The more You Learn, The less you Know!


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Another week seems to have slipped by with a whole load of things going on so where to start and why the headline?

Well it’s simply this, we all start out in this business constantly chasing information, then along come the Online Marketing people and we all start chasing the shiny objects and the supporting BS!

Hopefully we then get to the next stage which is total focus, working with our Mastermind Group or Groups and building that very clear idea of where we are going and what we need to achieve

As I write this on a sun drenched Monday morning in the UK there are the obvious distractions outside but there are other distractions I had not considered up until this point

Having through a process of trial and error found some really good Outsource partners I have now ramped up my workload considerably, in simple terms I now complete 5 to 6 projects in the time it previously took me to complete one which is of course great

However during the course of writing the post I am receiving e mails asking for clarifications on specifications, requesting to know what keywords to use on the next project which I am entering into, so another avenue of time opens up

So instead of chasing shiny objects I am now chasing up my Outsource partners, it’s another learning process, I have to say an enjoyable one but none the less total clarity at the front end will help resolve some of this

It’s strange in terms of learning I had been a little dismissive of Article Marketing until I realised where a lot of the Traffic was coming from for one of my Reports, boy had I got that wrong

So I have a new Article writer whose style I really like, the passion just leaps off the page and the response time is really quick and again my time is now free to shape the project not to work in the project

Away from work it’s been a great Weekend of Motorsport with Jorge Lorenzo winning the Moto GP in Assen and extending his lead in the Championship, the only downside being it clashed with the Qualifying for the European Grand Prix

The race sadly was made a nonsense of by the Safety Car after Mark Webber somersaulted over the Lotus of Heikki Kovelinen, amazingly he was just a bit sore and not the least put of by what had happened

That said Sebastian Vettel was a deserving winner with a Pole position to Chequered flag victory, the Red Bull team are based in Milton Keynes some ten minutes from where I live and I had the opportunity to meet a number of the technicians and their passion and pride shines through and the results stand for themselves

And so to our England Football team, hmmm! sadly we move from a sport where a lot of money brings totally focused teams of passionate dedicated people trying to find fractions to have the edge and then doing it all again before the next race to something very different indeed

In the UK Football or Soccer as it is known in the States things sadly are very polarised, the very top of the Pyramid is run by a number of very wealthy individuals, some as little more than playthings together with similarly wealthy companies

Below that a lot of the Clubs really struggle because a president has been set in terms of the Salaries the very top players command, now don’t get me wrong, I as much a Capitalist as the next Guy or Girl but you can’t have massive reward for mediocre return and that is my take on the game in our Country

So as the Team fly home what will happen? well there will be calls to sack the manager, the Tabloid press will have another of it’s anti German sessions forgetting that the War ended 65 years ago and that most of us admire the way the modern Germany does things and that many of us have German friends

The saddest part is there will be a lot of looking back to 1966 instead of looking forward to being world class, sadly I don’t think British Football is yet ready to buckle down with the discipline needed to make it happen

Until next time

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July 29, 2010

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Excuse my french but, This post makes my mind spin at the speed of dark.

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