Mastermind Group Versus Go It Alone-Which One Is Best?


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A cloudy sky has descended after a long hot spell in the UK and horror of horrors we had some rain for the first time in months, almost enough to keep the dust down

The run up to the weekend saw the issuing of severe weather warnings, guys it’s 30 degrees, it’s nice and warm, what are you going to do when summer arrives

So apart from the British obsession with the weather what’s been going on? Well we had the British Grand Prix at the weekend so yours truly was in for another motor sport treat or so I thought

All the ingredients were in place, a cloudless sky, a newly revamped Silverstone circuit, one of the best just got better and there’s more to come for 2011 and Red Bull the Milton Keynes base team were dominant in qualifying, what could go wrong?

Sadly all was far from good in paradise as a very public spat developed in the media over Red Bulls treatment of Mark Webber by pulling bits off of his car and putting them on his team mates Sebastian Vettel

Fired up by this Webber went on to dominate and Vettel got a puncture on the first lap, despite his strong fight back Vettel only finished 7th and the team had to explain itself to the worlds media after the race

In a way it was a shame because Christian Horner the boss of Red Bull Racing is an extremely likable man but you couldn’t help feeling the damage was done, the air as they say could have been cut with a knife!

At this point you will be wondering what does this have to do with online marketing, well I happen to think it has strong parallels, allow me to explain

You see there is an easy way and a hard way to build your online business, for starters are you a reinvent the wheel type or are you more of a mastermind group type?, be sure to be in the second group, they win every time, believe me

Does that mean you lose your identity? no of course not, it just means you have somebody to turn to when you get stuck and in turn you help others when they hit a brick wall

You share the ideas that have brought you success and warn your group about that slick sales letter that promises the earth but is all fluff and no delivery or sometimes far worse!

As things develop you have a group of like minded people who will promote your products to their lists, in turn you have a new supply of their offers to put in front of yours, are you beginning to see how powerful this is?

Your knowledge grows faster, your list grows faster and your income grows faster, given this why on earth would anybody try to go it alone?

Sadly I think it goes back to traditional business and regarding the guy or girl down the street in the same business as your opposition, online your sale could be down the street or half way around the world

Your business will grow so much faster if you share what you know and in turn if you need a solution you just call or e mail one of your group and the solution is back within a couple of hours

So for those of you up a 3.00am still trying to solve the problem that you started doing the research on at 9.00pm last night remember to join a group near you and be pro active, don’t worry about asking the question you think sounds a bit dumb, you get the answer and you move on

Just don’t forget this is not a one way street, make a point of answering other peoples sticking points, you will see people hitting the same brick wall you ran into six months earlier, remember the feeling of relief you felt when you got it done, make sure they can feel the same

So the lesson from the British Grand Prix is simple, people who pull together win together those who fight amongst themselves always lose in the end

The earth is covered in monuments to the moment, testaments to civilisations that thought they could run rough shot over others, in the end they never can and never will

Until next time

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July 15, 2010

Simon Croft @ 12:53 pm #

Hi Tony,

Great post, loved the analogy (even though not a massive motorsport fan, always love watching the British GP).

Very true, the teams that work well together always win in the end (another analogy, Germany & England in the World Cup, two total opposites). As you say, it is not just about taking advice, it’s talking about your experiences, points that might help someone else not make the same mistakes. There will always be someone where you were, there will always be someone newer, with less experience. If you work alone, there is only yourself you can learn off, the unfortunate mistake that the vast majority make.



July 21, 2010

nemanja5 @ 9:19 pm #

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July 22, 2010
July 27, 2010

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February 28, 2011

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