Is Outsourcing a Myth or a Reality?


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It seems that a lot has moved on since I did my post on the importance of Outsourcing, not least in my own time trying to bring a project up to speed

I had set out to do something which I had thought would take 15-20 minutes maximum to complete, by the time I had a series of e mails backwards and forwards with my hosting company it turned into an afternoon and the start of the following morning before I was actually done

It’s also important to know that my hosting company are super helpful, certainly not the take the money and run types that sadly exist out there, so what did I and ultimately you need to learn from this experience?

Now don’t get me wrong here I didn’t just dwell on this one thing during all this time but it gnawed away at me, frustrated the hell out of me and saps your energy instead of moving seamlessly onwards

Well I think it’s simple, to make our Online businesses work properly we need to keep a clear focus on what matters, in short is what I’m doing getting me to my goals, be that making money from or completing what I am doing, in honesty we all know the two are linked together

You need to be the project manager not the technician as Michael Gerber would put it working in your business not working on your business and to that end I have produced a short report to get you thinking differently

It’s no accident that the top 3% of Internet Marketers are so much more successful, their thinking is clear, project driven, results driven, it won’t have escaped your attention that many of these people put out one product after another in the time it takes you to get something ¼ finished

So what’s going on here, how can they keep doing what you can’t begin to comprehend? put simply they outsource everything but but the relationship side of their operations, it keeps their minds on the task in hand not on the massive frustration that I described at the start of this post

Maybe it’s time you downloaded my report The Outsource Myth It gives you the clear strategies to fix your thinking, it will allow you to tap into the best outsourcers and critically tells you how to develop the relationships that makes it work in the longer term

Why is that important? well sadly the MLM brigade have abused the good nature of some of the outsource community by tricking them into MLM programs instead of offering them genuine opportunities that were of a Win Win nature

We all know that anybody who behaves like that can only do it once but it makes our task that bit more difficult, so take the lessons from the report, build those relationships and critically the trust that goes with it, simple I guess, if you want somebody’s respect you need to earn it first

I suspect that this will be a work in progress for me and as I come across more I will re launch the report in a more comprehensive fashion, in the mean time I will keep you up to date with complimentary information that broadens the topic

I would love to get your comments on your experiences in outsourcing, leave me a reply and let me know what you think?

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