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Wow, what a week, my feet don’t seem to touch the ground these days and last night was the icing on the cake as the bigger picture really started to come together

The sunshine is back and all is good with the world

Those of you following will know that I am being mentored by Alex Jefferies and that I believe he over delivers on a regular basis, well last night we had a 60 minute product creation call and the lights really came on for me

He explained the process from the mindset of somebody who does this really well, explained exactly how to put it all together and how it builds your credibility in the market at the same time as creating an income stream for both you and your affiliates

Is there a downside? well in honesty yes, in that I struggled to get to sleep last night because I was so fired up as I can now see where all the hard work is going and exactly what to do next

The weekend was great as well, Sunday saw Jorge Lorenzo romp away with the Moto GP and all the usual silliness afterwards with the dressing up in costumes, it’s great to see that the Yamaha guys still understand the word fun in an all to serious world

On Saturday I went to London to the Smart Marketing Warriors Internet Marketing Meeting, this is the second one of these I’ve been to and again it was really good

Roger Bourdon who has many successful Online Businesses talked us through his take on Product Creation, his insights were invaluable on sourcing many of the component parts of putting a successful campaign together, I think I speak for everybody there in saying a big thanks for his coming and talking to us

Roger also reminded us of a really important issue that it’s so easy to forget and that is just because people could find some of the component parts of your product that what they are paying for is your knowledge and your time in delivering true value to your customer

Laurie Dalton then spoke to us about using various forms of resale rights, talking through both the pros and cons of PLR and Master Resale Rights and the various other banners they come under

The afternoon saw last months Hot Seat people talk through their progress Dr Dawn Hamilton had got her Blog up, had added a number of features to it and had then customized her Twitter page to follow the theme of her Blog

She got a bit of a tough ride last month but this month it was all praise and rightly so and she acknowledged the push that Sian gave her was needed

Brian talked through his progress on his Overcoming Low Self Esteem site, he had made considerable progress but that there was still more to be done

One of the group pointed out that his Traffic Stats weren’t telling him the whole story and how to put that right so again a positive move forward

So onto my Hot Seat, I think the word verbal kicking comes to mind but if we are going to be precious we are also going nowhere either here or anywhere else in our lives for that matter

In the end the group exists to answer the needs of it’s members and those needs are not met by telling you what you want to hear they are served by getting you on track with what you need to do

So not back to the drawing board but time to reflect and an opportunity to get some valuable feedback from the room, also an opportunity to talk through some of my ideas on progress

If your in the London or surrounding districts you really should think of joining up with this group, there’s a lot of experience in the room to draw from, go to www.meetup.com/Smart-Marketing-Warriors/
and let Bruce know your coming

Until next time

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