engines, to pay for this would be worth it, to get it for nothing well that’s priceless http://tiny.cc/lpt75

Until next time

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July 30, 2010

EvGenius_MSD @ 5:43 pm #

it was very interesting to read tonyclingan.com
I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

Pete Carr @ 6:31 pm #

Hi Tony,

It’s a shame that that un-sportsman Alonso is allowed to race. He is a s**t driver, always crying, nothings ever fair.Always looking for ways to cheat his way to the front. Massa luckily for Ferrari is the complete opposite.

Rossi will be back soon, hopefully bring some exciting battles back to GP.

Oh yeh, Backlinks, will go check out Ryans reports now.


July 28, 2011
November 10, 2011

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