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As this morning unfolds it reminds me of a very important lesson for us all, the weather in the United Kingdom has suddenly gone rather wet and grey and this morning it is also quite windy

This played on my mind before I went out for my early morning bike ride but I heard that voice in my head saying get out there, yes the wind makes it a bit tougher but as my friend Dave Padwick always used to say, pain is the bodies way of showing weakness, by 7.30am ride completed I was back indoors feeling great

So how does this relate to my journey here, well I think it’s simple, I spent yesterday putting a new project together, in truth I got a bit sidetracked mid afternoon, by 5.00pm I was back at my desk and clicked on a message from Lee McIntyre talking about how long his first online Membership site took to complete and it spurred me back into action

I spent a couple more hours last night completing the details and this morning I tied up the last loose ends and fired it all off to my outsource people, by the early part of next week the project will be complete and my mind is then clear to go onto the next important project, it’s taken a while but you know I really do get this now

By the end of next week I expect to have three more important projects completed and the process will be the same with all of them, it is the night and day difference that anybody new to Marketing Online must get and must do with a very big capital DO!

Speaking and listening to those people who have really made it the message comes across loud and clear, get it done, then get it right, things always evolve but it’s not until you actually have it out there that the other things you didn’t anticipate come to light, version 2 answers these and your customers issues all in one go

Which brings us back to the importance of Outsourcing, of letting go, of being a Project Manager, you control it, you call the shots but critically your time is now free the get on with other more important things, so stop surfing the net until you have finished what you are doing, 95% of those e mails just want to turn you back into a prospect anyway!

I’ve touched on the fact that I set out to answer peoples Outsourcing issues in an earlier post, for those of you struggling with poor or slow Outsourcers, just remind them that you have a number of projects in the pipeline, set out your requirements and your timescales and ask them politely but firmly can you deliver this to me time after time, no ifs no buts, because if they can’t they will stress you out and hold you back, for your sake don’t let this happen

Lastly if you don’t already have one make sure that get yourself a good Mentor and a Mastermind support group to work with, your Mentor will open your mind to possibilities that you had only dreamed of, he or she will know many influential people that you would struggle to get in front of yourself and this will be priceless

It will also make you take a long hard look at yourself, in most fields of life, those who rise to the top, the very people we admire most work with their Mentors, because they all realise that to stay at the top, to keep abreast of the latest trends they need that second pair of eyes more experienced than their’s, Michael Gerber put it so well, the problem with the boss is that the boss doesn’t have one

Your Mastermind support group will answer your questions, many will gladly help you, believe me they all remember being where you are now, suddenly you will have hundreds of eyes offering a helping hand, quickly you will find yourself helping people back and in the end we all now that if we want something we have to ask what do I need to give first in order to get something back

So as I wrap this up on a grey morning I am feeling energized and the message is simple, get it done first, get it out there and then get version 2 out there a little while later, I rewrote my Outsourcing report, three weeks after I finished it, adding more resources and more supporting information, in the meantime it was out there not on my hard drive

So until next time

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March 2, 2011

I obviously must think far more in that direction to see what i can do about this.

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